Music Promotion Machine [Unbiased Review 2023]

For an indie artist, the most difficult phase of music production is MUSIC PROMOTION.

I’m an indie music producer, SO I know that PAIN when you produce a masterpiece but your LIMITED MARKETING SKILLS keeps it away from the listeners.

SO, it’s not enough to be a good music producer, BUT you have to have music promotion and marketing knowledge to make your masterpiece a HIT.

TODAY, I’ll review MUSIC PROMOTION MACHINE, one of the best online courses on this.

This course is the KEY PLAN to promote your music and make in millions, and of course, a huge fan following.

All, without breaking your bank.

You only need 500 true fans to bring in $100K/year

Justin Smith – The creator

Well, let’s start the review…

Product Details

Product Name:Music Promotion Machine
Author/Creator:Justin Smith
Money-Back Guarantee:60 Days
Official Website:Click here

What is Music Promotion Machine?

So, you’ve planned your new creation, recorded, mixed, and mastered it.

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Now the final copy of your masterpiece is in your hand.

What’s next?

How would you go to promote it? Have you planned anything?

Gone those days, when music label companies were there to promote your music. It’s another matter, they always bet on hit music producers.

A few years back there was the monopoly of hit artists and music producers.

BUT, the music industry has moved far forward from that monopoly stage.

Thanks to the internet, now all indie artists have the opportunity to get their work in front of the listeners without begging those music label companies.



Because it’s an Indie-Marketing era.

Today, we are nothing without knowing how to promote ourselves and our products.

Being a great artist is not enough.

Read also,

You’ll have to be a good marketer to make you FAMOUS, RICH, and SUCCESSFUL.

MUSIC PROMOTION MACHINE teaches us the art of music marketing which is necessary for all of us to dominate the promotion part of the music.

It helps musicians and producers to make a shiny career in the music field without spending millions of dollars on promotion.

In this program, you’ll learn the hidden strategies to create money through music.

It’s a perfect course for those indie music producers and artists who are struggling to get sales.

Music Promotion Machine is the step-by-step guide to becoming a professional music marketer right from the beginning.

This program will teach you how to gain new followers and create a strong bond with them and turn into die-hard fans.

The creator of Music Promotion Machine believes in a principle called “1,000 True Fans.” 

In this course he shows, we don’t require millions of dollars, file downloads, or followers to make a living out of music.

We just need 1000 die-hard fans to make $100,000 a year.

Creator Justin Smith says that,

You don’t need millions of streams…

You don’t need millions of followers…

You don’t need millions of downloads…

You could be earning over $100,000 a year with just 1,000 fans

Let us know who is Justin Smith…

Justin Smith – The creator of Music Promotion Machine

music promotion machine author

Justin Smith is an indie artist as well as a successful digital marketer.

He is the man behind Music Promotion Machine. He made this system to help fellow artists to grow in the industry.

He is also the creator of Music Promotion Blueprint, another great music promotion system.

Justin has entered the music industry 10 years back but before entering he was an expert digital marketer.

SO, when he started his music career he has combined his digital marketing and music skills to grow in the industry.

AND, it gave him tremendous results.

After getting success in his music career he thought of creating a course like MUSIC PROMOTION MACHINE to help other artists who don’t know the tactics to promote music on the internet.

Using his MUSIC PROMOTION MACHINE many people have sold thousands of online products worth millions of dollars.

Justin squeezed his whole digital marketing tactics, principles, and strategies into one course and made it available for all of us.

Goal of This Course

The one and only goal of MUSIC PROMOTION MACHINE is to help financially weak artists to get name, fame, and money without breaking their bank.

Here are breakups of what this course teaches,

  • How to Get new fans
  • How to develop a deep connection with your fans
  • Turn your new fans into dying heart true fans who will give you the money through attending your regular gigs, downloading your albums, and purchasing merchandise.

This system makes all the processes semi-automatic which needs only occasional servicing and not all.

This semi-automatic music promotion system grows your fan base and sells your music automatically while you can focus on your music.

That means more time for your passion.


MUSIC PROMOTION MACHINE works for you in auto-pilot mode while you can focus on composing, recording music, and performing live shows.

How can you join this program?

Joining to Music Promotion Machine program is pretty easy.

As soon as you click on the signup button, you’ll get assess to this program with two fast action bonuses:

  • Instagram Rockstar
  • Release Amplifier

Who is this course built for?

music promotion machine reviews

Music Promotion Machine is built for those who want to turn their passion for music into a full-time career, BUT don’t have enough money to promote their creations.

This course will teach you how to do music promotion on the internet without spending a lot of money on ads and other paid options.

This course is built for indie artists who want to make $100,000 following an easy automatic process.

However, with this course, you don’t need to hit your face on the wall in the name of promotion.

BUT, you have to create your value and gain trust among your followers. You have to give a reason for your supporters to spend at least $100 on your brand within a year.

ie; they would like to invest in your album sales, ticket sales, merchandise, etc.

Suppose, you’ve gained 100 die heart followers who would buy several items from you a year including your albums, merchandise, and event tickets it would easily give you $100/year.

If we multiply this earning with 100 followers then you would be earning $10000 a year.

The second thing you have to do is, you must establish solid trust among your fans.

SO, they can pay you directly by cutting the middle man from the process. It would be a win-win situation for you.

If you would be able to make 1000 true fans who would spend $100 a year on your products, you will be earning $100,000 a year.

If you can retain these 1000 fans then you can easily earn the above amount without doing a lot of work.

This course is for those indie artists who want to distribute their music to the right audience, to make new fans, connect with them, and convert them into true fans.

And lastly, the musician can sell their music downloads, event tickets, t-shirts, and other merchandise, to grow their income to millions. 

How does the Music Promotion Machine work? (The Workflow)


Music Promotion Machine works on simple but hidden methods, celebrities use to grow their audience base.

The end goal of any music producer is to distribute their soundtracks to maximum people and turn them into followers.

Actually, the whole music industry is based on followers.

Followers, who like to listen to you.

Followers, who buy your records.

Followers, who make you a celebrity.

SO, the concept of a Music Promotion Machine is based on earning followers – TRUE FOLLOWERS.

Who wants to buy your stuff including your music records, merchandise, and event tickets.

This program advocates for making 1000 true fans who can swipe their credit cards for you without hesitating.

Music celebrities use different channels to gain true followers.

You will learn about those hidden tricks in the Music Promotion Machine program.

Even if you are new to the music industry, these techniques will help you grow fast. This program will give you the same promotion strategy that is used by top music professionals to increase their follower count dramatically.

What You’ll get with the Music Promotion Machine?

Here is the list of materials you’ll get in this music marketing program.

  • The first thing you’ll get is the step-by-step tutorial videos that will teach you how to gain new fans in a short time in autopilot mode.
  • You’ll get a squeeze page and email templates. By this page, visitors can join your email list. After joining the email list, they’ll start receiving daily emails. These emails turn them from cold followers to hot(ready to buy) fans. The emails can be set up once and work automatically. SO, there is no need to further work.
  • This automated system will turn your random followers to die heart true followers who can swipe their credit card for you.
  • A built-in promotion system is also provided. After setting up this promotion system, when a visitor joins your email list they can turn into a buyer without your work.

Benefits of using Music Promotion Machine


Music promotion machine is very useful for new and struggling music artists. I have given some of the benefits below.

Bright Music Career

Making a good position in the music industry is tough. Not all artists can do that.

No matter how much talent they have but the lack of marketing knowledge stops them to shine like a star in the music industry.

Music Promotion Machine program makes it very easy and automated to gain true fans and opens the door to success in the music industry for new and struggling artists.

By using Music Promotion Machine, you can create a bright future in the music industry.

Helps in Gaining True Fans is Short Period of Time

Time is very important for us.

As you know, for all of us, even one second plays a role in creating our career.

BUT, the worst truth is, we don’t have much time to wait for the result.


Music Promotion Machine makes the process very fast.

By following the techniques provided in this program you can gain your 1000 true fans within a few months.

Tried and Tested Techniques

All the techniques given in the Music Promotion Machine program are tried and tested by professional music artists and by the owner himself.

Some of these techniques are used by celebrities and help them gain millions of followers.

Pros and Cons of Music Promotion Machine

Let us see the pros and cons of the Music Promotion Machine.


  • This program is best for new and struggling artists.
  • This program will guide you in creating an automated system to gain followers without doing any upfront work once setup.
  • It will help you gain true followers
  • This program will teach you how to sell albums, merch, and other music items to your fans.
  • This program doesn’t demand you to spend millions of dollars on advertisements.
  • No recurring fees. You can buy it paying a one-time nominal fee


  • It’s a guide which will only teach you to take action. If you don’t take action, you will not go anywhere.
  • To get results, you have to set up your email marketing funnel as explained in this program which takes your initial time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In how much time I will get result?

It varies on people to people. For someone, it works within weeks and for some people, it can take 4-5 months.

The time it will show you results, depends on how fast and accurately you are applying the techniques on your business.

Is it useful for new and struggling artists?

Yes, it’s specially built for new and struggling artists.

How does it work?

It works on an email marketing-based funnel system. When someone comes into the funnel, he will start getting regular emails and becomes your die heart fan. Ultimately he will like to buy your records, merch, and event tickets.

Do I need marketing knowledge to use the technique shown in this program?

No, however, if you have basic marketing knowledge then it’s beneficial for further implementations. BUT, it does not need any marketing knowledge. All the techniques you’ll learn through the videos provided by the author.

Does it provide a guarantee that I will get more fans and sales?

If you work accurately as shown in this program, you will get more fans and sales.

Does it provide a Money back guarantee?

Yes, you’ll get your 100% money back within 60 days of purchase. Doesn’t it feel cool?😊

My Verdict

If you are struggling with your career and want to take fast steps to success then you should definitely try this out.

With some great music marketing techniques and 60 days, money-back guarantees Music Promotion Machine is one of the best music marketing courses in this world.

If you want to take your music career to the next dimension then this program is the best fit for you.

Gautam Roy is a recording engineer and a blogger from India. He loves music, writing, and travelling. He is also an active investor and a successful entrepreneur.

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