UAD Lexicon 480L Reverb Plugin: What’s Inside


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(Last Updated On: March 22, 2020)

Finally, Lexicon released their UAD software version 9.7. In the recently released UAD 9.7 version you will find a great addon – UAD Lexicon 480L Reverb Plugin.

You will find this add-on plugin in the UAD hardware as well as UA Audio Interfaces. If you don’t know about this legendary classic effect then I would tell you that this is a lexicon only emulation of 480L classic studio reverb. You will find all the benefits of the original classic hardware such as moldable ambiance and modulation splendor.

UAD Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects

The original hardware reverb is introduced to the world in 1986 and after then its used many chart-topping tracks. Throughout the last 30 years, it is the 1st choice for top music producers and recording engineers.

Let’s talk about some features you get in Lexicon’s UAD version 480L reverb.

  • This classic reverb is Licensed and endorsed by Lexicon, featuring their pinnacle achievement algorithm designs.
  • You will get the essential control set and sound of the classic Lexicon hardware.
  • This release has a software version of 4.10 which includes Hall, Room, Plate, Twin Delays, Random, Ambience,  and Effects algorithms.
  • UAD plug-in powers it with iconic desktop “LARC” remote with logical workflow improvements.
  • You also 100+ artist presets by Chuck Zwicky, Spike Stent,  Ian Boxill, Eli Janney, Jacknife Lee, and others.

Some additional features.

  • You can now mix and record with the only authentic Lexicon 480L digital reverb plug-in, powered by v4.10 firmware.
  • Apply out-of-the-ordinary “Effects” and “Random” programs, including tremolo, chorus textures and doubling.
  • You can do your experiment with colorful “Plate,” “Ambience,” “Hall,” and “Room” algorithms.
  • Build your own textures with an improved version of Lexicon’s famous “LARC” controller.

Price: $349

Checkout Lexicon 480L digital reverb

Other add-ons in UAD Lexicon 480L v9.7

Other 4 Plugins like Softube Vocoder Plug-In ($199),  AMS Neve DFC Channel Strip plug-in ($299), Suhr SE100 Amplifier plug-in, Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic Plug-In ($99),   also released as a part of UAD v9.7. Watch these videos for the details.

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2 thoughts on “UAD Lexicon 480L Reverb Plugin: What’s Inside”

  1. Interesting but when I tried to buy it said I must own one of their audio devices. Doesn’t explain on website about this.

  2. All UAD plugins are hardware accelerated analog emulated plugins so you need to buy a UAD audio interface or effect processor

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