Mackie M-Caster Live Review [Best Portable Mixer for Streaming in 2024]

In this article, you will read Mackie M-Caster Live mixer review, the first portable mixer for live streaming which directly connects to your smartphone or DSLR Camera.

So, if you are a live streamer then this review is going to be very useful for you. Especially, if you do live streaming through your smartphone.

If you don’t like the background noise which is obvious in the smartphone’s built-in mic then this mixer is built for you.

BECAUSE this tiny mixer allows you to connect a professional microphone to your mobile phone and use it in your live sessions.

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In this article, I will review this mobile-friendly mixer “Mackie M-Caster Live” for you so that you could know more about it and make a better decision if you should buy this or not.

Let’s begin the review.

Mackie M-Caster Live Features

Mackie m caster review image

Mackie M-Caster Live mixer is built considering live streamers who go live from their smartphone. AS you know, the built-in mic of a smartphone is not as good at blocking background noise.

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People don’t like the background noise in between live sessions. That’s why you need a solution to minimize that background noise. Mackie M-Caster Live is that solution.

It does not only allow you to connect a professional mic to your smartphone or DSLR but also helps you to minimize the background noise.

Let’s have a look into the features of Mackie M-Caster Live portable mixer.

  • Mackie M-Caster Live connects directly to your smartphone’s headphone jack just like an earphone which send and recieve audio.
  • It’s an ultra compact mixer which can be used in any condition.
  • You can power it up through USB adaptor or external powerbank which is awesome for outdoor live streaming and recordings.
  • It allows you to connect mics, musical instruments, and other audio devices.
  • 48Volt Phantom Power for condenser mics.
  • There are some professional vocal presets given under Mackie’s ContourFX Presets, which let you to select the most suitable vocal sound.
  • Mackie M-Caster Live features StreamFX which adds the finishing touch to your vocal with some voice-changing effects.
  • RGB LED strip is provided on the surface with 7 user-selectable colors to show some lighing effects during live sessions.
  • This mixer can also be used as an audio interface. You can connect this to Mac/PC through USB connectivity.
  • This mixer comes with 3 months subscription of Mackie Accusonus™ Plugins and lifetime llicense of ERA Voice Leveler and ERA De-Esser plugins.
  • USB Cable, 1/8” TRS / Aux Cable, 1/8” TRRS Cable (For Smartphones) and Power Supply are included in the package.

Mackie M-Caster Live Pros and Cons

mackie m caster pros and cons

In the above section, you’ve seen the features of this Live mixer. Now let’s have a look into the pros and cons of Mackie M-Caster Live mixer.


  • Ultra light and portable mixer
  • Connects with Smartphone as well as Mac/PC
  • Multiple inputs and outputs for Mic, musical instumetns and other devices. Even you can connect a studio moitor and headphone with it.
  • Connects with PC/Mac as an audio interface.
  • ContourFX and StreamFX Presets helps you to design your vocal like a pro.
  • Ideal for condenser mics.


Mackie M-Caster Live: In Detail

Well, above you have read the features and pros and cons of Mackie M-Caster. Now let’s take a look into those features in detail.

First off,

Inputs and Outputs

mackie ma caster preamp
  • Mackie M-Caster Live features one mic input with 48Volts Phantom power which allows you to connect condenser mics. This is an XLR input located at the right side of the mixer.
  • On the other side 2 USB ports are given. One ro connect PC/Mac which converts it to an audio interface and the other is for external power.
  • There are 2 1/8″ TRS and TRRS inputs given, one to connect your smartphone through TRRS cable and the other is for line/instrument input.
  • 3 1/8″ TRS outputs are given to connect studio monitors, headset and headphone.
mackie m caster inputs and outputs

Size and Portability

Its tiny and compact size makes it fit any circumstance whether you are streaming from your bedroom, your office, or a park.

It’s just 2.0″ up from the surface and if we talk about the length and width then it’s 8.0″X5.1″. You can imagine how small it is?

Along with the compact size, it’s a lightweight mixer that allows you to carry it inside your laptop bag.

I really like its compact size.

Now let’s look into the effects it has to transform your vocals.

First off,


mackie m caster contourfx

Mackie M-Caster Live has some great vocal presets that come Mackies’s registered under ContourFX effects. You can use the FX knobs located above the mixer to set your desired vocal preset. It’s as simple as turning a knob without messing with the Equalizers.

ContourFX presets allow you to transform your vocal to a professional vocal.



Mackie M-Caster Live has another great FX preset called StreamFX which lets you turn your voice into a robot, scary monster, or something funny.

USB Connectivity

mackie m caster usb connectivity

If you see on the left-hand side of the mixer you will see there are 2 USB C ports available. One is used to connect the external power sources. It may be a power adaptor or an external battery.

Another one is used to connect this mixer with a PC or Mac. When you connect this to your PC or Mac it is changed to an audio interface that allows you to stream and record your sessions just like other audio interfaces.


Mackie M-Caster Live is compatible with any smartphone which supports TRRS connectivity. TRRS is a normal earphone port that is commonly available to most smartphones.

Also, you can connect this mixer to any DSLR Camera.

The USB C port makes it compatible with any Mac/PC computer with recent operating systems. For Windows computers, your operating system should be Windows 10 or later, and for Mac, OS X 10.8 or later.

Preamps Quality

Preamp quality matters a lot when it comes to condenser mics. If the preamp quality is not good you will not get a good quality vocal.

Mackie didn’t provide any information about the preamp used in Mackie M-Caster, however, it’s sufficient for live streaming. But it’s not ideal for audio recording.

If you want to record a project from this mixer then you should use an external preamp.

Included Plugins

Mackie M-Caster Live comes with Accusonus Plugins. You will get 3 months subscription to Accusonus’ All Access Suite.

You will also get a lifetime license for the ERA Voice Leveler and ERA De-Esser plugins which are awesome plugins for vocals.

Along with these plugins, you will get Noise Remover, Mouth De-Clicker, Reverb Remover, and more. As well as you will get a license to download high-quality, royalty-free sound effects and background music from SFX and Music Cellar.

Sound Quality

Now let’s come to the sound quality.

The sound quality is good enough for live streaming and Youtube videos. However, it’s not ideal to use as an audio interface and record your projects.

BUT, if you want to use it for recording purposes then you should at least use an external Preamp to get optimum vocals.

keep in mind, Mackie M-Caster Live is specially built for Live sessions, not for audio recording.

You can use it as an audio interface for your video editing software.

My Verdict About Mackie M-Caster Live

So, above you have read my review on Mackie M-Caster Live mixer. Now it’s time for sharing my verdict about it.

I am a full-time recordist and music producer so I don’t need this at all. Mackie M-Caster is built for live streamers. If you are the one, it will definitely suit your needs.

No one likes unwanted background noise when streaming through their mobile devices. Mackie Ma-Caster helps them to minimize the background noise as well as provides some extra features.

That’s why I think, if you are a live streamer then you should own this.


Who should buy Mackie M-Caster Live?

Mackie M-Caster live mixer is the best fit to live streamers who stream right from their smartphone.

What is the price of Mackie M-Caster Live mixer?

Mackie M-Caster Live costs you between $290-$310 in online marketplaces.

What is the disadvantage of Mackie M-Caster?

Mackie M-Caster does not have an internal battery. It’s the biggest disadvantage of this mobile-friendly audio mixer.

Can I connect Mackie M-Caster to the computer?

Yes, you can connect Mackie M Caster to any Windows or Mac PC.

Is Mackie M-Caster ideal for Pro-audio recording?

No, It’s a live streaming mixer and audio interface. So it’s not ideal for professional audio recording.

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