MAutoPitch FREE Pitch Correction VST Plugin [Review 2021]

MAutopitch free PITCH CORRECTION plugin

In this article, I will review Melda Production’s MAutoPitch FREE pitch correction VST plugin, which is quite popular among music enthusiasts. Buying a paid plugin adds additional cost to an indie producer, which sometimes he cannot bear. That’s where free plugins help them to produce their projects without spending extra bucks. Melda Production’s Mautopitch is one … Read more

How to Mix in 5.1 Surround Under Your Budget [Pro Tip]

How to Mix in 5.1 Surround

Surround sound is now an integral part of our life. Whether watching movies in a theater or listening to songs on your iPad, surround sound is always there. Today, most of the devices come with surround sound technology. If it’s a mobile device with stereo headphones, it features a virtual surround sound converter that allows … Read more

KRK KNS 6402 Epic Review [2021]

KRK KNS 6402 latest review

A few years back, recordists prefer studio monitors over headphones for mixing. But, today, the scenario has changed. The rise of individual and and “on the go” recording made the recording headphones more popular these days. That’s why recording equipment manufacturers are now taking headphones as a serious recording, mixing, and mastering equipment. In this … Read more

Mono VS Stereo Audio – Which One Should You Use – Why!

Mono VS Stereo Audio sound

Mono Vs Stereo audio is a never-ending debate among music enthusiasts. When you start your career in the audio recording field, it’s one of the most confusing subjects that should you use mono track or stereo track to record? All the DAWs are equipped with the feature to record Mono and stereo tracks. It makes … Read more

Focusrite Scarlett Solo VS 2i2: Which is Best For Indie Producers


After getting several emails and requests from my readers, I finally decided to write a comparison article between Focusrite Scarlett Solo Vs 2i2. Typically, comparison between two company’s audio interfaces is common, but the comparison between the audio interfaces from the same company is rare. Well, I’ve tried my best to put all the features, … Read more

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