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Some say hard work is the key to success while some are in favour of smart work. What approach is right? In my 12 years of music production career, I’ve closely observed both the two approaches and found that smart work is far better than hard work.

Whatever I’m today just because of the “Smart Work”. and that’s why I’m always thinking about my workflow and upgrading my resources to improve it. Having the right tools is a big part of it.

If you have any questions regarding any of these tools and resources, feel free to contact me on my official email: It would be my pleasure to answer your questions.

Full disclosure for transparency: It’s important to inform you that I’m affiliated with some(not all) of the tools on this page and when you purchase these products I will get a little incentive which is needed to run the hosting cost for this website. I receive a lot of free stuff from different companies. But I haven’t added them here because I never use them and don’t think that they would be useful for you. I recommend these products because I find them special. Please don’t spend money on anything unless you feel it’s what you need or that it will help you achieve your goals.


DAW: Logic Pro X

logic pro x resourses

When I was started out there were nothing more to choose in DAWs. I remember, in my first recording, I’ve used the free DAW “N-Track”. After then I have switched over several DAWs including, Sonar, Cubase and Motu DP. Finally, I switched to Logic Pro X and find that it the best fit for me.

I recently ran a survey on Facebook for most popular DAWs. And do you know? Logic Won that survey.

However, for those who don’t have a Mac computer to run Logic Pro X, Cubase is the best option.

Mastering: iZotope Ozone

izotope ozone 8 bundle

As a mastering engineer, I always prefer analogue tools but there are some digital ones that directly challenge analogue tools. iZotope Ozone is one of them.

However, I use analogue tools in my studio, Ozone is the tool that I use frequently in my home studio. If you want me to choose the best digital mastering suite, I would definitely choose iZotope Ozone.

The features like Exciter and vintage limiters are really useful when you want some analogue taste in your mix. I’ve mastered several titles in iZotope Ozone and that’s why I’m recommending it to you.

FabFilter Pro-Q3

fabfilter pro q 3 resourse

Do you know, why your mix sucks? Because you use crappy EQs. Yeh, not all EQs are the same. Some of them produce phase issues while some of them are hard to use.

I have used several Equalizers and found the best one – Fabfilter Pro Q3. I have been using it for last 3 years. With a super versatile coding and very high standards, it can do magic in my mixes. This lightweight EQ is quite easy to use and very effective.

I love its big spectrum display that makes this plugin just as useful as a spectrum analyser, and in fact, that is how I often use it in my mixes. Check Out Fabfilter Pro Q3

FabFilter Pro-C2

fabfilter pro c2 resourse

Just as we need good EQ, we also need good Compressor. I ‘ve encountered a lot of great Compressor plugins in my career, and even today I use many of them.

But there is no other compressor plugin like Fabfilter’s Pro C2. If ask me to choose just one – I would absolutely recommend the Pro-C2. There are several features that make it my favorite compressor plugin, such as subtle mastering, mix bus glue, vocal processing and extreme pumping effects.

Moreover, ts visual presentation of the signal and the compression action, and easy to understand interface make it more popular. For who are struggling to understand compression, using this plugin is a great way to learn.


RME FireFace 802

I’m using it for last 3 years. RME 802 is my 1st recommendation for audio interfaces. It is a DSP powered audio interface and is able to free up your computer from an audio processing load. You also get some state-of-the-art DSP powered effects with it including the legendary Teletronix LA 2A compressor.

Steinberg UR44

I recently bought this audio interface. After tasting it I suggest it to you. If you have a small home studio then you can go with this audio interface. It is a DSP powered audio interface with 4 great preamps. For lower mid-range class it’s a great audio interface. For small home studios, its the best option.

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