2 Free Music Production Courses in 2023

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In any field when you want to achieve big, you must learn from other professionals who already achieved it in their life.

There are many ways to learn from professionals. Ebooks, Courses, Videos, blogs, etc are very effective in your journey.

For free blogs and videos, you can dive into Google search and Youtube.

But the best way of educating yourself in your field is getting some good ebooks written by pros or if you have money, invest in some good courses.

However, there is a misconception that courses are costly but it’s really not true. There are many resources from where you can take great courses under your budget, even free.

Yes, there are some resources on the internet from where we get free courses.

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Although, they are basic courses but made by professionals and you must take them. If you like those free courses then you can invest in their advanced level.

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Music Production Course By NoiseLab

Today, whichever genre of music we record, it is recorded in electronic form. We use DAWs to record and mix our projects ad all the processes done through the computer. For our convenience, we call this Electronic Music Production.

There are many electronic music production courses available on the internet, but enrolling in them costs you a lot.

Don’t worry, NoiseLab is providing 2 courses absolutely free.

Course 1: Electronic Music Production: Level 1

This course is the 1st course in the set for electronic music production in Ableton Live. I think many of you already using Ableton Live. It’s a very effective DAW and many professional music producers are using it.

Level 1 teaches you the basic user interface introduction of Ableton Live, the difference between the Session View and Arrangement View, how to work with midi instruments and audio material, and much more.

In this course, you will get a deep knowledge of MIDI-based recording and creating music like a pro.

Course 2: In the Studio with Stint

In this course, Canadian record producer and songwriter Stint walks you through the process of writing and producing Gallant’s single “Weight In Gold”, from the Grammy-nominated album Ology.

You will get an inside look at how the tracks were composed of the drums and rhythmic elements through the guitars, synths, vocals, and effects.

Lesson Summary

Lesson 1 – Project Background

STINT’s background as an artist and producer
Gallant’s to begin co-writing and producing the album Ology

Lesson 2 – Drums

How the rhythm came together using samples
Add variation by creating layers
Compression and other effects

Lesson 3 – Guitar

Effects for guitar
Arranging and Chopping guitar samples

Lesson 4 – Keys

Instrument choices for keys and chords
Effects for keys

Lesson 5 – Bass

Arranging bass samples
Effects for bass

Lesson 6 – Chorus

Producing  chorus for the song
Instrument and sound choices
Effects in the chorus

Lesson 7 – Second Verse and Second Chorus

Creative enhancements to the second verse
Additions to the second chorus for variation

Lesson 8 – Bridge Section

Creative direction for the bridge
Instrument choices and arrangement

Lesson 9 – Vocals

Background information on co-writing lyrics and melodies
Vocal arrangements and layers throughout the song
Vocal effects processing

Lesson 10 – STINT’s Top 5 Keyboard Shortcuts

Final Words

So, guys don’t miss these free courses. Take them and if you like then you can invest in their further courses.

Let me know how these courses affect your recording journey. Use the comment section below and write down your review about these free courses so that others could decide to enroll in them.

Share this article with your friends on your social circle and leverage them to take these free courses.

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