Friday Freeware: Code Red Channel Strip Plugin

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Every Friday we come with free plugins, sample and other stuff which can help you in your recording. In this series, today you will encounter with a free channel strip plugin, “Code Red Channel Strip” by Shattered Glass Audio.

You all know that channel strip plugins are modeled from vintage mixing consoles and due to the hardware taste they cost a fair amount of money. Whether its Century Tube channel strip plugin by U-Audio or SSL E-Channel, EMI TG12345 Channel Strip and other channel strip plugins by Waves, they all cost you several dollars. 

Code Red Channel Strip Plugin

I have researched a lot and at the end got only one free channel strip plugin, Code Red Channel Strip. however, you can’t expect a much from this free plugin, its great for you if you are finding free alternatives for channel strip plugins.

Here are some features of Code Red Free channel strip plugin.

  • Inspired by all tube, British console form the late 60s.
  • Add bold and punchy character to your audio as well as you get the warmth of analog console.
  • Mac and Windows compatible
  • 32-bit or 64-bit VST2/VST3, AU host
  • Uses fewer CPU resources
  • For each stere channel three fixed EQ bands.
  • Bass boost switch and a tone mode selector for each channel
  • Input/output gain controls
  • Built-in preset manager
  • Dry/wet knob
CODE RED FREE - Abbey Road REDD Console Emulation

However, the features are limited compared to other paid plugins, even its brilliant coloring plugin. It doesn’t have that ability to turn your bad mix into good one, but with a good recording, it performs well.

You can also use Code Red Channel Strip as a tone shaping device on individual channels. It’s not just a 3 band equalizer but its emulated from a vintage tube mixing console and brings warm tone which you expect from an analog console channel strip.

Download Code Red Channel Strip Plugin Free

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