Top 7 Music Production Software for Beginners in 2024

Now, if you have any idea about the music industry, it was a totally different time back then.

Making a song, editing it, mixing it, and releasing the final version of the track was all a lengthy process and it would take weeks and even months.

Today, thanks to the advancement in the field of technology and computers, it is now all possible in hours.

With an endless range of music making software available over the Internet, beginners and professionals can easily create great music.

Even if one has not much knowledge of music, they can do a lot with the help of musical production software.

But what are these software? Well, these are categorized as Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) which basically bring the whole music studio to your computer device.

It is an application that lets you record, edit, and mix tracks. You can do a lot of different things like add effects, change the volume level, remove unwanted noise, etc. from freshly recorded tracks and even from old tracks.

If you are just beginning your music production ventures and are not sure which software to download to produce high-quality tracks with ease, then we are here with a list of software that will help you to kick off your musical journey in the simplest possible way.

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1. GarageBand

For Mac users, GarageBand is the best software to begin music production and edition.

With an easy-to-navigate interface and fantastic features, it is a perfect workstation for beginners.

It is free of cost for Mac users and there are various in-app tutorials also available for using different features and virtual software instruments.

The Touch Bar support makes it further easier for users to navigate through the project and edit the tracks with ease.

You can also connect MIDI keyboard or can use musical typing to play the notes of the software instrument, making it easier for the users.

2. Ableton Live

An endless list of reasons to use this music production software! It is one of the top choices for both beginners and professionals. It is the easiest music production software for beginners.

The software offers multi track recording along with an infinite list of audio and MIDI tracks for songs. The cut, paste, and splice features come in handy while editing the tracks.

The software is loaded up with more than 23 libraries and you can use the music freely to edit and mix with your own tracks. Isn’t it all that a beginner needs to create their first track?

You are definitely going to love this super easy software that comes with a free trial and paid subscription as well for Windows users.

3. PreSonus Studio One

presonus studio one user interface

A workstation that is designed especially to ease the music production and edition work for beginners. It is another best music software for beginners on my list.

The software comes with drag-and-drop features, FX channels, VST support, buses, MIDI editor, and an endless number of sample tracks.

The application is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

With a fast and easy-to-use interface, it is one of the best software in the market. If you are looking for advanced MIDI editing, then you can consider some other software as it lacks in some features.

4. FL Studio

basics FL studio interface

FL Studio is a well-recognized and one of the best music making software that is used by millions across the world.

The software is also used by professional artists, DJs, and musicians for especially creating electronic music and adding beats to the tracks.

Pitch shifting, multi-track audio recording, audio editing, adding effects, time-stretching, etc. are some of the main features in the long list.

The software is only compatible with Windows and comes with a free trial, which you would definitely want to upgrade to a paid professional version.

5. Reaper

cockos reaper user interface

Reaper comes with all the basic features and functionalities making it easier to use and understand for beginners.

The software is CPU friendly and requires very less space and minimal requirements to run smoothly. You can record, playback, edit, and mix different MIDI and audio tracks.

Although it is lightweight, it supports rendering and you can export the tracks in various bitrates and depths for high-quality audio files.

You will also find a wide range of audio effects plugins as well as virtual instrument plugins preloaded in the software and more can be added as it supports third-party plugins.

What’s best about this DAW is that the software is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

6. Mixbus

The software is designed similarly to the Harrison analog mixers used widely back in the 60s.

The software is designed to produce and mix songs that sound exactly like one of those mixers. There is a knob for most of the functions and beginners can very easily turn different features up/down to check out the difference in the soundtracks.

The software comes with various effects like compression, EQ, filter, and analog tape simulation. For each track, there is a three-band EQ, input trim, polarity, 8 mix bus sends, and compression.

The stereo master bus features tape saturation, tone controls, various controls for detecting stereo balance and volume, and a limiter.

The software also supports third-party plugins and is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac. You can try the free trial version and then purchase the license.

7. Avid Pro Tools

pro tools first free daw

Great software for music production but a little complex for beginners. The software is known worldwide for its amazing features and sound effects.

It is good for beginners because many things in this software can be automated like parameters of loaded audio effects plugins and third-party plugins as well.

There are many virtual instruments such as bass, drum machine, horns, strings, etc., and audio effect plugins like EQs, Reverbs, and dynamic plugins.

The more the user explores this software, the more fun and easier it will get. The application is compatible with various multi-touch controllers and MIDI controllers.

The software is available for both Windows and Mac and is great for all genres of music.

Try out the free version and then move on to the advanced paid version for many more features.

Conclusion: Top 7 Music Production Software for Beginners

These were the seven best music production software for beginners.

From our side, if you are really starting to set foot in the world of music production, then start with GarageBand if you are using Mac.

For Windows, go with Reaper or Ableton Live. The rest are also good but you might take more time in settling with them because of some advanced and complex features.

Install and purchase these from the official websites. Have a great time producing some high-quality audio tracks!

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