Yamaha Montage M ESP Synth VST Plugin Review

Yamaha Montage M ESP Synth VST plugin is the emulation of Yamaha Montage M keyboard series. With this plugin you’ll get all the functions, presets and tones of Montage M in your DAW.

Yamaha recently released this much-awaited VST plugin for thier users.

This is really cool, as you don’t need to buy Montage M keyboard to perform anywhere. You can use this software synth and record the same tones as given in the original Montage M keyboard. However, you should have to register as a Montage M owner to download this software synth.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s review Yamaha Montage M ESP software synth VST plugin.

What is Montage M ESP

yamaha montage m esp

Montage M ESP is the software replica of the original Montage M hardware keyboard which allows you to create, edit, and mix performances without the original hardware.

ESP aka Expanded Softsynth Plugin is a software synthesizer that provides the Montage M sound engine in your DAW. You can use this plugin to create your projects without the need for Montage M keyboard.

ESP has AWM2 and FM-X engines which is the extended version of the previous Montage. In this extended version, you will also get basic MIDI and audio settings.

Montage M ESP software synth is compatible with Ableton Live and Logic Pro. The minimum system requirement to run this software synth in your computer is 8GB RAM and 10GB hard disk space.

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Now you have the basic knowledge of Yamaha Montage M ESP, let’s discuss the main features of this software synth.

Feature Highlights

When it comes to the features of Montage M software synth, several will tease you to install this amazing VST plugin in your system.

Let’s find out the sound features of this software synth.

Expanded Softsynth Plugin (ESP)

Yamaha built this plugin as a replica of its Montage M keyboard that’s why they named it Expanded Softsynth Plugin (ESP).

It has all the features and presets you find in the original Montage M synthesizer.

This plugin is compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms and is available in VST and Apple AU Plugin formats.

However, you cannot use this plugin without a DAW so make sure you have a DAW installed in your system that supports these formats.

Well, if you have the original Montage M synth then you can download Cubase AI for free of cost from this link.

The same Sound Engines Used in Hardware

One of the best features is its sound engine. Montage M soft synth has the same sound engine used in the original hardware.

That’s the backbone of the exact replication of the original hardware.

This means you’ll get the same tonal quality as the original hardware.


You can use Montage M ESP softsynth plugin with Montage M keyboard. However, you don’t need the original hardware to get it worked during performances.

As I have already discussed above, the VST and Apple AU formats are available so you can use this plugin with any DAW that supports both or any of these formats.


  • The Montage M ESP plugin has the same encoders and sound engine used in the original Montage M keyboard.
  • You will get a super knob in the middle of the synth VST to control most of the parameters.
  • You will get up to 10 GB of presets and libraries.


  • However there are many advantages of Montage M ESP, there is one demerit, it is more complex than other software synths to operate.


Yamaha Montage M ESP software synth is a great VST for keyboardists. Well, I know you have to be the owner of the original Montage M keyboard to download this or you have to pay $4999 if you don’t have the hardware.

This makes it the costliest VST plugin on the planet.

But, it’s really an amazing VST plugin in which you can create and arrange your projects and use on live shows and recordings, even without connecting the original hardware.

So, let me know your experience with this plugin and help others to evaluate this with your experience.

That’s it.


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