Soundproof Curtains 101: The Best Soundproof Curtains in 2021

ultimate guide to soundproof curtains

Using soundproof curtains has always been a subject of debate. Some people say they work well in soundproofing recording studios, theaters, and bedrooms while others say it’s not as effective as other soundproofing solutions. Many curtain companies use the word “soundproof” when selling products, however, the term used with the product doesn’t mean it works like soundproof … Read more

The 15 Best Small Mixers For Live Performers

The Best Small Mixers For Live Performers

Choosing the best home studio mixer or mixing desk is a challenge, it’s not because they come in different shapes and sizes. We’ve seen a wide range of musicians and performers use mixers for quite a few applications, some buy it for their home studio setup, others Djs or musicians who perform live regularly may … Read more

Korg Volca Beats Review [The Smallest Analog Drum Machine]

korg volca beats

Korg Volca beats is the smallest analog drum machine in the world. In this article, I will review this drum machine. Tiny yet powerful, Korg Volca beats is a great choice for those who want a compact alternative to the traditional analog drum machines. Whether you are an indie producer, a live drum player, or … Read more

Music Copyright 101: How to Copyright Your Music to Protect Your Work

music copyright 101 how to copyright music

Every creator wants to be able to protect their hard work, no matter their field of expertise. When it comes to music, copyrighting is your best way of making sure no one can use it for themselves. This will ensure you will have all the protections that come with the copyright law. Protecting your work … Read more

Can You Mix Your Song on Headphones?

mix songs with headphones

Right off the top, I believe that you can mix your song headphones and get a good mix but there are some things that you need to take into consideration. Studio headphones or studio monitors, which one do you need for mixing and mastering? If budget isn’t really much concern then get both! When you … Read more

31 Best Synth VST Instruments For Indie Producers [2021]

best synth vst instruments

In this vast world of VST instruments and plugins, choosing the best ones is not easy. Especially as an indie producer where your budget is limited. SO, I always come up with the best VST instruments and other pro audio tips to help you in this. Whether it’s a Top 50 FREE VST Plugins For Perfect … Read more

9 Best Online Piano Lessons and Courses in 2021 [FREE and PAID]

free piano lessons

Figuring out how to play an instrument, explicitly piano extemporizes your memory and learning abilities, yet when you search Best Online Piano Lessons or need to show yourself piano, there is a lot of data over the web, and you will be ready to look out for anything on the web. Today we have the … Read more

What is Summing in Audio Mixing and Why Should You Know About it

What is Summing in Audio Mixing

Whether you are a professional music producer/sound recordist or a beginner who just started learning about audio recording and mixing, “audio summing” is the term you have you’ve come across. It’s a popular and important term used in music production, mixing, and mastering, and every music composer or sound recordist should know about this. Let … Read more

How to Use Reference Tracks to Improve Your Mixes

how to use reference tracks reference tracks

Unless you work in a treated sound studio, crafting professional sounding mixes can be a difficult task. If you’re a bedroom producer, you’re probably using an untreated room, improper speaker placement, and a space with poor acoustics.  These unideal mixing environments lead to the classic “car mix” experience: you spend countless hours in the DAW … Read more