plugin boutique coupon deals

PluginBoutique Coupon, Deals [Monthly Updated]

A few days ago I’ve been googling about some good resources for buying audio plugins. At that time I’ve encountered a great resource for plugins and samples ie; Plugin Boutique. But when I was searching for PluginBoutique Coupon and Deals to save some extra bucks on purchasing I was wondered that there is no relevant resource for PluginBoutique Coupon …

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home studio acoustic treatment

Ultimate Guide To Acoustic Treatment For Home Studios

Acoustic treatment is an integral part of any recording studio. The one thing newbies underestimate in recording studios, that is Acoustic Treatment. They marginalize it over other recording gears. They think that if they have a good audio interface and condenser mic so they can record anything like professional studios. But that’s not true at all. …

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