5 Best VST Plugin Bundles For Audacity in 2023

Purchasing VST plugins can be really costly for home studio owners. Especially for those who are in the audio recording field for just fun or making a side income.

In other words who are using DAWs like audacity to make some basic music tracks individual plugins are not affordable.

So, in this article, I’m going to share with you 5 most used VST plugin bundles for Audacity users.

As an indie recordist using cheap DAW like Audacity you can easily afford these plugin bundles over individual plugins.

Let’s jump into the list…

1. Glitchmachines Plugins Bundle


The first one is the Glitchmachines plugin bundle by Glitchmachines.

Beginner sound designers and electronic musicians can push their creativity to infinity with this bundle, featuring their unique plugin collections, Samplers, Sound Generators, and Effects Processors.

Here are the products included in this plugin bundle:

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  • Palindrome
  • Cataract
  • Polygon
  • Quadrant
  • Cryogen
  • Subvert
  • FXT
  • Convex

Price: $359.00

Buy Now GlitchMachines Plugin Bundle

2. Plugin Boutique Bundle


The second one is the Plugin Boutique Bundle.

This bundle is made of 7 VST plugins,

  • VirtualCZ 
  • BigKick
  • Carbon Electra
  • Digital Nostalgia
  • Tech House Kicks with Jamie Anderson
  • Zampler
  • Hip-Hop Volume 1: Zampler Expansion 01

these plugins are put together a selection of Plugin Boutiques in house plugins and expansion packs that combined offer a saving of almost 40%.

Price: $187.00

Buy Now Plugin Boutique Bundle

3. Infected Mushroom Plugin Bundle

infected mashroom plugin bundle

Infected Mushroom Plugin Bundle includes all three of Polyverse’s groundbreaking plugins, which offer a full suite of tools for cutting edge audio creation, shaping and performance.

Here is the list of plugins and samplers included,

  • Gatekeeper
  • Manipulator
  • I Wish

Price: $249.00

Buy Now Infected Mashroom Plugin Bundle

4. Soundtoys 5 Plugin Bundle

sound toys 5 plugin bundle

I know you’ve already aware of this plugin manufacturer. Soundtoys is one of the most famous VST plugin creators in the world.

In Soundtoys 5 plugin bundle you will get All 21 Soundtoys plug-ins, including Decapitator, PrimalTap, Little AlterBoy, EchoBoy, Little Plate, and the bundle-exclusive Effect Rack. No dongle required.

Here is the list,

  • Crystallizer
  • Decapitator
  • EchoBoy
  • Little AlterBoy
  • EchoBoy Jr.
  • Little Plate
  • PrimalTap
  • Devil-Loc Deluxe
  • Radiator
  • MicroShift
  • Tremolator
  • Sie-Q
  • FilterFreak
  • PhaseMistress
  • PanMan
  • Little MicroShift
  • Little PrimalTap
  • Little Radiator
  • Devil-Loc

Price: $499.00

Buy Now Sound Toys 5 Plugin Bundle

5. Softube Volume 3 Plugin Bundle

softube volume 3 plugin bundle

The last one is Softube Volume 3 VST plugin bundle. Featuring amps, instruments, effects, EQs, compressors, mastering tools it has everything that you need to make the best music you can make.

Here is the list of plugins you will get in this plugin bundle,

  • Weiss MM-1 Mastering Maximizer
  • Tape
  • Fix Phaser
  • Modular
  • Drawmer S73 Intelligent Master Processor
  • Summit Audio EQF-100 Full Range Equalizer
  • Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor
  • TSAR-1 Reverb
  • TSAR-1R Reverb
  • FET Compressor
  • Trident A-Range
  • Vintage Amp Room
  • Bass Amp Room
  • Fix Flanger
  • Fix Doubler
  • Heartbeat
  • Tube Delay
  • Saturation Knob
  • Transient Shaper
  • Harmonics
  • OTO Biscuits 8-bit
  • Parallels
  • NKS-Ready

Price: $699.00

Buy Now Softube Plugin Bundle

6. Anthology XI

Anthology XI plugin bundle

Anthology XI is a bundle of 23 plug-ins based on over 45 years of Eventide studio mainstays analog classic plugins. From channel strips to reverbs and multi-effects racks, Anthology XI has great tools to make everyday tasks easier while giving you a studio-quality mix.

It is a true plugin bundle for Audacity, Ableton Live, Cubase, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, and Studio One etc.

Let’s checkout the plugin list of Anthology XI.

Instant Phaser Mk II, Physion, H3000 Band Delays, H3000 Factory, Octavox, Quadravox, UltraTap, 2016 Stereo Room, Blackhole, MangledVerb, Tverb, UltraReverb, FL201 Instant Flanger, H910 Harmonizer, H949 Harmonizer®, Omnipressor, PS101 Instant Phaser, EChannel, EQ 45, EQ 65, Precision Time Align, UltraChannel.

Price: $499.00

Checkout Anthology XI Now

Final Words: 5 VST Plugin Bundles For Audacity

So, which of off them are you planning to buy? let me know in the comments so that others can also get help about making a good decision.

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