TOP 10 Online Beat Maker Software [FREE and PAID 2021]

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Online music production is now shifted from our workstations to the web. Today several web-based companies are providing online beat maker software, DAWs, and music production suite.

Now, to produce music we don’t need workstations full of RAM and the latest processor. What we need is just to sign up for a good online music production service and a fast internet connection to produce professional-quality music.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to the top 10 beat maker online software that can help you in making beats for your music in an easy way.

Some of them are free and some are paid. I’ll also give my conclusion at the end that which one is my favorite on this list.

SO, read this article till the end…

Best Beat Maker Online Software

Well, what is an online beat maker software? Does it need the same resources like your local DAW or less? Why should you use it?

Let’s find the answer first in the few sentences, then we’ll jump into the list.


First off,

An online beat maker software is a web-based application that allows you to produce your music, mix, and download to your local computer without the need for specific hardware.

However, some of them need an ASIO audio interface to function properly.

Online music making DAW doesn’t need the same resources like your local DAW. As it’s a server-based program, the maximum load is been handled by the server. However, a faster internet connection is required to go smoothly.

There are several benefits of using online beatmaker software instead of local software.

Such as,

  • Online music production software needs far fewer resources than your local DAW. That means, there is no need to go with the latest hardware.
  • As these are online software, you can produce on the go as far as the internet connection is available.
  • Easy to use user interface.

Apart from the above, there are several other reasons to use online beat makers.

NOW, let’s jump into the list.

1. Soundation Studio: Music Maker Online [Freemium]

soundation online daw

The first and most popular online beat maker software on the list in Soundation. It’s not just a beat maker but also an online music maker that helps you in making music without the need of a desktop DAW.

It deserves to be the first in the list with a lot of features and amazing sound quality.

Soundation is not just a beatmaker but a complete DAW that you can operate online. With 20000+ loops and samples library, you can just produce anything with it.

The sound library includes Dubstep, EDM, Hip Hop, Drum ‘n’ Bass, and electronic kit. You will also get a lot of software instruments and effects to mix like a pro.

BUT, my favorite is it’s Collab feature which allows you to Collab with other Soundation users for a project. You can publish your music and build a fan base right from the interface.

The overall look is similar to Garageband.

Soundation is built designed to keep in newbies in mind so the interface is very easy to use.

You can sign up with your email or Facebook ID and start making the music with no time. The best thing is, you don’t need any ASIO audio interface to run Soundation. All load is taken care of by the server.

BUT, you have to be in fast internet to operate it properly.

2. Soundtrap : Online Beat Machine [Paid]

Soundtrap online beat software

Soundtrap is quite popular among Hip Hop producers. You will find several traps and Hip-Hop loops and samples in Soundtrap. Hence it’s most popular in Hip-Hop artists.

BUT, there is no free version available for this online beat maker software. You have to pay at least $7.99 for the basic version. However, a free 1-month trial is available for users.

If you compare the basic version pricing with an offline DAW’s price then it’s quite affordable then other DAWs.


A professional offline DAW would costs you at least $200 to $300 where this online DAW cost you just $95.88 if you purchase the annual plan.

Let us see the features of Soundtrap,

  • You can create Unlimited Projects.
  • There are 5370+ loops available in all versions of this DAW.
  • 650+ instruments & sounds available there which can take your music to the next level.
  • 150k+ royalty-free Sound Effects provided by
  • They also provide Antares Auto-Tune® that helps you tune your vocals in one touch.
  • Time Restore is available.
  • The automation feature is viable in Soundtrap that will help you to automate your tracks.
  • The advanced version has the one-click Publish Podcast to Spotify.

3. Splice Beat Maker Software [Freemium]

splice online beat sequencer

Splice online beat maker software is one of the easiest ones to operate. They have an eight-pad drum machine in that you can easily create your beats.

You’ll get millions of royalty-free sounds with this tool. It’s one of the best online beat making software.

Splice beatmaker is not free though. You’ve to pay $7.99/month to use it. The price is however a bit high as compared to other paid online beat makers.

Where you are getting a whole DAW (Soundtrap) in $7.99, it’s a bit hesitating to pay the same price for just a beat sequencer.

Well, if you just want to make beats then Splice beat maker would be the best one.

Let us discuss the features of Splice online beat maker.

  • Millions of royalty-free sounds if you subscribe to $7.99/month.
  • 8 track drum sequencer with 32 counts is capable of creating any type of beat.
  • BPM counter is available.
  • Easy to use user interface with colorful bars.
  • Beat selector and save option is provided.

4. Pattern Sketch: Beat Software [Free]

pattern sketch beat maker

Pattern Sketch free beat making software is the simplest one in this list. It’s an HTML/CSS based online beat maker.

You will get 16 track beat sequencer with save, share, and export features.

However, it’s one of the popular online beat makers but I don’t recommend this for advanced music production.

The reason is straightforward. They don’t have a wide range of samples and loops that can please you. SO, we can’t make great beats with Pattern Sketch.

BUT, it’s a great beat maker for songwriters and indie artists. You can use it in your practice sessions.

And, the best thing is it’s absolutely free to use the software.


  • 16 track drum sequencer
  • Save share to email and audio export feature is available.
  • Track mute, solo, and volume options are given.
  • 9 types of kits and samples provided that can help you play with 9 different genres.
  • 3 knob global equalizer is provided to equalize your beats.
  • A simple transport bar is given with tempo, shuffle, and steps count editor.

5. Amped Studio [Freemium]

Amped studio online daw

Amped Studio is a full-fledged DAW and my favorite in this list.

If you are searching for whole online recording software, then this online DAW would satisfy your needs.

If you are familiar with offline DAWs then you know how a DAW looks alike. When you compare Amped Studio with an offline DAW you would be wondered how it is similar to the offline DAWs.

The basic version of Amped Studio DAW is free but if you want advanced features then you have to upgrade to the pro version.

AND the best thing is, you don’t need to install it on your computer. All you need is just a fast internet connection to use it.

There are lots of features Amped provides that helps in producing pro-quality music over the internet.

Let us see the key features of this amazing online DAW.

  • Multitrack recording
  • Live multitrack recording feature available.
  • A well organized high-quality loop and sample library
  • Several virtual instruments and VST plugins
  • A well-organized transport bar and editing window
  • Track automation feature is available
  • Several more features available with the paid version

6. BandLab [Freemium]

bandlab music maker online

Bandlab is an easy-to-use, social music creation platform which allows you to create and share your music right from the DAW with no time.

There slogan “Music starts here” is true if compared their features with other online music creation platforms.

Bandlab is an absolutely free online DAW.

When you signup for Bandlab, it looks like a social networking platform just like Facebook and Twitter.

BUT, the difference between Facebook, etc, and Bandlab is that it’s truly dedicated to music creators.

There is a feed section where you can see the spots other collaborators shared. You can also create your own band by collaborating with others on Bandlab.

BUT, the magic begins when you click on the red ” CREATE” button or by navigating to Library > New Project. That opens the full-featured online DAW in that you can create your music.

And, of course, a beautiful drum machine is given there to create make beats on the go.

Here are the features you’ll get in BandLab DAW

  • Multitrack real-time recording
  • Drum machine with lots of kits
  • Synthesizer with lots of loops and samples
  • A full-featured transport bar and editor window
  • Track automation
  • Advanced toolkit for better sound editing

BandLab Social Media features

  • You can share directly from the DAW to social media or download the project.
  • You can connect with others and create your own band over BandLab.
  • A personal feed window is available where you can see other people’s posts and respond to them.
  • BandLab is also available for Android and iOS mobiles in there app stores.

7. Sampulator [Free]

samplulator online beat maker software

Sampulator is a quite simple online free beat maker software equipped with drum and synth sampler that allows you to create your own music by just clicking on the green and red boxes.

As you can see in the image above, colorful boxes are there that are used to play the sound while recording is on.

You just have to press the shift key to start recording and use your computer keyboard to play synth and drums and make beats.

The save feature only works for logged in users so you have to signup to save your projects. The tempo and bar setting is given there to adjust the speed of your project.

However this online beat maker is freely available to use, if you need some more samples then can shop them separately.

Sampulator beat maker software has not anything special other than a simple sampler. SO, I would suggest it to them who are new in the audio recording field and want to know how samplers work.

Seriously this software useless for serious music producers.

8. Jam Studio [Free]

Created by Dave Edwards, Jam Studio is a free online beat maker and music software that help you in creating music on the go.

With Jam Studio, you can create your music without creating an account with them. However, if you signup to Jam Studio, you’ll get some more features, like sharing and saving your sessions.

Though this online music software is mainly created for guitar chords progression, you can also use it to create beats for your songs.

You can open this software easily on your browser by just logging into their website.

There is a tutorial available on their website to help you using this software without any hassle.

However, it’s a beginner basic recording software, you can’t expect more. You can only use it to write your songs on the go and some other basic works.

The other common problem with Jam Studio is it needs Adobe Flash Player installed on your browser to run.

9. BeepBox [Free]

beepbox online beat sampler

BeepBox is a simple sampler in that you can create both beats and melodies.

This is free to use beat making software, even you don’t need to login to use it. That means it’s totally free to use.

But the limited sounds and features don’t make it one of the best online drum machine. However, if you are searching for a simple free to use online drum sampler that would help you in your songwriting then it’s the best fit for you.

All songs are saved on a server that you can download and share to go to that particular URL. When you make changes to the song, that particular URL will be updated to reflect your changes.

When you are satisfied with your work, just have to copy and paste the URL to save and share your song over email.

Do you want to use this free online beat and melody maker?

10. Audio Tool [Freemium]

audio tool online daw

Audio Tool is another full-featured online DAW that also helps you in creating breathtaking beats.

Audio Tool has collaborated with Loopmasters and Newloops to provide royalty-free high-quality loops and samples direct in the DAW.

There are tons of VST instruments and effects plugins provided with Audio Tool that allows you to transform your creation into a professionally recorded and mixed track.

You have to create an account to use this free online beat maker software and DAW.

The look of this online DAW is amazing. There are a dedicated audio editor area, instrument library, and mixer panel is given.

The black finish gives a cool look to its interface.

You need a fast internet connection to use Audio Tool

If you ask me about my best online DAW, I will place Audio Tool in the second number after Amped Studio.

Let us see some cool features of Audio Tool online audio recording software.

  • MODULAR STRUCTURE: Modular structure allows you to add all the Audio Tool devices easily to the app’s desktop where cables can be manually dragged from input to output mirroring.
  • SAMPLES & PRESETS: Over a cloud-based library of over 250,000 samples are provided with Audio Tool.
  • Device Presets: 50000 device presets are provided in the various device’s preset browsers.
  • CLOUD PRODUCTION: All the work stored on Audio Tool server means you can access your work anywhere an internet connection is available.
  • VST INSTRUMENTS: 6 Amazing VST samplers are given to make the best quality beats and melody.
  • MIXING & ROUTING: There are several mixing and routing plugins are provided by Audio Tools to mix like a pro.
  • EFFECTS: 6 effect plugins with 8 stop boxes are given there that allows you to produce the best quality music.

How To Make Beats Online: 4 Steps Guide

Making online beats however doesn’t need a fully professional recording studio but you need at least the basic gear and software. Such as a recording computer, an audio interface, sound monitors, cables and accessories.

Well, below I have discussed the 4 step guide to start making beats online from your home.

Step 1: The foundation

At the very first, you should create a kick and snare beat and loop in the track so that it would work as a strong foundation for your overall beat.

Step 2: Add grooves to the beat

After creating a simple kick and snare pattern. you should add hi-hats, toms, cymbals, claps or any other possible sound effects rom the above beat maker software.

You can also add the patterns from offline beat makers such as Stylus RMX. You can take help of drum machine VSTs to add a better taste in the beat.

Step 3: Don’t Overpopulate the beat

remember, the final mix need room for other instruments so don.t over populate the things otherwise you can’t mix them all well.

Step 4: Practice to Perfection

Practice makes difference. So add some spices of practice to your beats and you will see how you would be able to create stunning beats with the above online beat maker tools.

Build Your Own Beat Maker Studio

To build your own home studio for online beat making, you need just 4 things.

  • Computer
  • Audio Interface
  • DAW
  • Studio Monitors


Computer is the heart of any home recording studio so you should choose a fast and durable computer for your home studio.

You should always choose the latest model computer to compete with your peers.

I have already written a detail guide on choosing best computer for home studios. You must read this guide.

The Audio Interface

Audio interface is the second most important thing in all types of recording studios. It allows you to record MIDI, Vocals and other acoustic and digital instruments on your DAW.

If you don’t know how to choose best audio interface then you should read this guide, “How To Choose Audio Interfaces in 2021 [Ultimate Guide]“.

DAW or Digital Audio Workstation

DAW or digital audio workstation is a software that works as a host between your inputs and outputs as well as allows you to record and mix audio direct from your computer.

I have 2 articles on choosing DAW for home studios,

These articles will help you to choose the best suited DAW for your home studio.

Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are speakers that help you listen to your beats and mix them. So they are very important to any recording studio.

there are hundreds of studio monitors available in the market. So, choosing a good monitor out of them is really tough.

Well don’t worry, I have a bunch of articles written by me to choose studio monitors. read them and you will be able to choose the best one.

My Verdict: Best Online Beat Maker Software

Well, I’ve given you 10 best software choices for online beat making. Now it’s your turn to try them and let me know in the comment which one is working perfectly for you.

If you ask me about my favorite online beat maker then I would like to suggest Amped Studio, Audio Tool, and BandLab.

I know these beatmakers are not totally free but if you want pro-quality music using online beat makers then you need some extraordinary alternatives for offline DAWs.

In my eyes only these 3 DAWs can compete with offline DAWs.

The other thing to take care of when using online DAWs and beatmakers is, you need an internet connection fast enough to tackle heavy data transfer. Because high-quality audio data requires more speed.

The rest all depends on you.

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments which one you’ve chosen for your future projects.

Have a good day.

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