9 Best Digital Mixers For Church [2024]

This is my comprehensive guide on the 9 best digital mixers for church in 2024. If you are confused about which mixer or mixing console to use for your church then you should read this blog post till the end.

As technology is continuously evolving, churches need the power and versatility of digital mixers to enhance their worship services. These advanced mixing consoles provide unparalleled control, flexibility, and sound quality, which make them an essential tool for churches.

No matter if you’re a small local church or a large congregation, I’ve compiled this list of the top 9 digital mixers that will help you to choose the next mixer for your church.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive in.

9 Best Digital Mixers For Church in 2024

Best Digital Mixers For Church

Mixers or mixing consoles are essential equipment for audio recording and playback applications such as recording studios, live sound systems, etc.

As all the churches need a good sound system, it should include a mixer. And, in today’s digital era, nothing better than a digital mixer that provides you flexibility along with sound quality.

So, read this blog post where I have shared my list of 9 best digital mixers for church sound that will definitely help you to choose the right digital mixer for your church.

So, the first one is,

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1. Soundcraft Ui24r Remote-Controlled Digital Mixer

Soundcraft Ui24r Remote-Controlled Digital Mixer

Soundcraft Ui24r Remote-Controlled Digital Mixer which I personally use in my college. It is a versatile digital mixer that offers easy-to-use and powerful performance for churches, live sound, and even recording studios.

There are no physical faders in this mixer, so, it’s very secure and doesn’t need frequent servicing, unlike other mixers.

You can control and adjust its sound wirelessly from any device with a web browser.

Let’s take a closer look at Soundcraft Ui24r’s features, pros, and cons.


  • Remote-controlled device: You can control Soundcraft Ui24r’s functions and settings from any device with a web browser which provides enhanced security and convenience.
  • You will get 24 inputs which are sufficient for small or medium-sized churches using instruments, microphones, and other audio sources.
  • Built-in effects: Soundcraft Ui24r comes with built-in effects such as compressor, reverb, limiter, etc, which you can use individually on any channel.


  • Soundcraft Ui24r gives you the flexibility to operate from anywhere under its range. You can operate all the settings with your Wi-Fi-enabled tab.
  • You can expand the inputs with multiple Ui Series mixers, and use them to playback and record more instruments and other audio sources.
  • It is very compact and durable so you can easily carry it anywhere.


  • One of the problems I faced in this mixer is there are no physical faders. Physical faders allow you to mix more precisely than tab.
  • Mastering all the features and settings of the Ui16 may take time, especially if you are a beginner.

My Verdict: Why Soundcraft Ui16 is My First Choice For Church Sound System?

As I am personally using Soundcraft Ui24r in my college, I think a fader-based digital mixer attracts people and there is a chance of misuse.

So, this faderless mixer is the best solution if you have faced this situation earlier.

Along with this benefit, it has several other features that I personally like such as built-in effects that you can use individually in any channel, and the flexibility of operating from anywhere under Wi-Fi range etc.

That’s why I think it should be my first choice for the church sound system mixer.

2. Behringer X32 Digital Mixer

Behringer X32 Digital Mixer

My second choice for a digital mixer for small churches is Behringer X32 which is 40 inputs mixer and allows you a wide range of digital effects and other useful features.

X32 offers professional-grade audio mixing and control which makes it suitable for all types of professional audio applications including church sound.

It has motorized faders that you can easily add automation to your mixes and also recall the settings saved as a preset.

It has a big library of digital effects like reverbs, delays, compressors and limiters etc. Even you can use it as a multitrack recorder because it has a built-in recorder and directly saves the recorder file to the USB flash drive or connected computer.


  • Motorized faders: THese fades allow you to save and recall previous settings and transition between the songs.
  • 40 inputs: It offers 40 inputs which are quite sufficient for a church sound system.
  • Built-in effects and presets: It comes with built-in effects and presets which you can add on individual channels separately.
  • Multi-track recording: Behringer X32 has a built-in multitrack recorder which allows you to record the session via a USB flash drive or a computer connected to the mixer.


  • X32 provides you with professional audio quality with 40 inputs 25 bus channels and 32 programmable midas preamps.
  • Its 25 motorized faders allow you to change the scene in one click.
  • It has a 3-channel built-in audio interface that can be connected to iPad, iPhone, and other devices. Even you can use an iPad or iPhone as a remote control for its audio interface.


  • You need to learn a lot to operate this digital mixer. So it’s not a beginner-friendly mixer.
  • Motorized faders are sometimes stuck in between due to humidity etc. So you have to keep away from such things.

My Verdict

If you are an experienced sound operator then this mixer is one of the best options for your church. With its wide range of features and professional-grade audio mixing capability, it can be your go-to mixer for your church sound system.

But it is not built for beginners. It needs a lot of learning before using it live.

So, my verdict for this mixer is if you are an experienced sound operator seeking some more features in your mixers then you may switch to this one. But if you are a beginner then I would not suggest this to you.

3. PreSonus StudioLive Series III 32S Digital Mixing Console

Presonus Studio Live 32S

Presonus StudioLive 32S is a 32-channel powerhouse for a church sound system. It is a small-format digital mixer but offers the features of a large-format mixing console.

Even you can expand it with expansions due to its AVB technology.

It has a dual-core FLEX DSP Engine powering 286 simultaneous processors which powers up its internal processing.

It does also have 32 channel/40 inputs and all the faders are motorized which makes it fully recallable.

It has a 128-channel USB interface which makes it able to record the sessions on SD card.


  • It is a portable and flexible digital format mixer that can easily be used as a staple for installed sound.
  • 40-input and 32-channels all fully recallable.
  • Built-in AVB networking technology makes it expandable and creates an ecosystem between other Presonus devices.
  • Built-in 128-channel audio interface allows you to record your session with one click.
  • 16 FlexMixes channels.
  • It has FLEX FX multi-effects processor which you can add individually on each channel.


  • Presonus provides a versatile small-format digital mixer with large-scale features.
  • It offers intuitive controls such as a touch screen and motorized faders that make it easy to use.
  • the 128-channel built-in audio interface is the biggest compared to other mixers in the same range.
  • You can expand this mixer with expansions through AVB.


  • It obviously needs you to learn a lot to operate this mixer precisely.
  • The price is relatively higher compared to entry-level or mid-range mixers.

My Verdict

Definitely, PreSonus StudioLive Series III 32S Digital Mixing Console is definitely a versatile mixing console for churches. But it needs a lot of learning. If you are experienced then you may catch the settings easily. For beginners, it takes more time to understand.

The price is definitely higher than other 40-input mixing consoles but you are getting extra features for that, like a big audio interface, state-of-the-art built-in effects etc.

So, you can consider upgrading your church mixer with it.

4. Allen & Heath SQ-5 Digital Mixer

Allen & Heath SQ-5 Digital Mixer

Allen & Heath SQ-5 Digital Mixer is another compact but powerful mixing console for your church sound system.

It is designed to deliver professional-grade sound and versatile functionality. With its extensive features like 48 input channels, state-of-the-art preamps, built-in EQ, dynamics, effects etc.

SQ5 supports Dante or Waves which allows you to expand it with expansion boards.

It has a feature-rich color touchscreen display with a dedicated button and combined rotary which makes it easy to operate.

The 96-kHz FPGA engine provides it with precise sound quality.


  • SQ-5 comes with high-fidelity preamps which stands it out from other same-format mixers.
  • The extensive features set, flexible routing, customizable softkeys, and wide range of onboard effects make it a versatile live sound mixer.
  • It is a compact and portable sound mixer that can be easily transportable.
  • The touchscreen makes it easy to navigate and operate this mixer.
  • Some of its sound features are 96kHz FPGA Processing, 48 Input Channels, 16 Onboard Preampsm 12 Stereo Mixes + LR, 3 Stereo Matrix, 8 Stereo FX Engines + Dedicated Returns, 64ch I/O Port for Audio Networking, and 32×32 USB Audio Interface.


  • The intuitive touchscreen is great for beginners.
  • Its 6kHz FPGA Processing gives it an extraordinary and precise sound quality.
  • It can be easily used in a wide range of live sound and recording scenarios
  • The compact size and lightweight design make it easily transportable.


  • It has a limited built-in I/O which I think is annoying for churches where a number of instruments are used.
  • Need you to learn a lot before using.

My Verdict

It is a versatile and durable mixing console that best fits your church sound system. But it needs you to learn a lot before using it with confidence.

However, it is beginner-friendly due to its intuitive touchscreen.

So, for me, it is a great mixer for your church. The sound quality it provides is really best on this list.

5. QSC TouchMix-30 Pro Professional Digital Mixer

QSC TouchMix-30 digital mixer for churches

QSC TouchMix-30 Pro is another Fader-less digital mixing console. It is very compact and the manufacturer claims it is the most compact mixer ever created in this segment.

The features, capabilities and sound quality of this mixer are exceptional.

The big touchscreen gives it that ultra-compact format. It has a large (10-inch) multi-touch touchscreen that gives you all on-screen information along with hands-on control.

It also has Anti-Feedback and Room Tuning Wizards which help you to calibrate the audio according to your room size and shape.

It has 24 channel inputs along with 14 aux outputs and other essential inputs and outputs like 6 Line, Stereo USB.

You will also get a 32-channel DAW interface with macOS® and Windows® computers in which you can directly record and playback 32-channel inputs.


  • Its large (10-inch) multi-touch touchscreen gives you the capability to operate all settings and features right from the screen.
  • It has 2 real-time analyzers (RTA) which allow you to get tonal balance and room response.
  • The touch-and-route patch matrix feature makes it easy to arrange the inputs and outputs.
  • You will get 32 (24 mic/line, 6 line, 2 stereo USB) inputs and a total 16 outputs including 14 aux sends.
  • A gain-sharing “Automatic Microphone Mixer” is given in all mic inputs.
  • It has a built-in 32-channel audio interface which you can use to record and playback with the given DAW.


  • TouchMix 30 Pro provides high audio fidelity so you will get a high quality audio quality.
  • The big touchscreen gives you an intuitive and user-friendly interface which is great for beginners.
  • It has the best routing and connectivity options.
  • You can also control it wirelessly with any tab or mobile.


  • There are no physical faders so you will not get a precise mix as physical faders offer.
  • you need time to learn this mixing console because all operations belong to the touchscreen.

My Verdict

QSC TouchMix-30 Pro digital mixer is really a feature-rich and versatile audio console for churches.

It delivers exceptional sound quality, an intuitive touchscreen interface and great connectivity options. But there are no faders in this mixer. So if you are familiar with mixers with faders then this is not built for you.

But, if you want to go with a fadeless intuitive mixing console then this one is actually built for you.

6. Soundcraft Si Impact 40-Channel Digital Mixer

Soundcraft Si Impact 40-Channel Digital Mixer

Soundcraft Si Impact is a traditional digital mixing console suitable for church sound where more inputs are required for the instruments.

It is a 40-channel digital mixer designed to meet the demands of live sound applications including churches.

In this mixer, you will get 32 mix inputs plus 32 USB inputs (64 channels) so you can call in a large format mixer in an average size body.

There are several features that impress you to buy this mixer such as up to 80 channels to mix, 32 Mic Inputs, 4-band Fully Parametric EQ for each channel, 26 motorized faders, and many more.


  • Up to 80 channels to mix, 32 Mic Inputs, 8 XLR/1/4″, and combi-jacks for line inputs and instruments.
  • You will also get 40 DSP input channels and 31 Output buses.
  • There are 4-band Fully Parametric EQ on each channel provided
  • 26 motorized faders with 4 fully customizable Fader Layers help you to automate the session and recall previous scenes.
  • 4 studio-grade Lexicon Effects engines and dedicated FX busses
  • 5″ touchscreen multi-color display
  • 20 sub-group / aux busses


  • The first advantage of this mixer is channel count. You will get 40 input channels which is the largest in number compared to other mixers here.
  • You will get powerful digital signal processing such as built-in EQ, dynamics, and effects processors.
  • Motorized faders are great for recall function.
  • Multiple control options allow you to control this mixer physically and with remote control.
  • You will get flexible routing options that you can use to mix precisely.


  • The larger size makes it difficult to move.
  • The price is higher compared to other mixers given above.

My Verdict

Soundcraft Si Impact 40-Channel is the best digital mixing console in this segment. It has the largest number of inputs in all I have compared above. So you will get better flexibility when operating with more instruments.

However, it is costly and its large format makes it difficult to move. But if you want to fix it in your church then it’s a good option.

7. Yamaha TF1 Digital Mixer

Yamaha TF1 Digital Mixer

Yamaha has a range of analog and digital mixers.

TF Series digital mixers there a range of digital mixing consoles, powerful and versatile audio consoles designed for live sound applications.

There are 3 models in this series, TF1, TF3, and TF5.

For the church, I think TF1 is the best one. It has 40 input channels with 17 motor faders, 20 Aux buses, 16 analog XLR outputs and several other useful features for church sound system.

With its intuitive user interface and advanced processing capabilities this digital mixer can be your go-to mixer for the church sound application.


  • TF1 comes with 40 input channels, which allows you to connect microphones, instruments, and other audio sources. There are 16 analog XLR/TRS combo inputs and an additional 2 stereo line inputs.
  • Featured with a large touchscreen display which is the main control interface of this mixer, it gives you an intuitive interaction with this mixer.
  • TF1 is equipped with Yamaha’s acclaimed D-PRE microphone preamps which provide high-quality, low-noise performance.
  • You will get tools, such as EQ, dynamics, and effects processors, to mix your sound perfectly.
  • You can save scenes and recall them with one click and the motorized faders take their positions as saved in the previous scene.
  • You can also record the session in USB storage device.


  • It is compact and portable which is easy to transport and set up. This makes it suitable for mobile setups.
  • The large touchscreen display provided in this mixer gives you an intuitive and user-friendly control interface.
  • D-PRE microphone preamps are really great in sound quality.
  • It gives you a streamlined workflow and makes it easy to navigate.


  • There are limited possibilities of physical control. Most of the controls are operated through the touch screen.

My Verdict

Yamaha mixers are always minimal in design but give maximum performance. So if you are hoping for a stylish console then this is not for you.

Also, Yamaha TF1 is not expandable. There is only one possibility of expansion ie; NY64-D audio interface card.

Well, if you are going with Yamaha then you will not get all things in one console. You have to accept this. But, the performance of Yamaha mixer is exceptional. I have used multiple Yamaha mixers from analog to digital ones and all performed very well.

I always loved their versatility and durability. So if you want a versatile and durable digital mixer then you can go with Yamaha TF1.

8. Behringer WING 48-channel Digital Mixer

Behringer WING 48

Behringer Wing is a 48-channel 28-Bus full stereo digital medium format mixing console that has 24 motorized faders and 10″ adjustable height touchscreen.

It’s customizable screen layout and advanced workflow design helps you easily access essential functions and settings.

It has a complete suite of built-in processing tools, like EQ, dynamics, and effects processors which you can use in individual channels or on master channels.

It provides a wide range of connectivity options such as analog input and outputs, AES50, Ultranet, and expansion card slots.

With Wing, you can do multitrack recording and playback via a USB interface given in this mixer. On top of that, you can easily integrate this mixer with your DAW and automate your workflow.


  • It has a 48-stereo channels of which 40 stereo input processing channels, and 8 stereo aux channels.
  • There are 28 stereo buses which are divided into 16 stereo aux buses, 8 stereo matrixes, and 4 stereo mains.
  • 24 smooth motorized faders allow you to recall scenes and automate your workflow.
  • The mic preamps are made by MIDAS which is known for its precise and high-quality sound.
  • It also has 32 channel StageCONNECT interface for personal monitoring or analog I/O boxes.


  • The touchscreen is quite intuitive which actually gives in a smooth workflow.
  • MIDAS preamps give an ultra-precise sound quality to your instruments and vocals.
  • Large number of inputs make it easy to work with multiple instruments and vocals.


  • The size is not so portable to carry it anywhere. WING is a larger console which limits its portability.
  • There is a lot of learning to master this mixing console.

My Verdict

If you love large format mixing consoles then this one is built for you. Its fully responsive touchscreen makes it very easy to navigate along.

Also, the faders give you the feeling of traditional analog mixing consoles. There are a large number of inputs and outputs which is actually needed in a church sound.

So, if you need all of these in your mixer then Behringer WING is made for you.

9. Roland V Mixer 32-Channel Live Digital Mixing Console

Roland V Mixer 32-Channel Live Digital Mixing Console

Last, but not least, Roland V Mixer is a 32-channel digital mixing console. It has 17 full-size motorized faders, 24 onboard inputs and 14 outputs which can be expandable up to 64 x 54.

The best thing is you can connect it to your iPad and control its all major functions right from the iPad. There is a slot above the mixer where you can keep your iPad.

It is easily expandable to 64 channels. An in-built multichannel audio interface is given in it.

The size is really compact so you can move it easily anywhere.


  • There are 32-channels, 24 inputs and 14 outputs which can be expandable up to 64 x 54
  • 17 full-size motorized faders and dedicated buttons and knobs such as solo and mute buttons are given there.
  • It can easily be connected to iPad with the given software.
  • There is a built-in audio interface given for multichannel recording.


  • Roland V mixer delivers exceptional sound quality. It has high-quality preamps and advanced processing algorithms.
  • The user-friendly navigation makes it quite easy to operate.
  • There are several connectivity options available in this mixer from input-outputs to MIDI, SPDIF etc.


  • The built-in display is not so large. You have to connect to iPad for more precise operating.
  • Price is high compared to other 32-channel digital mixing consoles.

My Verdict

Roland V Mixer 32-Channel Live Digital Mixing Console is a powerful and reliable mixing console. It provides you the ability to use it anywhere such as churches, concerts, live events and even in recording studios.

The flexibility, durability and portability stand it out from the other same-format mixers.

So, if you want a faster workflow and precise mixing then this one is really built for you.

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose Digital Mixer For Churches?

As a church sound operator, choosing the right digital mixer is a crucial decision that can impact the quality of your worship services and events.

In this section, I will describe some of the key factors that you should consider before selecting a mixer for church.

First start with these questions.

Why Do You Need Digital Mixer in a Church?

Churches actually need sound system setups to do multiple audio-related applications such as worship, events etc.

A digital mixer makes it easy to manage all your workflow in different scenes and provides you the ability to connect a large number of instruments, vocals and choruses.

That’s why a digital mixer is a “NEED” for churches.

Here are the factors you should consider for choosing a digital mixer for church.

Input and Output Channels

First, you have to evaluate your input and output need for your church. Like, how many instruments are played simultaneously, if there are choruses and multiple vocals?

So, first write down the required number of microphones, instruments, and playback devices and ensure that the digital mixer offers sufficient inputs.

Sound Quality

Look for the preamps, converters, and processing capabilities of the mixer. Read their reviews and check if the tech provided in the mixer serves good sound quality.

Also, listen to the audio samples by reviewers to get an idea of the overall sound quality of the mixer.

Processing and Effects

Look for the effects and processors given in the mixer. If there are EQ, dynamics processing, reverbs, and delays given in that mixer or not.

Onboard effects are needed to mix your audio in live events and worship programs.

Recording Capability

Look for the multitrack audio recording capability of the mixer. And, also take a look to the sample rate and bit depth of the recording. It should be at least 48kHz/24Bit to get good quality sound during post-production.

Size and Portability

If your church frequently organizes live events in different places then you need a portable mixer. SO ensure that you need a portable mixer or not.


Budget always matters. Set a budget for your digital mixer and consider the price-to-performance ratio.

Compare the features of different mixers in the same price range and then choose the one that offers more features.

User Reviews and Recommendations

Last but not least, always read/watch existing users’ reviews and recommendations. Gather insights from individuals who used that digital mixer.

Nothing better than learning from others’ mistakes than yours. So, learn from others’ reviews and then decide whether you should go with the particular mixer or not.

Bottom Line

Choosing a good mixer for church is not an easy thing. As you are spending a lot of money on a digital mixer, it’s crucial to learn about them via reviews and recommendations and then choose the best one out there.

I have been using Soundcraft Ui24r mixer for the last 1 year and before I had Yamaha O1V96v2 which was one of the first digital mixers in the world.

So, from my past knowledge about digital mixers, I would always recommend a digital mixer with faders if you have a fixed place to keep it. But if you have a large number of church events then faderless mixers are good to go.

They are very lightweight and portable so you can carry them along with you to the events. Just connect the mixer with your Tab and you are good to go.

So, now let me know in the comments which one you are going to choose for your church.


Gautam Roy is a recording engineer and a blogger from India. He loves music, writing, and travelling. He is also an active investor and a successful entrepreneur.

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