Audified Tonespot Bass Pro Bass Guitar Plugin [Review 2021]


This is the short review for Audified Tonespot Bass Guitar Pro Plugin. In audio mixing, we all stuck at some point where we can’t do more on poorly recorded instruments and vocals. As a mix engineer oftentimes, we are provided with prerecorded tracks which were recorded with poor mics, amps and other low-quality equipment. We … Read more

iZotope Vinyl Free Plugin [Review and Alternatives]

iZotope Vinyl plugin

iZotope Vinyl is a free VST plugin which simulates the scratches, dust, warp, and mechanical noise reminiscent to the track. I think there is no need to convince you that vintage hardware simulation plugins are on demand today. There is a reason behind the increasing popularity of hardware simulated VST plugins – vintage hardware feel. … Read more

Audified Mix Checker Plugin Review [Turn Your Monitors into Consumer Speakers]

audified mix checker plugin

Audified Mix Checker is a great tool to check your tracks in a regular listening environment. Here’s how and why it’s important for a mix engineer. Have you ever experienced the problem that when “your mixed audio track” is played in a regular speaker it sounds not as good as in your monitors? Don’t worry, … Read more

Soundspot Nebula FX Multi-Effect Plugin [Review 2021]


Do you want a sonic madness in your music? Then you should try Soundspot Nebula FX multi-effect plugin Which features five ultimate effects – stereo delay, chorus, flanger, filter & LFO. Soundspot released it after their ultimate reverb plugin Oracle which is no doubt a very popular reverb plugin among the sound engineers. The manufacturers … Read more

Mbassador Enhancer Plugin: Melda Production [Review]

mbassador bass enhancer plugin

MBassador Enhancer Plugin by Melda production is a great plugin to enhance the existing bass content in your projects and give you a Pristine bass side. With Mbassador Bass enhancer plugin, you can shape the bass side of a soundtrack to make the sub-bass spectrum more powerful. You can get just awesome results bass with … Read more

Soundspot Velo 2 Review, Features, Pros and Cons

Velo 2 limiter by soundspot

Soundspot which introduces us with Velo 2 Limiter is one of the biggest plugin manufacturers in the world. They have a big list of plugins including Ravage and Cyclone. Today I’m going to introduce you with Soundspot’s Velo 2 Limiter which is counted in a good limiter plugin under $50 range. In this article, you will … Read more

Sausage Fattener plugin | DADA LIFE [Unbiased Review 2021]


Sausage Fattener is one of the best saturation plugins in the world. In this article, I’ll review DADA Life’s Sausage Fattener for you. When I see the interface of Sausage Fattener it reminds me of the legendary LA2A compressor. Nop, It’s not a compressor plugin like LA2A. Actually, I love those plugins which do not … Read more

Top 6 Compressor Plugins For Bass Guitar [2021]

In this article, you will read about Compressor Plugins for Bass Guitar. Whether you mix in hardware or in a DAW, you need some plugins including compressor plugins. In the hardware mix, we use them via insert channels and in DAW mixing we apply straight to the channel’s plugin section.  Compressors are quite sophisticated plugins. However, once … Read more

17 Best Guitar VST Plugins [Updated 2021]

17 Best Guitar VST Plugins

Whether it’s a home studio or a professional one, guitar VST plugins and instruments are an essential part of music production. Whatever your genre is, the VST world is able to fulfill your needs. Today, there are tons of guitar VST plugins are available which confuse us in choosing the best once. So, I researched … Read more

What’s Inside: Voxengo CRTIV Tape Bus Plugin

voxengo crtiv tape bus plugin

Voxengo released there tape saturation plugin’s version, Voxengo CRTIV Tape Bus V 1.2.  It’s a premium reel to reel tape saturation plugin for professional music composers and recording engineers. Voxengo CRTIV Tape Bus plugin is available in AAX, AudioUnit, VST and VST3 formats and supports both Mac and Windows systems with 64-bit architecture on MAC and 32/64 in … Read more