Noise Lab

#1 For Audio Recording (Ableton Live) Courses

Noise Lab is one of the best resources for audio recording and music production courses.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional one, courses offered by NoiseLab helps you to grow fast in the music production world.

If you are in search of some effective and low-cost courses then I would suggest you check out them.

They also offer some free courses. 

Note: If you are an Ableton Live user then must check out their courses.

ear training

Train Your Ears

#1 Best Ear Training Program On The Internet

Train Your Ears is the best ear training program on the internet. If you are suffering from lack of balancing quality on your mixing sessions then you must try out this course. 

This course will teach you how to train your ears to get 100% leverage on your mixing sessions. 


UAD-2 Satellite DSP Firewire Accelerator

uad2 satellite

I use UAD Satellite DSP accelerator to power up the emulated version of some of the best hardware plugins in the world. This list includes Teletronix LA 2A (A legendary compressor/limiter), Fairchild 670 compressor (original hardware cost $15000), UA 1176LN Legacy, UA 1176SE Legacy, Pultec EQP‐1A Legacy, RealVerb‐Pro.

These all plugins can be able to put up the demanding analog feeling in your mix. So I strongly recommend UAD powered plugins for mixing.

IK Multimedia T-Racks (For Mastering)

ik multimedia t racks

For mastering purpose, I use T-Racks mastering suite by T-Racks. Its one of the best mastering plugins in the world. It gives me good results in mastering session. I used it, tasted it and then recommend it to others. However, UAD powered plugins are also good for mastering, but T-Racks is specially built for this purpose. Hence it is a recommended plugin by me.

Its not only used by me but several other pro music producers. If you want a pro mastering for your tracks then definitely use IK multimedia T-Racks mastering suite.


Cubase Pro 10

cubase 10

If you are searching for a great audio recording software that could fulfil all your desires related to music production then Cubase pro is the best DAW. Once you set up your hands on this software, you will realize, how easy and fast it is. I'm using Cubase since its 5th version launched and even today it is my main DAW for music production.

Ableton Live 10

ableton live 10

If you are a midi composer then I would suggest you go for Ableton Live. However, Ableton Live is widely used for acoustic recordings and it's a successful DAW. Many pro music composers use this DAW and produced some great records with this. If you don't wanna go with Cubase Pro 10 then this is my 2nd recommendation for you.


Motu 896 MK3

motu 896 mk3I'm using it for last 3 years. Motu 896 MK3 is my 1st recommendation for audio interfaces. It is a DSP powered audio interface and is able to free up your computer from audio processing load. You get some state of the art DSP powered effects with it including the legendary Teletronix LA 2A compressor.

Steinberg UR44steinberg ur44

I recently bought this audio interface. After tasting it I suggest it to you. If you have a small home studio then you can go with this audio interface. It is a DSP powered audio interface with 4 great preamps. For lower mid-range class it's a great audio interface.

Buy this, if you want great sound with just a few hundred dollars.