Audified Mix Checker Plugin Review [Turn Your Monitors into Consumer Speakers]

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Audified Mix Checker is a great tool to check your tracks in a regular listening environment.

Here’s how and why it’s important for a mix engineer.

Have you ever experienced the problem that when “your mixed audio track” is played in a regular speaker it sounds not as good as in your monitors?

Don’t worry, its a common problem which happens with all of us. Hence every professional sound engineer keeps a regular speaker pair in their studios along with the professional monitors. The Main purpose of having these speakers is to compare the sound quality when playing the tracks in regular speakers.

It’s a better practice because, in the end, all the tracks play in regular speakers.

What is Audified Mix Checker and Why Do You Need it

Audified Mix checker is a plugin which turns your monitors into a regular speaker so that you could compare the quality of track and tweak that as per the need.

Audified Mix Checker is a plugin when applied to the master channel turns the sound into a regular listening environment in a regular speaker. You are wondering that if you can afford a regular speaker then why do you need this plugin?

So here are some of the features and benefits of using Mix Checker plugin over having a regular speaker in your studio

Mix Checker Features

  • It has several modes for several consumer devices which is not possible with a regular speaker.
  • Simulation modes for average/standard consumer commercial devices like tape recorders.
  • Compensation feature for smaller monitors
  • You can hear what your audience will hear right in your studio
  •  instant check and correction feature
  • No more need to export and tweak.

What it Does

The whole function is divided into two sections – the Compensation section and Simulation section

Compensation section – Compensation section allow you to check the mix on average 5″ or 8″ speakers or headphones.

Simulation Section – This section offers several acoustic models consumer devices and other classic reference monitors. You can simply turn your monitors into the selected device with the simulation section.

There are two versions of Mix Checker

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