How To Make Money By Selling Beats Online

Do you want to know how to sell your beats online and get extra income as well as more exposure on the internet? Here I am sharing a short guide on how to make money by selling beats online.

Believe me or not but selling beats online is now a full-time job for many indie music composers.

10 years back there was no online opportunity exists for composers and music producers but today you can join many marketplaces to sell your audio stuff online.

And, make a good amount of money too.

If you are a hip-hop or R&B producer then you can easily make your career in online music selling.

Marketplaces for Selling Beats Online

Several beat selling marketplaces exist online but I will give you 3 of the best marketplaces that really care about their creators and regularly payout them.

1. TrakTrain

TRAKTRAIN is an invitation-only site for buying, selling, and leasing instrumentals having a very good balance of paid / free services, which allows you to earn money first before starting investing them into anything more.

TRAKTRAIN memberships exist on a tiered basis, starting with a free basic account through to paid options of $9 and $19 a month – affording users additional benefits such as extra uploads and a brand-new fully customizable widget.

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These guys work 24/7 to give you the best you can get from a modern marketplace.

2. Beat Stars

the 2nd marketplace which I would like to introduce to you is Beat Stars.

It’s the largest marketplace for selling beats online. Whether you are a beat composer or a buyer this website is for you both.

You just have to compose your beats, create your account on Beat stars and upload your creation with a genuine price tag.

Whenever anyone buys your beats from this website, you get paid. It’s a very simple process. You don’t need to create your website and market to get sales.

Just create your account with them and get paid whenever someone buys your stuff.

3. AirBit

The 3rd marketplace is AirBit.

It’s just the same as Beatstars. There are many genres where you can upload your beats and get exposure to their marketplace. The process is the same. Just create your account, upload your beats, and get paid by them.

The only thing you need is a PayPal account. If you don’t have a Paypal account then create one here.

Creating a Paypal account is very simple. Register with your email, verify your bank account where you want your payments, by an offline process and all setup.

Understanding the Licencing

There are 2 types of licensing available for beatmakers. Exclusive and Non-exclusive.

Exclusive Licence: In this type of license you can sell your beats to only one person.

Non-Exclusive Licence: This type of license can be used when you want to sell your beats to an unlimited number of artists.

Make sure to choose the right type of license category when uploading your beats. Keep in mind you can charge more amount for an exclusive license but for just one time.

Here are 2 videos that can help you to create and sell your beats online.

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