46 Best Podcasts For Musicians in 2024

Podcasts are an excellent way to relax your mind when you are off of your work. With podcasts, you stay productive in your spare time. Podcasts have been there since 2004, however, the 2020-2021 Covid-19 pandemic gives them more popular among the people.

During the 2020-2021 lockdown we have seen an explosion of podcasts by celebrities, experts, and other people on all subjects including music production podcasts.

In this blog post, I will introduce you to the 46 best podcasts for musicians. All of them are equally entertaining and informative regarding music production.

The real benefit of listening to podcasts is your eyes are not engaged so you can listen to the podcast while doing other work.

So, it’s a brilliant way to pass the time, consuming some productive information. Suppose you are traveling and there is nothing to do on the way then it’s great to listen to podcasts.

The podcasts, I have listed down here provide you great advice and insight into your musical career just in an entertaining way full of laughter, interest, and entertainment.

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Most of the podcasts I have shared below are presented by industry leaders so you can easily recognize them. Rest are also good.

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So, without wasting any more time let’s dive into the list.

Best Podcasts for Musicians

1. Song Exploder

Master podcaster Hrishikesh Hirway is the host of this podcast. He also hosts The West Wing Weekly, Home Cooking, and Partners podcasts.

In Song Exploder, Hrishikesh Hirway interviews the musician about deconstructing their songs and discussing them. The guest list is huge such as Metallica, Solange, Lorde, Yo-Yo Ma, Fleetwood Mac, U2, Carly Rae Jepsen, and more.

Here musicians tell their stories about making their hit songs.

Song Exploder is featured on Vulture and The Telegraph.

2. Wong Notes

The host of Wong Notes, Cory Wong is a funk artist. Most of us know him as the strat-wielding guitarist for Vulfpeck and The Fearless Flyers.

In Wrong Notes, he interviews industry leader musicians and talks about guitar play and general music.

So, we can say it’s ideal for guitar players. However, it is equally interesting for other musicians.

Cory Wong hosted George Benson, Joe Satriani, James Valentine, and Sean Hurley in his podcast.

3. Questlove Supreme

If you are a Jazz musician, Questlove Supreme is the best podcast for you. However other musicians should also listen to these podcasts.

This fantastic podcast is hosted by the great Session Drummer/ DJ Questlove.

Well, he is best known as Jazz-Funk/Hip-Hop drummer in the group named The Roots. In his podcast, he interviews both musicians and other well-known personalities from the industry.

Guestlist: Usher, Chris Rock, Chaka Khan, and Michelle Obama.

4. DIY Musician Podcast

DIY Musician Podcast features interviews with successful artists about their styles, backgrounds, and early life struggles to motivate the listeners.

We all know, building a music career is not easy. It needs the right audience, entrepreneurial mindset, and willingness to experiment with the music.

BUT, most of us lose hope in the middle and become a failure. That’s where this podcast helps you out. It will motivate you throughout your struggle.

5. Broken Record

Broken Record podcast is run by journalist and author Malcolm Gladwell in which he and Rick Rubin and former New York Times editor Bruce Headlam interview the artists.

The interview topic revolves around their life, inspiration, and their music. If you love inspirational real stories then this podcast is for you.

6. Score: The Podcast

Score – The Podcast is run by Epicleff Media and the creators of the hit film Score: A film music documentary.

It’s an award-nominated podcast that introduces you to Hollywood’s brilliant, beloved musical storytellers.

The hosts in this podcast are Robert Kraft and Kenny Holmes. You can listen to this podcast on Apple Podcasts.

7. Sounding Off with Rick Beato

The host of this podcast interviews known and unknown artists, composers, musicians, and performers.

If you love to listen to unknown artists’ stories then this podcast is for you.

8. Your Music Industry Podcast With Daniel Fish

Your Music Industry podcast is dedicated to the community of the music industry. If you are a Music Producer, DJ or Musician then this podcast will help you in growing your career as an artist.

This podcast hosts Grammy award-winning artists, Music Industry CEOs, Music Specialists, and Grassroots artists.

9. Soul Music

Soul Music is a BBC radio podcast. It’s one of the best podcasts on BBC radio. In this podcast you will listen to pieces of music with a powerful emotional impact.

10. Wind of Change

Wind of Change is an original series presented by Pineapple Street Studios, Crooked Media, and Spotify. It revolves around the album “Wind of Change.” by the Scorpions.

11. Riffs on Riffs

Riffs on Riffs is dedicated to inspired music from the past which is sampled in popular tracks. If you love sampling then you should listen to this podcast.

In this podcast, the hosts, Joe Watson and Toby Brazwell, try to connect the musical dots between legendary tracks.

12. Disgraceland

In the Disgraceland podcast, you will get to know about musicians getting away with murder and other crimes and behaving very badly.

In this podcast, they share their thoughts about crime and music.

13. All Songs Considered

All Songs Considered is hosted by Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton who are friendly music buddies.

They talk about new music discoveries and conversations with emerging artists. In this podcast, you can hear songs with humor, soul, and sometimes a whole lot of noise.

14. Rolling Stone Music Now

Rolling Stone Music Now is a very famous music podcast which is hosted by the writers and editors of Rolling Stone.

It features interviews with your favorite artists and also gives you expert insight into music news.

15. Vinyl Me, Please

Vinyl Me Please is dedicated to renowned artists who share their thoughts about music and their career.

16. Switched on Pop

Switched on Pop is all about the making and meaning of popular music.

The host musicologist Nate Sloan and songwriter Charlie Harding interview leading artists, songwriters, and producers.

This podcast is produced by Rock Ridge Productions, Vox Media Podcast Network, and New York Magazine.

17. I’ve Heard That Song Before

If you are a Jazz artist and want to listen to a podcast related to the Jazz genre then this is for you.

This podcast is hosted by Jazz musician, Joe Hunter, who converses with his guest on this podcast. about Jazz music.

18. Sodajerker On Songwriting

Sodajerker is a songwriting team from Liverpool in the United Kingdom who runs this podcast.

Co-writers Simon Barber and Brian O’Connor founded this podcast and which features interviews with some of the world’s most successful songwriters.

19. The Six Figure Home Studio

The Six Figure Home Studio is a website in which Brian Hood and Chris Graham share their thought about starting and running home studios.

They also run a podcast ” The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast” in which they provide useful information for home studio owners.

If you are a home studio owner and want some pro tips then you should listen to this podcast.

20. The Bulletproof Musician

The Bulletproof Musician is a famous podcast on Apple Podcasts in which the host Noa Kageyama research-based “practice hacks” for beating anxiety, practicing music more effectively, and playing up to your full abilities.

It helps in your hard times when you feel low in your music career so if you are feeling low then just listen to this podcast.

21. The Entrepreneurial Musician

The Entrepreneurial Musician is an overall educational podcast for musicians. In this podcast, you can listen to Interviews, Book Reports, TEM Shorts, and more that help in your music effectively.

It helps you if you want to become a music entrepreneur. the host Andrew Hitz shares Interviews, Book Reports, and other useful information to help you out in your music career.

22. Being in a Band

Being in a Band is an Apple Podcast for savvy musicians and music professionals who want to learn new things about the music business, marketing, mindset, branding, strategy, etc.

This podcast is hosted by Monica Strut, who is a digital marketer, music journalist, and musician.

This show is a great resource for you to learn skills, become empowered, and take your music career to the next level.

23. Female Entrepreneur Musician Podcast

This podcast is designed especially for female musicians and artists. In this podcast, Bree Noble the Founder & CEO of Women of Substance Music Radio & Podcast shares her thought about becoming a music entrepreneur.

If you are a female artist and want to become a successful music entrepreneur then you should listen to this podcast.

24. Gig Gab

Gig Gab is all about music production tips, tricks, and interviews with music industry leaders.

Dave Hamilton and Paul Kent who are the host of this podcast provide some useful information regarding music production and recording.

You will also listen to thoughtful discussions for all working musicians from different genres.

25. How to Build a Sustainable Music Career and Collect All Revenue Streams

It is an Apple Podcast hosted by Emily White. In this podcast, Emily shares her pro knowledge on how to build a sustainable music Career and collect all revenue streams.

Actually, it’s a best-selling book and Emily translated this book to its audio version in the form of a podcast.

In this podcast, she interviews world-class guests including Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, Imogen Heap, legendary attorney Donald S. Passman, Kam Franklin of Patrick Sansone of Wilco, The Suffers, Warped Tour Founder Kevin Lyman, and more.

26. Making Money in the Music Business

Making Money in the Music Business is an Apple podcast whose host is Dr. William E Smith a Soul and Jazz independent vocalist and songwriter.

It’s all about music establishing the music business and making money with it.

Dr. William provides an insightful vis of the music industry business and how to establish a successful music business.

27. The Music Biz Weekly

The Music Biz Weekly is a great podcast for indie artists to learn music marketing.

This podcast is co-hosted by Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert. If you want to learn topics like music licensing, email marketing, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, finding fans online, selling your music, selling merchandise, etc, then this podcast is for you.

28. The New Music Business with Ari Herstand

This podcast is hosted by Ari Herstand who is the best-selling author of How To Make It in the New Music Business book. HE is also an instructor of Soundfly’s free course.

This show unlocks the secrets of the brightest minds in the music industry, in which he digs deep to find out the tools and tactics pros use to run a successful music business.

29. The Profitable Musician Show

This podcast is based on exploring different revenue streams for musicians and accelerating and diversifying your income.

This show is hosted by Bree Noble, a female musicpreneur.

30. The Set Up

Hosted by Sydney Oberholtzer, it is one of the best podcasts for those who want some pro advice from industry leaders.

31. The Working Songwriter 

In this podcast, the host Joe Pug, a singer-songwriter invites leading musicians to share their thoughts about songwriting.

So, if you are a songwriter and want to learn something new in this field then you should listen to this podcast.

32. Unstarving Musician

This podcast is hosted by Robonzo, who features weekly interviews with independent musicians who share their experience and experience on recording, getting gigs, creative process, and marketing

22. Your Morning Coffee

Your Morning Coffee podcast is hosted by the creator of the famous newsletter “Your Morning Coffee newsletterJay Gilbert along with Mike Etchart.

They are former hosts of the syndicated sound and vision radio program.

They break down the biggest stories on the latest music industry news and trends.

34. Dad Bod Rap Pod

This podcast is best for hip-hop artists who want to learn something new from big names in the industry.

Hosts Demone Carter, David Ma, and Nate LeBlanc have been hip-hop artists for decades interviewing musicians and journalists to get you some good information regarding the hip-hop industry.

35. Name 3 Songs

Name 3 Songs focuses on sexism in the music industry and empowers fangirls.

Topics like “when idolization goes too far”, “fatphobia in the music industry,” and “misogyny in pop music” are covered in this podcast.

The hosts of this podcast are Sara Feigin and Jenna Million.

36. On Wednesdays We Wear Black

This podcast is hosted by three folks who discuss taboo topics in public view in the music industry.

37. The Ringer Music Show

This show is hosted by legendary music critic Holmes and comedian/musician Grace Spelman.

They weekly update you on the latest news in the music industry.

38. Tape Notes

In the Tape Notes music podcast, artists and producers reunite to talk about great projects.

This podcast also updates you on the new unreleased material in the music industry.

39. Mogul

Mogul is one of the most popular music podcasts. It’s a show about hip-hop music artists.

So, if you are a hip-hop artist and want some good material on this then you should listen to this podcast.

40. Afropop Worldwide

Afrapop Worldwide podcast covers the world of music and introduces you to the different genres of music around the world.

Telling the stories behind artists, its one of the best places to listen to documentary-style podcasts in the music field.

41. Twenty Thousand Hertz

Twenty Thousand Hertz is one of the most popular music podcasts in the world. It gives you a broad view of the music.

It digs deep into stories related to music. So, if you want a deep leering and understanding of what music is then this podcast is for you.

42. Punch Up the Jam

Miel Bredouw and Demi Adejuyigbe are the co-hosts of the Punch Up the Jam podcast.

They both are champions in the music field and got some of popular music’s enduring hits.

Each week they break down a hit song with their guests and re-arrange it with hilarious results.

43. R U Talkin REM Re: Me

The host if R U Talkin REM Re: ie; Scott Aukerman is a comedy writer. He presents this podcast with his friend and collaborator Adam Scott.

It’s another interesting podcast for R.E.M lovers.

44. Sound Opinions

As from the name, Sound opinions are based on music critics. The veteran rock critics Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis co-host this show.

If you love to listen to song critics then you should listen to this podcast.

45. Pirate Copy

Pirate Copy is hosted by Sgt Pokes and N-Type. It is a monthly podcast show in which special guests like L C Y interview.

It is a great podcast for those who want to listen to some great advice on music production.

46. Dissect

If you want some more knowledge about your favorite album then this podcast is perfect for you.

In this show, you will get detailed information about albums. They cover one album every season and one track per episode. They cover all the information about the album.

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