10 Best Guitar Plugins for Logic Pro X in 2023

If you are a Logic Pro X user and searching for some good guitar plugins for Logic Pro X then you’ve landed in the right place.

As we know, Logic Pro X is a popular digital audio workstation (DAW) that provides a range of tools for recording and editing music.

As there are tons of guitar plugins for Logic Pro X available in the market, it can be challenging for you to choose the best ones.

In this blog post, I will share with you the top 10 best guitar plugins for Logic Pro X that can transform your guitar skills to the next level.

So, let’s begin with the first one,

1. Native Instruments Guitar Rig 6 Pro

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 6 Pro

Native Instrument is a well know brand in the audio plugin, software and hardware industry.

Its Guitar Rig Pro is a comprehensive guitar plugin that can be used cross-platform from Windows to Mac.

It has tons of customizable effects, amps and cabinets that enhance your guitar recordings.

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I personally like its user-friendly interface which has a whole bunch of features.

Guitar Rig Pro 6 has 30 guitar amps which include classic tube amps along with modern high-gain amps.

It also has a bunch of virtual cabinets and mics. You will also find 70 effects that include distortion, delay, reverb, and modulation.

One of the best features of Guitar Rig 6 Pro is its ability to create complex signal chains that allow you to arrange your effect line like a real rig.

Its extensive library of effects and amps makes it fun to record and edit guitar tracks.

I love its tape deck feature which adds warmth and saturation to your recordings. Also, the loop machine and sample player make it very easy to create and manipulate loops and samples.

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 6 Pro is such a powerful and versatile guitar plugin for Logic Pro X. If you are a Logic Pro X user and want to enhance your plugin library with a cool guitar plugin then Guitar Rig 6 Pro should be your first choice.

2. Waves GTR

Waves GTR 3 guitar plugin for Logic Pro X

Waves GTR is the second one that I should add to this list. Waves is a popular VST plugin manufacturer. Its Waves GTR plugin suite offers a wide range of realistic amp and effects simulations.

It also has a user-friendly interface that any beginner can become used to. This plugin is dedicated to guitarists who want to transform their rig to the next level.

Waves GTR comes with a wide range of amp and effect simulations such as classic tube amps, modern amps and individual stomp box effects that I really love.

Along with a whole bunch of amps and effects, it also features unique dual-mode operation which allows you to switch between real-time mode for live performances and non-real-time mode for recording and editing.

That’s why I told you that it’s one of the best guitar plugins for stage performances. If you use Logic Pro X on stage to use guitar effects, then this is a great addition to your plugin library.

You can also customize and create unique amp and effects presets within this guitar plugin.

It has some advanced parameters that help you to tweak and adjust every aspect of their guitar sound, such as adjusting the tone and gain and tweaking EQ and modulation effects.

It also has a standalone mode which enables it to use without any DAW. It has a dedicated tuner, metronome, and audio recorder, which allows you to record without any DAW.

So, if you are searching for a powerful and versatile guitar plugin for Logic Pro X then this should be a great addition.

3. Line 6 Helix Native

Line 6 Helix Native

Line 6 Helix native is another top-most guitar plugin suite that comes with realistic amp and effects simulations to enhance your guitar recordings.

It has 60 amps and effects simulations that include some classic tube amps, high gain amps and stompbox effects.

You can also customize your own amp and effect presents to get the sound that you want from it.

You can easily create complex signal chains in Line 6 Helix and experiment with different combinations of amps and effects to create your own unique and innovative sounds.

It also has advanced parameter controls that allow you to fine-tune your guitar sound, from the tone and gain to the EQ and modulation effects.

The 60 electric guitar and bass amplifier models and more than 200 different effects make it different from other guitar plugins for Logic Pro X.

It has 30+ speaker cabinets that are powered by HX modeling engine which is a new technology to guitar technology.

Line 6 Helix Native is a very comprehensive guitar plugin for Logic Pro X.

The metal amps such as Plactater, and Revv models are really a great add to this guitar effect plugin. If you want some good guitar plugins then it must be on your list.

4. Bias FX 2

Bias FX guitar plugin

As a Logic Pro X user, I was really excited to try Positive Grid’s Bias FX 2. I want to see how it is compared to other guitar plugins.

And, I got surprised that it’s worth buying this guitar plugin.

I was really impressed with the user-friendly interface of Bias FX 2. It is actually easy to navigate with a straightforward layout which makes it easy to navigate through and customize amps and effects to make your own presets.

This plugin comes with a big library of amps and effects such as 18 Guitar Match instruments, 100 new amps, 100 new effects and 200 factory presets. There are also new Fuzz, Time and Harmonizer Modelers available within this plugin.

Bias FX can be used as a standalone software or a VST or AAX plug-in and is also compatible with Mac OS X, that’s why you can use it with Logic Pro X.

The Guitar Match feature can transform your favorite guitars into a Tele, Strat, ES-335, Gretsch or Charvel and even more.

With so many features, this plugin is really a great addition to your guitar plugin library for Logic Pro X.

5. Amplitube 5

Amplitube 5

IK Multimedia’s Amplitube 5 comes with an extensive library of over 400 gear models. It is available in four flavors.

  • AmpliTube CS (includes 42 essential amps and effects)
  • AmpliTube SE (80 pieces amps and effects)
  • Amplitube Standard Edition (includes over 170 kits)
  • AmpliTube MAX (400 gear models, including 11 brand/artist collections)

So, it has everything from a beginner to pro artist. You can choose the model according to your needs.

Obviously, the price varies from model to model.

Amplitube runs as a standalone application on Windows/MacOS and can also be used with DAWs like Logic Pro X and Cubase etc.

You can daisy-chain the amps and effects together as you do with hardware stompboxes, and also create a preset for future use.

It has the feature to split the effect chain into 2-3 ways and run in parallel to add powerful stereo effects.

It is an all-in-one guitar effect panel that you can use in your recordings as well as in performances.

Overall, I was really impressed with Amplitube 5. This plugin offers something for every user. So, you should definitely try this out.

6. Softube Amp Room

Softube Amp Room

Softube’s Amp Room is a well-known guitar amp simulation plugin. This plugin features 6 amplifiers, 10 effects pedals, 16 cabinets, 3 studio effects, and 8 utility modules which I think is sufficient for any guitar player.

Do you like Marshall Cabinets??

Well, the full version of Amp Room has the Marshall Cabinet Collection as well as the 5 new Marshall Amp modules.

You can create your own recording chains with a drag-and-drop feature. You can use split modules to split your signal into 2 or more paths. You can then send them to different amp and cabinet combinations.

This plugin comes with a noise gate, DTC control, headphones mode, and a dedicated guitar tuner.

Amp Room features a big collection of iconic amps, cabinets and speakers such as Fender, Vox, Marshall, Engl, and Ampeg.

I have listed here some of the hardware that is emulated in Am Room.

  • Marshall JCM 800
  • Dual Tremolo Brown Amp
  • 100W Bass Amp
  • 100W High Gain Metal Amp
  • 30W Top Boost Green Amp

This plugin has also emulated some classic microphone models such as Neumann, AKG, Royer and Shure.

With a lot of effects, amps, speakers and microphone emulations, this is a giant in the list of guitar plugins.

BUT, it needs more CPU resources so an average CPU can slow down. So, always use good quality recommended audio recording computers and Laptops with Amp Room plugin.

7. UJAM Virtual Guitarist Amber

UJAM Virtual Guitarist Amber

If you are a professional session guitarist and don’t have Ujam Virtual Guitarist in your plugin collection then you are missing something great.

It is actually a VST plugin that can be played via a MIDI keyboard. So, you don’t need a guitar to play with. You just need a good MIDI keyboard that could offer all the controls you want.

Ujam Virtual Guitarist allows you to produce every aspect of a guitar performance such as chord voicings, playing style and other subtle parts of guitar playing.

Ujam Virtua Guitarist comes with over 50 styles and 600 phrases that you can explore in your recording sessions.

Thanks to its easy-to-use interface the workflow will be lightning-fast. Ujam has taken care of the subtle part of guitar playing such as fret noise, stereo doubling, delay, reverb, etc.

This guitar plugin is compatible with most DAWs including Logic Pro X.

Overall, if you are a seasonal acoustic guitar player and want to enhance your playing then Ujam Virtual Guitarist Amber should be your first choice.

8. MusicLab RealGuitar

MusicLab RealGuitar

MusicLab REAlguitar is an award-winning acoustic guitar VST plugin. You can play and record realistic acoustic guitar sound with this plugin with the help of a MIDI keyboard.

It’s relatively easy to use than other VST plugins. It has different types of acoustic guitar presets such as steel-string, nylon-string, 12-string guitars and even bass guitars.

You will get a range of strumming and picking patterns to create a realistic acoustic guitar environment. Even you can create your own strumming and picking patterns.

It has a wide range of effects to add to the tones such as chorus, delay, and reverb.

This VST plugin allows you to play guitar from your MIDI keyboard just like a real acoustic guitar. It has the features like chord position change, harmonics, pre-hammer pull-offs, smacks, slow up or down strums, slaps, palm mute, and all of them provide great precision.

With RealGuitar, there are several things to do. When I used it the first time, I never thought that it was as realistic as a guitar.

I am using this plugin for the last 12 years and with every version, the manufacturers are improving it to match the real acoustic guitar experience.

So, if you like to record acoustic guitars then you must have this plugin in your Logic Pro X guitar plugin list.

9. ML Sound Lab Amped Roots

ML Sound Lab Amped Roots

ML Sound Lab Amped Roots is actually a flagship plugin by Amped. It has some great guitar amps including Vorna amp, however not licensed, but they are good tonal quality matched with the original hardware.

It also features digital tonal recreation of their real Friedman Amplifier which was a classic guitar amp.

Along with the Vorna and Friedman, it has some other amps such as Brownie Amp based on BE-100 Deluxe, Nude Amp based on Rare Naked Amp etc.

You will also get some pedalboard stompboxes to add a Noise gate, Compressor, Drive, Chorus, Delay and Reverb.

The cabinet section Cab section features 2 speaker configurations along with 4 speakers and 4 mics settings.

If we talk about the GUI, it has a classic look with some golden color knobs. It’s easy to navigate through and fully intuitive.

Amped Roots is based on the Marshall JTM45, a classic British tube amplifier and includes several features to customize according to your own needs.

This plugin features a noise gate and a built-in impulse response loader that allow you to easily load your own cabinet impulse responses.

The sound quality is really impressive. It gives a realistic and dynamic amp tone that every guitar player wants.

If you want a virtual guitar speaker cabinet then ML Sound Lab Amped Roots is not a bad choice, however, you will not get more cabinets which is a bit disappointing.

Overall this software is a good guitar plugin option for Logic Pro X.

10. Overloud TH-U

Overloud TH-U

If you want a versatile guitar plugin that should have several effect presets then Overloud TH-U is one for you.

It has 89 guitar amp models, 52 speaker cabinets, 4 bass amp models, 77 pedal/rack effects models; a vast Rig Library, Amp Tweak, Rig Player and even a looper.

It’s an overall guitar software for every type of guitar player who wants a virtual guitar rig for DAWs like Logic Pro X.

It’s fully compatible with Logic Pro X and also Windows.

Overloud was first introduced as TH-1 back in 2008. Since then it is evolved with every version to provide a realistic guitar rig environment.

You will get wide variety of speaker cabinets from classic cabinets to modern ones.

With an easy-to-use GUI TH-U provides powerful modification capabilities such as swap preamp and power tubes and adjusting the voltage with Virtual Variac etc.

Overall, Overloud TH-U is a powerful and versatile guitar plugin that you can add to your plugin list.

Well, I have not used this one, but I am planning to buy it in the future. If I buy TH-U in the future I will definitely provide a detailed review of this software.


Well, choosing the best guitar plugins for such a DAW as Logic Pro X is really hard. I have given 10 out of them that you can consider buying.

Most of them I have tested on my own and I can say they are really good with high-quality tones, features and ease of use.

But, I personally like Native Instruments Guitar Rig 6 Pro for electric guitars and RealGuitar for acoustic guitars. Maybe you would like other ones.

Whatever you bought just give your own review in the comment section to help others choose the best.


Gautam Roy is a recording engineer and a blogger from India. He loves music, writing, and travelling. He is also an active investor and a successful entrepreneur.

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