Mono VS Stereo Audio – Which One Should You Use – Why!

Mono VS Stereo Audio sound

Mono Vs Stereo audio is a never-ending debate among music enthusiasts. When you start your career in the audio recording field, it’s one of the most confusing subjects that should you use mono track or stereo track to record? All the DAWs are equipped with the feature to record Mono and stereo tracks. It makes … Read more

How To Connect a Mic To PC Computer, Laptop, Mac or iPad

Conncet Mic With Computer

Connecting a mic to a computer, laptop or iPad depends on the connector given in the device. Generally, three types of connectors are used to connect a mic with the computer. 1/8″ phono input – Common mic input in all computers except iPad. USB connection – Also common in all devices, including iPad 1/4″ Phono … Read more

What is Phase Reversal in Audio Recording and How to Resolve it?

phase reversal in audio

In this article, you will learn what is phase reversal in audio recording and how to resolve it. Do you often face issues while mixing sounds in your studio and you are unable to figure out? The chances are higher than you might be facing a phase reverse problem. It is an error in which you … Read more

What Sample Rate And Bit Depth Should You Use in Recording Studio?

bit depth & sample rate explained

Audio recording is a combination of technology and art. As an audio recordist, you should master both technology and art and use that knowledge for the best outcome. The “art” section I have discussed in several previous articles. BUT, today this post is purely dedicated to the technology part of audio recording. When it comes … Read more

Common Recording Mistakes You Can Avoid [in Your Home Studio]

Common Recording Mistakes

Recording Base has always strived to be a place where musicians and producers can find the correct recording advice. But this time, we’re focusing on the most common recording mistakes – mistakes that both new and veteran recording artists tend to still make. So what are these mistakes and what can you do to avoid … Read more

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