19 Essential Drums Accessories to Keep as a Drummer

There are a few key items that all drummers should have in their arsenal.

In this blog post, I will cover 19 essential drum accessories to keep as a drummer.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for years, these essentials will help keep you organized and well-equipped on the road and in the studio.

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So, without wasting any more time, Let’s dive in!

19 Essential Drums Accessories For Drummers

First off,

1. Drum Sticks

Drum Sticks

Drumsticks are the very essential accessory that you should have to beat up your drum machine.

Without drumsticks, you can’t play drums. That’s why I have put this up first on our list.

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If you are an existing drummer you know the importance of drumsticks. A good drumstick should be durable enough to not break down in between the show.

So, you should choose the best one.

The second one is,

2. Drum Stick Holder

Drum Stick Holder

As drumsticks are the most important drums accessory, you don’t want to lose them at all.

That’s where a drumstick holder comes into play.

This cool accessory lets you keep your drumsticks safe along with the drums. You can fit them with a hi-hat and another part of the drum machine and keep your sticks within this.

This lets you free up your hands in between the performance when you are not playing your drums.

You can also use them to hold a pair of drumsticks.

3. Cymbal lock

Cymbal lock

A Cymbal lock is used to quickly change the cymbals. This is a spring lock, used to change the cymbals during the performance or in the recording room quickly.

You have to just press the upper button and the cymbal will be unlocked. You can then change the cymbal and put the lock above.

This accessory makes it very easy to switch between different cymbal types.

4. Tuning key adapter

Tuning key adapter

Another important drummer accessory is the tuning key adapter. This tiny thing is used to tune the drums.

If you want to be in perfect scale then you should have it in your bag.

These adapters fit with the tuning nuts of a kick drum, toms, and snares. You can revolve them around to tune the drum set.

This a recommended accessory for a drummer.

5. Drum rug

Drum rug

A drum rug is an optional accessory for drummers. However, if you don’t want noise produced by the friction of the floor surfaces and drum stands then you should get one.

A drum rug is a mat lying on the surface and provides a cushion for your drum stands.

This is an essential accessory for studio recordings where condenser mics are used.

If you do not use this in recording studios, chances are you might get noise.

So, make it a part of your drum accessories.

6. Double bass drum pedal

Double bass drum pedal

Double bass drum pedals are a cool accessory for drummers. It has two bass drum pedals that you can use for kicking two bass drums simultaneously.

If you are using two bass drums in your set then you must get a double bass drum pedal to power up them.

This accessory allows you to kick both kick drums at the same time and WITH ONE FOOT.

7. Drum Bags

Drum Bags

Any instrument needs bags and cases to carry. Drums are not an exception. You need drum bags to carry for concerts and music studios.

There are several drum bags that are popular in the market.

BUT, you should choose durable, long-lasting and that can prevent your drums from damage.

8. Metronome


Just like tuners are essential for guitarists, Metronome is an important accessory for drummers.

Metronome allows you to practice and become perfect in timing.

For a drummer, perfect timing is the most important thing. You should have the talent to be perfect in the beat.

This needs continuous practice and the metronome allows you to practice the beats whenever you want.

9. Headphones

closed back headphones

If you are practicing a song then you need headphones because the sound of your mobile is not enough to compete with a drum sound.

If you want to be perfect in beats then you need loud sound in your ears.

that’s why I prefer to practice the songs on headphones.

It provides you with a high-intensity sound straight in your ears so that you could practice perfectly.

You can refer to my other article on headphones to know more about choosing the right one for you.

10. Drum microphone

Drum microphone

Do you want to record your own performance in your home?

If yes then you need a set of drum mics.

Well, I have written a whole article on drum mics that you can refer to know more about it.

11. Sleeved Washers

Sleeved Washers

Sleeved washers are used to keep your snares and oms in tune. If you are facing frequent detuning issues in your toms and snares then this cool accessory will help you with that.

These washers can pop on any drum and keep tension rods from de-tuning.

These washers act like set and forget. So, use them to become free from the tension of detuning the snare and toms.

12. Quick-Lock Hi-Hat Clutch

Quick-Lock Hi-Hat Clutch

Just like the cymbal lock, Quick-Lock Hi-Hat Clutch is used in quickly change the hi-hats in between the performance of recording.

It has a lock-notch system which is a different technology than a typical threaded system.

When you press the locking pin assembly, the Hi-Hats are open to change. This is a cool accessory for live performers who frequently change Hi-Hats during the gigs.

13. Dampeners


Overtone is a common problem in drums. As a drummer, you don’t want unwanted overtones. Though some drummers use duct tape to dampen the drum sound, however, it could ruin the original sound also.

Silicon dampeners are great accessories to dampen unwanted overtones as well as protect the original drum sound.

These dampeners allow the good frequencies to resonate and damp the bad ones. That’s why you get a good-quality drum sound.

14. Cymbal Backpack

Cymbal Backpack

Another essential sensory for drummers is a cymbal backpack. A Cymbal backpack is used to keep cymbals safe during traveling.

Cymbal backpacks come in both hard cases and soft cases. you can choose according to your needs.

After all, you don’t want dents on your cymbals so it’s good to get a cymbal backpack and keep them safe.

15. Drums Accessory Table

Drums Accessory Tabl

If you have a bunch of items, then you also need anything to keep them handy and use them during the gig.

A drum accessory table is an ideal solution to this.

This table allows you to keep your mobiles, drum accessories, headphones, etc handy and use them quickly during the gig.

This foldable and portable table is approximately 12 inches in size which is sufficient to keep your important things on it.

I think this is an essential drum accessory for you.

16. Practice Pad

Practice Pad

Do you want to practice quietly? Then a drum practice pad is ideal for you.

It is a multilayer soft pad that you can use to play like a drum. When you play on this, your brain thinks of it like a drum and you will become good at it.


The surfaces are gradually softer to harder which produces totally quiet to little sound. You can use the pads according to your need.

17. Snare Wires

Snare Wires

Snare wires are an essential thing for a drummer. This is used with snares to create crisp sound characteristics.

It is stretched across the bottom of the drumhead. When you stroke on, they begin to vibrate and sound crispy.

That’s why I think you should use snare wires with the snares. If you like crispy snare sound then you should definitely use snare wires.

Snare wires come in different types and sizes. However, recommend a “dual-adjustable” snare wire which means you can tune the sides independently.

18. Bass Drum Beater

Bass Drum Beater

A Bass drum beater is used as a component of the bass drum pedal, which is used to strike the bass drum head.

The Bass drum beater has a mechanism that can be attached to the pedal mechanism and when the pedal’s foot-board is depressed this automatically propels the bass drum forward.

Bass drum beaters come in different shapes, sizes and mechanisms. You can choose one according to your needs.

19. Music Stand

Music Stand

And last but not least, a music stand is also essential for drummers.

Music stands allow you to keep the notation in front of your eyes.

So, if you use notations then you need one.

BUT, I suggest a lightweight and foldable music stand that you can carry when traveling.

And, of course, it should be durable and long-lasting.

Bottom Line

So, these are the 19 essential drum accessories that you should keep as a drummer.

Well, it’s your choice which one you should buy and which you shouldn’t but for a professional drummer, all these accessories are important.

Let me know in the comments, which one you’ve bought. This will help you and others to choose the right accessories for them. Also, share other accessories if I forgot to add them here.

The comment box is waiting for your response.

Happy drumming!

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