31 Best Synth VST Instruments For Indie Producers [2021]

best synth vst instruments

In this vast world of VST instruments and plugins, choosing the best ones is not easy. Especially as an indie producer where your budget is limited. SO, I always come up with the best VST instruments and other pro audio tips to help you in this. Whether it’s a Top 50 FREE VST Plugins For Perfect … Read more

9 Best Online Piano Lessons and Courses in 2021 [FREE and PAID]

free piano lessons

Figuring out how to play an instrument, explicitly piano extemporizes your memory and learning abilities, yet when you search Best Online Piano Lessons or need to show yourself piano, there is a lot of data over the web, and you will be ready to look out for anything on the web. Today we have the … Read more

11 Best Music Making Apps | Free & Paid [2021]

top music making apps for android

The evolution of mobile devices makes all industries to catch mobile users and so they are developing and marketing their apps. The music industry is not an exception. There are tons of music making apps for android and iOS are available in the market. BUT, not all are genuinely built for serious music production. Most … Read more

How to Extract Vocal And Instrumental Tracks From Audio With One Click!!

How to Extract Vocal And Instrumental Tracks

Oftentimes we need to extract vocals and instrumentals from a single audio track. Especially, DJ professionals, musicians, vocalists, and dancers always need instrumentals and without vocal tracks. However, it’s not easy to get tracks without vocals. Even with vocal removal tools and software, the resultant audio does not please you in terms of quality. SO, … Read more

What is the Difference Between EP, LP and Album in music Production

difference between EP, LP and Album

If you are in music production then often would have encountered the terms EP, LP and Album. I know if you are reading this article then you don’t know about these terms. Well, in this article I’ll explain what is the difference between EP, LP and Album in music production? BUT, first elt me expalin … Read more

TOP 10 Online Beat Maker Software [FREE and PAID 2021]

best Online Beat Maker Software

Online music production is now shifted from our workstations to the web. Today several web-based companies are providing online beat maker software, DAWs, and music production suite. Now, to produce music we don’t need workstations full of RAM and the latest processor. What we need is just to sign up for a good online music … Read more

What Does a Music Producer Do [A Guide to Music Producer’s Workflow]

music producers workflow

The term “Music Producer” is not new for us. In our audio recording journey, we often face this term in our day to day life. But do you know, what does a music producer do? When I was new in the music production field, I always wondered about their actual work in the music production … Read more

7 Essential Songwriting Tools For Musicians in 2021


This article is all about the essential songwriting tools for musicians. If you are a musician and don’t own them then you can be trapped by your mind. You won’t be able to remind the tune came into your mind when you are on some other works. Essential Songwriting Tools for Musicians Good things can … Read more