Top 51 FREE VST Plugins For Vocals [2021]

If you are searching for the best Free VST Plugins for Vocals then you are at the right place. Here I have 51 free Vocal VST Plugins that can help you to create a great mix for your projects.

For a recording engineer or music producer, recording and mixing vocals is the toughest part of a session.

The structure of vocal frequencies is totally different than an instrument so controlling and balancing vocal with perfection is really a challenging job for us.

These free vocal plugins are very useful, not only for mastering and mixing vocals but also for other instruments.

Update April 2021: I’ve compiled a quick list of paid alternatives to the free VSTs listed at the bottom of each section. If you buy any of those plugins I will get a little compensation which will help me pay the server cost of Recording Base.

Best Free VST Plugins for Vocals

Note: This VST plugin list is regularly updated by us. Make sure to bookmark this page so that you would get new plugins and the updated version of existing plugins on every visit.


Free EQ VST Plugins For Vocals

Equalizers are like the father of all effects. Equalizing tracks properly is considered an art. Equalizers have the ability to make or break your project. People say if you master yourself in equalizing, you master half of the audio mixing and mastering skills.

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But I think its more than an art. Without proper tools, you can’t get a perfect picture of your art.

And in vocals, it’s very important for you to use proper equalizers. Here is the list of free VST equalizer plugins for vocals that can help you as a proper tool to mix your vocals.

1. ReaEQ By Reaper

reaeq vst plugin

ReaEQ equalizer VST plugin is one of the best free plugins for music producers. It’s a graphic equalizer plugin with lots of features that you generally get with a paid VST plugin.

Here are some features of ReaEQ

  • This IR based equalizer has Unlimited bands.
  • Support any number and many types of filters (LPF, HPF, shelves, bands,  notch, all-pass, bandpass)
  • phase response display and frequency response
  • approximate note+octave display for frequencies
  • bypass control per-band
  • A full-view graph for precise editing
  • Mouse modifiers usable for editing bandwidth of points in the graph

Its a part of Rea PLugs bundle so you have to download and install the whole bundle.

Download ReaPlug Bundle Free

2. Luftikus By Lkjb

Luftikus vst equalizer

If you want an analog user interface, Luftikas equalizer is for you. It’s a digital adaptation of an analog EQ that features half-octave bands as well as a high-frequency boost additionally.

It supports knee gain mode which allows deeper cuts with no overall gain changes. It supports both Windows and Mac computers so you can use it for the DAWs that support VST as well as AU.

Some features of Luftikas VST/AU equalizer

  • Hardware UI
  • Equalizer bands -10Hz, 40Hz, 160Hz & 640 Hz
  • Shelf – 2.5kHz
  • Optional boost shelf – 2.5, 5, 10, 20 or 40 kHz.
  • Analog and mastering modes
  • You can avoid drastic overall gain changes with “keep gain” button
  • Output trim knob
  • Ideal for Vocal equalizing (deeper cuts)

Luftikus equalizer is a GPL software so you can download it from Google code.

Download Free 

3. TDR Nova by Tokyo Dawn Records

TDR Nova equalizer plugin

Tokyo Dawn Record’s TDR Nova is a multipurpose equalizer. It’s very effective in vocal equalizing. Although it is a parallel dynamic equalizer, it has a parametric layout. Each band has a dynamic section that allows you to cover a wide range of applications which I told you above.

Here are some tasks which TDR Nova can easily do

  • Parametric equalization for various purposes
  • Dynamic equalization for crispiness
  • Frequency selective compression removing vocal sibilance
  • Multi-band compression for mastering
  • Wideband compression

Some useful features of TDR Nova

  • Preset manager
  • A/B testing
  • copy & paste
  • undo/redo

Download TDR Nova Free

4. Marvel GEQ by Voxengo

Marvel GEQ by Voxengo

Marvel GEQ is my favorite equalizer plugin for free. Voxango implements many features to this free plugin. It’s not just a VST plugin but it supports VST, RTAS, and Audio unit algorithms. This means you can use it with any major DAW for Windows and Mac.

Marvel GEQ equalizer is a 16-band linear phase graphic equalizer. The best thing is you can use its internal routing feature for multi-channel operation up to 8 input/output channels.

Marvel GEQ has a huge number of features, some of them are,

  • 16-band graphic equalizer
  • Freehand drawing mode for accuracy
  • Linear-phase equalizing
  • Up to 12 dB gain range per band
  • Stereo and multi-channel processing by internal routing
  • Group channel feature
  • Mid and side processing
  • 64-bit floating point processing provides better depth in sound
  • Preset manager for saving and recalling programs
  • Undo/Redo
  • A/B testing
  • Contextual hint messages help you on the work
  • 44.1 to 192 kHz sample rates support
  • 9 ms processing latency
  • Changeable color schemes
  • Resize user interface

Download Marvel GEQ free

5. MEqualizer by Melda Production

MEqualizer vst plugin

Melda production’s MEqualizer is 6 band equalizer and extremely easy to use. Each band has  7 types of filters, harmonics control, and integrated tube saturation for an analog feel.

If you want a vintage sound with a free equalizer plugin then MEqualizer is for you. The cool thing is it has an advanced spectrum analyzer and sonogram which help you in real-time monitoring your frequency spectrum.

Some features of MEqualizer

  • GPU accelerated advanced User interface.
  • Classic meters and time graphs with an advanced visualizing engine.
  • Multi-parameter
  • Advanced sonogram with a spectrum analyzer
  • 9 filters for each band
  • Tube saturation for the vintage feel
  • Multi-channel processing up to 8 channels
  • Automatic gain compensation (AGC)
  • Limiter
  • Midi control
  • 64-bit unlimited sampling rate processing
  • Global preset management with online preset exchange facility
  • VST, VST3, AU and AAX interfaces on Windows & Mac, both 32-bit and 64-bit support

MEqualizer comes with MFreeFX Bundle, MTotalFX Bundle, and MComplete Bundle

Download MFreeFX Bundle including MEqalizer

6. Blue Cat’s Triple EQ

Blue Cat’s Triple EQ

This simple 3 band equalizer is perfect for equalizing certain frequencies in your vocal or other instruments.  It’s a semi-parametric equalizer controlled with a single filter with customizable shape.

You get a low-shelf filter, a high-shelf filter, and a boost/cut peak filter. It also shows computed frequency response by a graph which helps you to analyze the signal processing.

Here are some features of Blue Cat’s Triple EQ

  • 3 bands semi-parametric equalizer with shapable filter
  • Dual Mode: independent right and left or mid and side channels control.
  • Linking modes for multiple channels.
  • Each band has +-40 dB range.
  • Automatic gain compensation.
  • Real-time frequency response display with zooming capabilities and precise measurement.

Download free

7. Nova-67P by Vladg/sound

Nova-67P compressor plugin

Vladg Nova is a parallel parametric equalizer cum compressor plugin. You can use the compressor as a split band compressing modes.

Key features of Vladg Nova equalizer

  • 5 bands parallel dynamic equalizer with an auto-gain feature.
  • Low pass and high pass filter (Optional)
  • Full-band and split band compression.
  • Pre-emphasis side-chain filtering.
  • Real-time spectrum analysis.
  • External sidechain support.
  • 64-bit internal processing with unlimited sampling frequencies.

Download Nova equalizer free

8. Audiocation Free Equalizer Plugin

Audiocation free equalizer plugin

Audiocation is a parametric equalizer plugin created by the company of its own name “AUDIOCATION.DE”. Here are some features of Audiocation parametric equalizer plugin which help you in your vocal mixing.

Have a look,

  • 5 band parametric equalizers
  • Low-shelf, peak, high-shelf filters to get perfection.
  • Separate input and output knob to control the gain in the plugin.
  • A display to monitor the results.
  • Separate bypass knobs for each eq channel.
  • Separate knobs for frequency, band and gain adjustment for each channel.

Download Audiocation equalizer

Top Paid Equalizer alternatives

Vocal Compressor Plugins

The 2nd important effect we have to use for vocals is Compressor. The vocal track is the most unbalanced one in all audio recording tracks.

We usually use condenser microphones to record vocals. As you know, Condenser mics are very sensitive.

The sensitiveness of these condenser mics makes vocal tracks more unbalanced because they record maximum dynamics of the sound source. So, how would you get rid of this?

The heck is, using good compressors.

A compressor compresses the higher dynamics and keeps them under a certain range.

For example. If you have a vocal track that exceeds -6dB at certain points. Simply apply a compressor’s threshold at -6dB. Then all the points where the vocal exceeds -6dB automatically come under the -6dB range.

But applying too much compressor ruin your vocal or other. If you apply too much compressor or use wrong compressor format, you could lose the original dynamics of the sound and get chipped sound.

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Moreover, compressing is one of the toughest parts of the audio recording. You have to be very experienced to set up compressors correctly.

Presets really do well if you are a newbie. You can rely on presets for compressing. But choosing a good compressor with good presets is not easy.

So here is a list of some good free compressor plugins which not only help you to balance your vocals but others tracks too.

9. Klanghelm DC1A

Klanghelm DC1A compressor plugin

Klanghelm DC1A very simple to use compressor plugin. It is known as the little brother of the compression monster DC8C. In Klanghelm DC1A compressor VST plugin you find 2 main knobs by which you can control input and output gains.

You also find some other useful features like deep compression, dual-mono mode, negative and relaxed compression.

As it is very easy to use, I recommend this compressor plugin to new audio recordists. Just set up input and output gain, monitor the compression and that’s it. It a set and forget type compressor plugin.

Download Klanghelm DC1A

10. OTT

ott compressor

OTT compressor is a free re-creation of aggressive multiband upwards/downwards compressor and very useful for electro producers. You get 4 knobs in this plugin.

Depth, time, in-gain and outgain control. Just like DC1A, it is one of the easiest compressor plugins. You just have to set up input and output gain, attack time, and the depth of the OTT compressor.

This plugin is available for free download in Xfer Records official website. You can also check out their other free plugins.

Download OTT free

11. Audio Damage Rough Rider 3

Audio Damage Rough Rider 3

Audio Damage Rough Rider 3 is one of the best free vocal compressors plugins. If you are searching for a dynamic processor for your vocals then you must use this compressor plugin.

It has more than half-million downloads.

Rough Rider 3 is a perfect compressor VST plugin for newbies. However, experienced music producers also take advantage of this tremendous plugin.

Really easy to use.

Download RoughRider compressor

12. FR COMP 87

fr comp 87 vst compressor

FR COMP87 VST compressor plugin is a part of the Free87 Series from Eareckon. This series is based on ANALOG87 series and features 6 high-quality plugins in the bundle supports both Mac and Windows.

If you want vintage analog feeling in your mix then you should go with this free plugin pack. Even though they have stripped out controls of the ANALOG 87 versions, you will get something good with these plugins.

Download Free87 Series bundle free

de-Esser Plugins

According to Wikipedia – De-essing is the process to cut off the unwanted sibilance from vocal tracks that occurred along with some letters like “s”, “z”, “ch”, “j”, and “sh”.

There are many reasons for the amount of de-essing in vocal.

Some of them are compression, microphone choice, and singing technique. Even the shape of the human mouth is one of the reasons for excessive sibilance. Excess sibilance can be irritating to the hearing, especially in earphones.

To reduce sibilance or Ess sounds we use De-Essing plugins. However, there are other techniques to reduce sibilance at the time of recording. One of them is the pencil method which is very effective when we use it in the right way.

You can read my article Vocal Recording Techniques Secrets Revealed where I explained the pencil method.

Here I have 3 of the very effective De-Esser plugins which are also free to use.

13. Spitfish De-Esser

spitfish deesser plugin

It is a very easy and powerful de-esser plugin. There are 2 main knobs one for the amount of De-essing(Sense) and the other is for depth.

You get one more knob to adjust the de-essing frequency so that you could remove the sibilance from certain frequency range.

There are few buttons like stereo/mono selection, listen, bypass, and soft de-essing to tweak your sound. This De-Esser plugin is compatible with both VST and AU for Win/Mac.

Download Spitfish De-Esser

14. Modern De-Esser

Modern DeEsser plugin

Modern De-Esser plugin is a rack style sleek design plugin. Antress made this De-Esser plugin for us and it’s also very effective with vocals. Here are some features of Modern De-Esser.

  • Power Of/On button
  • You get a Gain reduction meter
  • The basic Threshold, Width, Release, and ratio knobs are available to adjust them accurately.
  • You can control the frequency range (3000 to 9999 Hz)
  • Output level control (-15 to +15 dB)

The only disadvantage is its a 32-bit plugin and only works with windows.

Download Modern De-Esser plugin

15. Tonmann De-Esser

Tonmann DeEsser vst plugin

Tonmann De-Esser is a high-frequency basic De-Esser plugin. Although this is a basic De-Esser plugin but highly effective. Especially for male and female lead vocals. Here are some features of Tonmann De-Esser plugin.

  • Stereo and mono mode.
  • Lowpass and wideband reduction mode.
  • You can adjust the center frequency and bandwidth.
  • Adjustable Threshold helps you to retain the “crisp” character of vocal.
  • Short and sharp attack.
  • You can adjust the release time.
  • Wide-range adjustable attenuation.

Download Now

Top Paid Compressor alternatives

Noise Gate VST Plugins

A noise gate is very useful when your vocal room is not as much acoustic as stop the background noise such as monitor room noise and noise from outside.

Noise gates are very simple to use. Generally, there is a slider or knob to adjust the gate level. Suppose, if the overall noise is below -26dB then you have to set up the gate above -26dB.

That’s it.

However, when the noise is loud then you can’t fully gate the noise.

If you do that, some parts of vocal, like breathing or other low volume parts also be gated.

The best practice to avoid noise is using a more soundproof room and avoiding too much noise gate in the track to keep the naturalism of sound.

Well, here are some of the decent noise gates that will help you to get rid of that common problem.

16. Auto Gate/Expander

Auto Gate Expander

Auto Gate by Slim slow slider is a good noise gate plugin for everyone. You can monitor the gate level by the reduction indicator.

There are many advanced functions this gate plugin provide us to get the best output.

Here are some features of Auto gate VST plugin

  • Supports up to 96 kHz sampling frequency.
  • Internal processing is 32-floating.
  • Threshold level of the gate is -60dB to 0dB.
  • You can set the attack time from 0ms to 1000ms.
  • Release time is 2000ms.
  • LPF Cutoff Freq (20Hz to off)
  • HPF Cutoff Freq (off to 20000Hz)

Download Autogate free

17. Floorfish Noise Gate

Floorfish Noise Gate

Floorfish noise gate plugin is very easy to use the plugin.

You get some analog-style knobs which are very comfortable to use.

The one cool thing in Floorfish noise gate is the ability to scan the sound source and adjust the transition curve accordingly.

Features of Floorfish VST plugin

  • Expansion knob
  • Frequency adjuster
  • Sense knob
  • Attack and release from 0ms to 2000ms
  • Soft knee curve
  • Mono and stereo mode

Download Floorfish Noise gate free

18. Bob Perry Gate

bob perry gate plugin

The Bob Perry Gate is a great noise gate used with sidechaining. There are 3 distinct algorithms to choose from.

Here are the features

  • Features 3 distinct algorithms.
  • Optional Real Sidechaining feature.
  • Easy-to-use GUI or Graphical User Interface.
  • Built-in Gain Reduction Metering.
  • Option for Numeric Data Input.
  • VST3 32-bit and 64-bit versions support.
  • Attack, Hold and Release 1ms to 500ms.
  • Linear, Logarithmic, and S-Curve Algorithms.
  • Gain Reduction from 0dB to -∞dB.

Download Bob Perry Gate

19. ReaGate

ReaGate vst plugin

Reagate Noise gate is the part Reaplug VST bundle. This bundle is free to use and includes Reagate, ReaComp, ReaXcomp, ReaDelay, ReaEQ, ReaFIR, and ReaStream.

Reagate is one of the best free gate plugin available on the internet.


  • Ultra-configurable noise gate
  • Sidechain input & filters
  • Pre-open
  • Hysteresis control
  • Hold control
  • Variable RMS size
  • MIDI events
  • Wet/dry mix, noise mix

Download Reaplug bundle free

20. GGate

GGAte vst plugin

GGate Gate plugin is introduced by GVST. It is very simple to use the plugin. Here are some features of GGate plugin.

  • Works well to gate the noise below the threshold.
  • You can adjust the attack and release to create gentle fades.
  • Win 32/64 bit compatible

Download GGate plugin free

21. preFIX

preFIX free gate plugin

preFIX plugin is windows compatible 32bit VST plugin so you can use it with any DAW that runs on windows and supports VST.

Actually, preFIX is not only Gate plugin but its overall dynamics plugin. You get Equalizer, Gate, Phase, Compressor in this one plugin.

However, with lots of options, this plugin can confuse any newbie but its very useful once you get into your hand.

Here are some features of preFIX VST plugin.

  • You can improve the Stereo Field Perception
  • Change tonality and spectrum of tracks
  • Fast and slow gate options
  • Air, shimmer, and ball options
  • Mono to stereo function

Download preFIX plugin free

Top Paid Noise Gate Plugins

Pitch Correction Plugins For Vocal

Suppose you have recorded someone’s song and at the final mix, you notice some annoying pitch problem in the vocal track.

Then what would you do?

In this situation when the re-recording is not possible, these pitch correction tools can help you to get rid of that kind of pitching problem.

However, the world-famous pitch correction plugin is Antares autotune and Melodyne, there are some decent free tools available for you.

You can’t underestimate these free pitch correction plugins, as some of them are very effective in work.

Let’s have look on them.

22. Melda MAutoPitch Auto-Tune

Melda MAutoPitch

Melda production’s MAutoPitch is worth to take the 1st situation in this list. Sleek design and easy to use makes it a good free option for pitch correction plugin.

As from the name MAutoPitch is able to automatically correct the pitch in the track after assigning the scale. Here are some key features of MAutoPitch Autotune plugin.

  • GPU accelerated and advanced UI.
  • Classic meters and time bars
  • Single channel to 8 channel surrounds pr0cessing.
  • AGC – Automatic gain compensation
  • Limiter
  • Unlimited sampling rate with 64bit processing
  • Global preset management
  • VST, VST3, AU, and AAX on Windows & Mac, both 32-bit and 64-bit

Download MAutoPitch Autotune plugin

23. Graillon 2

graillon 2 voice changer plugin

Auburn Sound’s live voice changer plugin Graillon 2 is one of the best free Autotune plugin option. Its one of the best voice VST plugin in vocal changer category.

However, this plugin has paid version with full features but the free one is worth for correcting pitch.

It has a keyboard to select the pitch as well as a graphical interface to monitor the process. It’s just set and forget type plugin.

Download Graillon 2 free version

24. GSnap

GSnap Autotune plugin 

GSnap is another VST plugin in GVST plugin bundle. You can use it to correct vocals accurately. Here are some features of GSnap Autotune.

  • You can use subtle settings to nudge off-key vocals from the track.
  • T-Pain or Cher effect can be created by Extreme settings.
  • You can also control the pitch with MIDI control.

Download GSnap Autotune plugin 

25. KeroVee

kerovee autotune

G200kg is the manufacturer of KeroVee. KeroVee is a powerful VST pitch correction tool.

Features of KeroVee VST autotune.

  • TuneSpeed: Tuning Speed
  • Nuance – to ignore or keep the subtle pitch changes.
  • Master tuning with Calib
  • Pitch correction amount with Amount knob
  • TuneTo – For MIDI/Scale tuning

Download KeroVee free

You can read my article TOP 7 FREE Autotune Software VST Plugins Review [2021 List] to get some more pitch correction plugins.

Top Paid Pitch Correction Plugins

Vocal Limiter Plugins

Clipping in vocal clips is a common problem in audio recording.

There are many reasons for clipping including wrong mic placement, high input level, etc. To avoid clipping you should use Vocal limiter plugins.

This article will give you some more insights about audio clipping

Limiters are generally the special type of compressor plugins but operate differently.

Where compressor plugins are used to compress the whole dynamics of sound, limiters are used to only compress the certain area where the clipping occurs.

The attack and release time of limiters are very short so that it could not affect the upcoming frequencies.

Limiter plugins are very useful to limit the frequencies above a certain level.

If you want to know more about limiter and how it’s different from a compressor then read this aritcle.

Here are a few good limiter plugins which you can use with vocal recordings.

26. Limiter №6

Limited-Z limiter plugin

vladg/sound’s Limiter №6 is one of the best free options for vocal limiter plugins. Here are some features of this vocal limiter.

  • 5 modules: RMS compressor, true peak limiter, high-frequency limiter, peak limiter, clipper.
  • Brickwall and soft limiting ideal for vocal limiting
  • Multiband modes
  • 4x oversampling mode
  • true ISP limiting
  • Analog-style
  • 2 different GUIs

Download Limiter №6 free

27. Limited-Z

Limited-Z limiter plugin

Limited-Z is a freemium VST/AU plugin. Its an “easy to use” plugin with 3 knobs located at the very right side of the plugin UI. Although, this limiter is of Brickwall category so ideal for mastering you can also use it in vocals.

Features of Limited-Z limiter plugin

  • large interface, smoother drawing of vector graphics, and resizable GUI.
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Waveform history
  • Changeable colors for the UI
  • ISP filtering and indicators
  • Output monitoring (true peak)
  • Two additional limiting modes

Download free version of Limited-Z

28. W1 Limiter

W1 Limiter VST plugin

Yohng is the manufacturer of W1 Limiter. This limiter plugin is in beta version so you can get some errors in use. But you can give a try and give your review on this plugin to help the manufacturer getting rid of the errors and launching the full version.

Some features of W1 Limiter

  • Simplifying release curve
  • Ability to increase the release time 3 times
  • You can alter the circuit filter

Download W1 Limiter plugin here

29. LoudMax Limiter by Thomas

LoudMax Limiter

Are you lazy enough playing with the complex user interface of the plugins listed above?

Then Loudmax limiter best suits you.

With only two faders it makes very easy to limit your vocals as well as other tracks. It’s not only perfect for single tracks but also the best fit for master channel.

But before giving a try let us dive into the features of this free limiter plugin.

  • There are only two sliders, one for threshold, one for the output level.
  • Meters are given for output, input and gain reduction with respect to the threshold.
  • A linking feature is given to link the output slider with the threshold slider.
  • true peak limiting.
  • 2kHz – 384kHz sample rates supported.
  • only 1.25ms latency which is awesome.
  • Attack Time: 1.25ms
  • Automatic release time –  depends on the input signal
  • No distortion
  • Low CPU Usage
  • Compatible with WIN32/64, Mac OS. Available in VST, AU formats.

Download Loudmax limiter

Best Paid Limiter Plugins

Vocal Reverb VST Plugins

Reverb is essential when it comes to vocal. Whether its a stage performance or recording, any kind of reverb in vocals is necessary.

Although, reverb is used for the various purpose the main use of reverb is in vocals.

When it comes to paid reverb VST/RTAS/AU plugins, there are many well-established reverb plugins are available in the market.

But as this list is about free plugins, I handpicked some good free reverb plugins which give a pro touch to your vocals.

But before discussing these free reverb plugins, let me introduce you with 11 Best Free Reverb Plugins For Home Studios.

Now let us dive into the quick list of free reverb plugins.

30. Voxengo OldSkoolVerb

voxengo oldskoolverb

The 1st reverb plugin in this ist is Voxengo OldSkoolVerb. As you know Voxengo is one of the best manufacturers for paid and free VST plugins, this plugin is worth for the 1st in this list.

It’s a freeware algorithmic reverberation , AudioUnit, VST and AAX plugin for professional sound mixing work.

If you want some classic stereo reverb with a spatial image that could blend well with the mix then you definitely go with this plugin.

OldSkoolVerb has set of presets like hall, room, plate etc which will guide you to achieve the best results.

Download Voxengo OldSkoolVerb free

31. Ambiance by Magnus

Ambiance vst reverb plugin

Magnus has a variety of plugins. One of them is the Ambiance Reverb plugin.

However, you get the demo version is free but you can use that demo version for making a pro vocal.

There are many setting and knobs Amibiance has.

You can design your own presets or simply apply one of the pre-defined presets.

This plugin is available in VST and AU 32 bit formats.

So you can use them with Windows and Mac DAW software which supports VST and AU.

Download Ambiance free

32. Variety of Sound’s epicVerb

epicverb reverb plugin

EpicVerb is a well known free reverb plugin. I have used it a few years ago and truly satisfied with this plugin. Variety of sound is the manufacturer of this plugin.

This plugin supports tight small room reverb as well as ambiance effect you can use it all the instruments as well as in your vocals.

Here are some features of EpicVerb

  • Two reverberation modes
  • 6 different stereo early reflection models
  • Standard reverb controls like ‘TIME’, ‘DAMP’ or ’PRE-DELAY’
  • Reverb tail modulation
  • Control over first reflection patterns
  • A different time handling for high and low frequencies
  • EQ section
  • 2 boot equalizers
  • high- and lowpass filtering

Download EpicVerb free

Top Paid Vocal Reverb Plugins

Delay Plugins For Vocals

Just like the reverb effect delay is the 2nd effect which prominently used in vocals.

To add some flavor we have to use both of them.

Whether you want your vocal-like stage performance or a mid-size room, you have to use reverb and delay in them.

Above I have described some cool free reverb plugins, now its time to provide the list of free delay plugins.

33. Glitch Machines Hysteresis

hysteresis glitchmachines delay

If you are finding a cool delay plugin for electronic music that could make some robotic effects in your vocals and instruments, then Hysteresis GlitchMachines is for you.

Its a versatile effect processor designed especially for electronic musicians and sound designers.

Here are some features of GlitchMachines Hysteresis delay plugin

  • Stutter Effect
  • Feedback-Based Delay
  • 100+ Factory Presets
  • Lowpass Filter
  • Modulation FX
  • PC/Mac – VST/AU 32bit & 64bit

Download Hysteresis GlitchMachines free

34. Voxengo Tempo Delay

voxengo tempo delay plugin

Voxengo Tempo Delay is a feature-rich stereo delay, AudioUnit, VST and AAX plugin for professional recordists and music producers.

As from the name it is base on tempo, contains filter and tremolo sections.

Both stereo channels have separate controls so you can control delay, repetition period delay panning etc separately for each channel.

Download Voxengo Tempo Delay free

35. ReaDelay

readelay plugin

Readelay from Cockos is one of the best free delay plugins. it is part of the free ReaPlugs VST FX Suite.

Here are some features of Readelay plugin

  • No practical limit on tap count
  • Multi-tap delay
  • Delay per tap up to 10 second
  • Time-sensitive tap lengths
  •  LPF/HPF, Feedback, resolution reduction per tap
  • Volume/pan per tap
  • Stereo width per tap

Download ReaPlugs free plugin bundle

36. WatKat

watkat delay plugin

WatKat is an emulation of the world-famous analog Tape-Echo Unit Copycat. It was designed by Charlie Watkins in 1958.

If you want a vintage capstan motor flutter from tape recorders and want to produce some cool effects with your vocals, this plugin is for you.

Although it’s not a standard delay plugin which we use in our tracks you should definitely give it a try for fun.

Download WatKat delay plugin free

37. DubDelay

MDA VST is one of the best resources for free plugins. They have a great library of audio plugins. Dubdelay is the part of their open source program. 

You get some great features in this plugin like the delay with feedback saturation and time/pitch modulation.

Download DubDelay Plugin free

38. Lagrange by Ursa DSP

lagrange stereo delay

Just like Voxengo, Ursa DSP’s Lagrange delay is a stereo delay plugin. You can add the delay in each channel separately.

Features of Lagrange Ursa delay plugin

  • You can use basic settings to create stereo imagery and clean early reflections and provide your instruments a clear place in your mix.
  • The feedback control is used to transform your sounds into evolving soundscapes.
  • Easily create chorus effect by shortening delay time.
  • Compatible with all DAWs in Windows/Mac 32/64 bit and available in VST2/VST3/AU format.

Download Lagrange stereo delay free

Best paid Delay Plugin Alternatives

Chorus Vocal VST Plugins

Chorus plugins are useful when you are suffering from the shortage of chorus groups and useful for creating some cool effects in lead vocals and guitars and other instruments.

There are many free chorus plugins are available on the internet but we have chosen 3 of the best for you. Here are them.

39. Acon Digital Multiply Chorus

acon digital multiply chorus

Acon Digital’s Multiply Chorus plugin is one of the best alternates of paid chorus plugins. You can create some great effects with this chorus plugin. This is a graphical plugin and very easy to use.

Here are some features of Acon Digital Multiply Chorus

  • Six separate voices chorus effect
  • Phase filters to avoid comb filtering effect
  • Frequency modulation
  • Amplitude modulation
  • Pre-delay (Adjustable)
  • Built-in integrated equalizer
  • Graphical visualizer for better results
  • Undo/redo parameter changes
  • A/B comparisons
  • Preset manager with many presets

Download Acon Digital Multiply Chorus free

40. Azurite by Distorque

azurite chorus plugin

The 2nd one in our list is Azurite multi-voice chorus by Distorque. Unlike most choruses, we can produce multiple simultaneous voices Azurite. 

Modulated by a separate LFO it has separate delay line for each voice. It can be also used to make vivid stereo spreading for mono channels.


  • LFO tempo sync.
  • 2-band EQ.
  • For flatter sounds, feedback control is provided.
  • 27+ built-in presets.
  • 0.2ms to 200ms Delay time.
  • 7 LFO shapes: Sine, Ramp, Inverse Exponential, Triangle, Sawtooth, Exponential, and Random.
  • Stereo widening feature for mono channels.
  • Control randomizer.

Download Azurite chorus plugin free

41. Blue Cat’s Chorus

bluecats chorus plugin

Blue cat audio’s Blue Cat’s Chorus plugin is a very famous plugin in free VST plugins for vocals. Its available all known formats and supports both Mac and Windows.

Main Features of Blue Cat’s Chorus Plugin

  • Vintage chorus effect with the single voice.
  • Stereo spread controller.
  • LFO shapes (Sine and triangle)
  • In/Out phase mix control.
  • Available in: Mac-AAX/AU, Mac-RTAS/VST, Mac-VST3, Win-AAX/DX/RTAS/VST/VST3, Win x64-AAX/DX/VST/VST3.
  • Native DSP algorithm for optimal performance.
  •  Automation support with full MIDI control.
  • Less CPU load.
  • Customizable UI.
  • Undo/Redo.
  • Smooth Bypass: activate/deactivate the plug-in with absolutely no noise.
  • Integrated presets manager with many pre-defined presets.
  • Clipboard copy/ paste.
  • Supports all sample rates.

Download Blue Cat’s chorus plugin free

Best Paid Chorus Plugins

Exciter Plugin For Vocals

Exciter plugins are very useful for both vocal mixing and overall mastering. Exciter plugins add some harmonics to excite the dynamics of the spectrum.

So the resultant sound will be more clear crispy and have vintage tape recorder feel.

We know that digital and analog recording differs in many ways.

The waves form in the analog recording are pure sine waves that retain the original property of the wave but in the digital recording, you have to rely on off-bit and on-bit as the whole digital world consists of 0 and 1.

So what’s the heck.

Using Exciter plugins. Especially in vocals.

These types of plugins recreate the original property of the sound waves. Below we’ll discuss some of the best free Exciter plugins for vocals and mastering.

You can also checkout Top 3 virtual tape machine plugins here.

42. Fine Cut Bodies La Petite Excite

la petite excite plugin

Fine Cut Bodies La Petite Excite is a simple to use but very powerful vocal exciter plugin. However, you can use it in your mastering too. It runs on Windows and Mac and comes in VST/VST3/AU formats.

Here is a tutorial to use La Petite Excite. Make sure to watch this tutorial before using.

Download La Petite Exciter free 

43. Thrillseeker XTC

thrillseeker xtc exciter plugin

Thrillseeker XTC gives you the analog-style equalizer design and creates a true analog feeling in your soundtracks.

The manufacturers of this exciter plugin say that it can deliver all the character of an analog signal path and give a crisp rich analog sound.

Here are some features of Thrillseeker XTC

  • 3 stateful saturators with 3 parallel coupled equalizers.
  • Each equalizer is based on a non-linear and frequency-dependent algorithm.
  • LOW band: 70-450Hz
  • MID band: 0.8-5kHz
  • AIR band: 3.2-18kHz
  • Pre-selected frequency ranges.
  • Different internal gain-staging with 2 flavors.
  • Blue version to mix towards hotter target levels.
  • Black version to mix conservative levels.
  • Additional modeled analog signal path idiosyncrasies.
  • VU style classic meters as well as LUM (loudness unit measurements)
  • Dry/wet mixing.
  • Win32 / VST plugin
  • Tested and known to work in many VST hosts as well as running bridge wrapped in 64bit hosts.

Download Thrillseeker XTC Exciter plugin free

44. AradazMaximizer

aradaz maximizer vst plugin

With only 3 knobs, Aradaz Maximizer is very simple to use but effective exciter plugin. 

There are 3 knobs for maximizing, character and output helps you to add the analog character easily in your tracks. It’s available in Windows/Mac 32 bits and VST/AU formats.

Download Aradaz Maximizer free

45. BuzVintageMaxi

buz vintage maxi plugin

BuzVintageMaxi is one of the best free exciter plugins. Buzzroom created this plugin for free to use. It acts like a maximizer and harmonics enhancer by emulating vintage hardware amplifiers.

If you want a warm and saturated fat sound to the vocals, you must try BuzVintage Maxi plugin

Download BuzVintageMaxi free

46. Modern Exciter

modern exciter plugin free

Modern exciter plugin is a free stereo exciter plugin so you can excite your channels separately.

As well as you get separate low and high-frequency exciter knobs that means you can separately add harmonics to low and high frequencies.

Antress the creator of this plugin claims that it is the most versatile exciter plugin among the free ones.

Here are the controls provided in Modern Exciter plugin.

  • Power Off/On button
  • Stereo level meters
  • Extreme Low, High controls
  • Balance control
  • Output control (-18 to +18 dB)

Download ModernExciter Plugin free

47. FerricTDS

ferric tds exciter plugin

Ferric TDS is my favorite free exciter plugin. It is a tape dynamics simulator and works well on vocals. It’s a simulation of some high-end reel-to-reel tape recorders which creates smooth dynamic shaping of these tape recorders.

You can change Dynamics (gently shaping the overall dynamic response), Saturation (adding extra harmonic-related content), and Limiting (controlling peak performance)

Download Ferric TDS exciter plugin free

48. Tube Saturator Vintage

tube saturator free vocal vst plugins

Tube saturator is the free limited features version of the original Tube Saturator. It is based on circuit simulation technology which reproduces the sound of a dual triode preamp.

This saturator plugin add dynamics to your vocal track and give it a sweet analog feel.

Let us see it’s features.

  • 64-bit circuit simulation technology
  • Accurate tube preamp simulator.
  • Baxandall 3-band EQ
  • 2 common cathode 12AX7 preamp stages
  • Drive control for distortion adjustment
  • Analog style metering
  • EQ bypass setting
  • FAT mode for increased punch
  • Very low latency
  • Up to 192 kHz sampling rate, depending on CPU speed.
  • Mono or stereo

Download Tube Saturator Vintage

Top Paid Exciter Plugin Alternatives

Microphone Modeler Plugin For Vocals

Have you ever listen to Microphone modeler plugins? Actually, these plugins are used to emulate famous microphones.

With these type of plugins, you can make your vocals far better, recorded in budget microphones.

Everybody who records with a budget microphone can use microphone modeler plugins for better quality vocals.

The one more advantage of microphone modeler plugins is if you recorded in a wrong way (wrong distance, polarity etc) it can overcome those mistakes even after recording is done.

You can correct the room errors, proximity effect, and many more things with microphone modeler plugins.

Here are 2 free microphone modeler plugins. Take a look.

49. Vladg and Tokyo Dawn Proximity

tokyo down records proximity plugin

Proximity is created by Tokyo Down Labs with Vladg. It is an emulation of microphone position and polarity so that you could tweak the settings after recording.

It gives us the ability to manipulate the “depth” of several sound sources in a straightforward and convincing manner.


  • Distance signal delay at sound speed
  • Absorption of high-frequencies in air
  • Distance gain loss
  • Virtual microphone proximity effect
  • Stereo width manipulation
  • Distance-based early reflections

Download Proximity free

Best Paid Microphone Modeler Plugin

Pattern Sequencer Plugins (Gate and Tremolo)

Pattern sequencer plugins are using to shape the vocals and adding cool triggering effects to them. When a trigger (tremolo) is applied in a certain area of the vocal it really feels cool.

50. Alex Hilton A1 Trigger Gate

gate plugin made for vocals

Alex Hilton A1 is a pattern gate plugin with trigger feature.

It uses a step-style sequencer which packed in a boat load of stunning effects. Alex Hilton A1 Trigger gate is good for all sorts of stuff. But, with vocals it’s very effective.


  • Pattern Sequence
  • Integrated FX

Download the A1 Trigger Gate for Free

51. StepChild

stepchild sequencer

Stepchild is on of the best free VST step sequencer plugin, which allows you to edit sequences. It was originally designed for Tracktion. Well, now Stepchild works with most VST hosts such as Cubase, Logic Pro X and Ableton Live.


  • All patterns in this plugin can be triggered through MIDI.
  • You can turn OFF/ON triggering patterns.
  • Drag and drop MIDI patterns.

Download Stepchild for free.

Conclusion: Free Vocal VST Plugins

Well, here were the 51 best free vocal plugins that give you a pro touch to your projects. Try them out and make some extraordinary soundtracks with them.

I’m waiting to listen to your soundtracks created by these plugins.

Comment below with your audio link, or join our Facebook page and RB group on Facebook. Share your work with thousands of music producers and get genuine reviews on them.

After all RB community is created for enthusiastic music producers and recording engineers who want to share their work with the world.

Note: This list is updated from time to time to add new plugins and retire old useless plugins. So feel free to bookmark this page on your web browser and check out at least once a month.

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