7 Best Free DAW Software For Home Studios

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(Last Updated On: March 22, 2020)

Everybody loves free stuff. Right? That’s the reason why you are searching for some best free DAW software for your recording studio.

Well, its the new era of music where music production is not so expansive. Anybody can produce music with just some good software, a computer, and an audio interface. In this era, starting a home studio and generating some revenue from it is not as hard as you think.

However, I can’t help you in getting the hardware and gears for free but there is space for free DAW software.

But before starting I have a disclaimer for you.

Disclaimer: Free stuff is just for them who are just starting out there career in music recording and they can’t produce the desired results that everyone wants.

Check out my article for best paid DAWs

7 Free DAW Software For Beginners

However, I have claimed that free software is not as reliable as paid ones but you can try them if you are just starting out your studio and want to free up your hands on DAW recording.

So, are you ready to dig the list of the best free DAW software?

Let’s begin…

1. Garageband

garageband free DAW

GarageBand is one of the best free DAW software in the recording world. But the first demand for grabbing this DAW is you need an Apple computer or laptop.

If you own an Apple computer or Laptop, or even a mobile, you can run it for free. Although it is comes preinstalled with Apple computers and laptops, you can also download it from iTunes if it’s not preinstalled in your device.

If you’ve previously used Logic Pro X you can observe that there are similarities between Logic and Garageband.

Garageband is a perfect start if you have an Apple Laptop or Desktop.


  • Live Loops – There are a handful of loops and samples are provided with Garageband to easily create music.
  • iPad Friendly – As I’ve told you above Garageband is capable to run in all Apple devices including iPad and iPhone.
  • Drummer for iOS – There are virtual drummers that can help you make live grooves.
  • Sound like a Pro – There are instruments are given such as Smart Strings which can be used in the production.
  • On the go DAW- You can record edit and mix on the go.
  • Share your songs – With iCloud drive support you can store all your session direct on the web

Download Garageband

2. Pro Tools First

pro tools first free daw

Gone those days when Pro Tools needed the hardware support. Now you can use Pro Tools with limited tracks support. This version of Pro Tools is called Pro Tools First.

Pro Tools first is a lightweight DAW software that supports 16 tracks playback with the recording of up to 4 tracks simultaneously.

You have been provided with 23 plugins effects to mix your songs like a pro. For a better start its a good choice for you.

There are powerful virtual instruments are given like Xpand!2. So you can easily produce music in  Pro Tools first.


  • Session templates—rock, pop, electronica, hip-hop, jazz etc.
  • Click and drag MIDI note editing.
  • Xpand!2 virtual instruments included.
  • Two high-quality loop and sample libraries included.
  •  23 effects and utility plugins.

Download Pro Tools First

3. Cakewalk by BandLab

cackwalk by bandlab

BandLab has announced in April 2018 that they are going to relaunching Cakewalk’s famous SONAR Platinum DAW for free.

Though, it’s not for Mac users you can download it for free if you have a Windows PC. With its 64Bit architecture Its the best free DAW software in the universe.


  • Made for everyone – Songwriters, Producers, Composers.
  • Specially built for tracking, mixing, or mastering.
  • 64-bit Mix Engine
  • Resampling
  • VST3 Support
  • Touch-Enabled
  • Windows 10 Support
  • Audio Random Access support

Download Cakewalk By BandLab

4. Cubase LE DAW For Free

cubase le daw

Cubase Pro 10 is launched last month that costs $739. But just like Pro Tools Stenberg has one free version of Cubase called Cubase LE.

It as enough features that an indie artist needs to produce music from home. With that its a powerful free DAW that you can use as a beginner.


  • Support up to 24 MIDI tracks
  • 24-bit/192 kHz
  • 8 physical inputs
  • 16 audio tracks
  • HALion Sonic SE 2 virtual instrument featuring 180 presets
  • 18+ plugins

So you can see that Steinberg is providing much more than Pro Tools First with their free version of Cubase.

Download Cubase LE

5. PreSonus Studio One Prime

studio one daw for free

PreSonus has one of the best DAW software for homes studios hat they always provide with their audio interfaces and other products.

However, PreSonus Studio One is not free they have a lighter free version that’s called Presonus Studio One Price. It’s just like Protools First and Cubase LE. To stand in the market, they have felt that they should have a free version of DAW like other companies so they have released the PreSonus Studio One Prime.


  • The intuitive single-window work environment
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Unlimited tracks
  • Nine Native Effects plug-ins
  • 1GB of loop and sample content
  •  64-bit operating

Download Studio One Prime

6. Ableton Live 10 Lite Free DAW

ableton live 10 lite edition

Ableton Live Lite is another popular free DAW software for beginners. However, Ableton is built for MIDI sequencing, sampling, and electronic music production you can easily use it for audio recording.

For a starting MIDI sequencing artist its a perfect free alternative. With a handful of features its capable of producing great music.


  • Session View for quick, intuitive composition, flexible performance and improvisation.
  • Nondestructive editing
  • 32-bit/192 kHz multitrack recording
  • 64-Bit Architecture
  • MIDI sequencing
  • hardware instruments
  • Advanced warping and real-time time-stretching
  • VST and AU support
  • ReWire
  • 8 Audio & MIDI tracks
  • 2 Send and return tracks

Download Ableton Live Lite 10

7. Audacity Free Open Source DAW

audacity music workstation

Audacity is an open source Audio Recording Software released many years ago. It’s compatible with Windows, OS X, and Linux operating systems. With multitrack recording support, it is able to produce good quality music.

However, it not looks as professional as other Lite DAW software but doesn’t be judgemental on its user interface.

It’s a powerful free DAW and you can easily produce good quality music with Audacity.

Give a try


Well, here was the list of 7 most powerful and popular free DAW software for newbie producers. Although these all are powerful and capable of producing good music I personally suggest you go with Cakewalk by BandLab. I’ve used it previously and I know its capability.

Now it’s your turn. When you download your favorite free DAW form this list, let me know in the comments. Share this article on your social circles so that your friends also take benefit of this article.

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