What is Phase Reversal in Audio Recording and How to Resolve it?

phase reversal in audio

In this article, you will learn what is phase reversal in audio recording and how to resolve it. Do you often face issues while mixing sounds in your studio and you are unable to figure out? The chances are higher than you might be facing a phase reverse problem. It is an error in which you … Read more

What Sample Rate And Bit Depth Should You Use in Recording Studio?

bit depth & sample rate explained

Audio recording is a combination of technology and art. As an audio recordist, you should master both technology and art and use that knowledge for the best outcome. The “art” section I have discussed in several previous articles. BUT, today this post is purely dedicated to the technology part of audio recording. When it comes … Read more

Common Recording Mistakes You Can Avoid [in Your Home Studio]

Common Recording Mistakes

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Recording Vocals in the Studio [Video Tutorial]

Recording Vocals in the Studio video tutorial

Recording vocals in studio become fun if you have a great knowledge on how to record them correctly. But lack of knowledge in vocal recording transforms that fun into your nightmare. So you need some basic knowledge of vocal production before touching the faders on your mixer. In this article, you will find a 3 … Read more

Compressor Settings For Vocals [Ultimate Cheat Sheet]

Compressor Settings For Vocals explained

Do you want to know the ideal compressor settings for vocals? Then read this article till the end. In all the audio effects, a compressor is the most confusing thing for us. As a recording engineer, I spent a lot of time understanding various audio effects. Fortunately, with time I improved myself in applying right … Read more

7 HIDDEN Vocal Recording Techniques and Secrets

vocal recording techniques and secrets

Do you want to know what vocal recording techniques and secrets pros use in their recordings to get excellent vocal quality? Then read this guide till the end. The toughest part of the audio-recording is, recording vocals in the right way. Especially when you have a home studio as well as a newbie recordist, it’s … Read more