Top 3 Virtual Tape Machine Plugins For Home Studios in 2021

virtual tape machine plugin for beginners

Do you miss the vintage analog taste in your music tracks? Well, you are not alone who face this problem. Digital audio recording has limitations in terms of harmonics. However, today virtual tape machine plugins are available in the market to add that analog taste to your digital audio recordings. Virtual tape machine plugins are … Read more

How to Choose DJ Controller As a Beginner DJ Artist

how to choose dj controller as a beginner

DJ or disco jockeys are quite famous these days. Without DJ, parties seem breathless. DJs are treated like music producers and get name, fame, and money like any other artists. That’s why many youths are entering this field. DJs like Daft Punk, Porter Robinson, Cassy, etc are treated as a superstar. If you have just … Read more

Top 7 Music Production Software for Beginners in 2021

top 7 music production software for beginners.png

Now, if you have any idea about the music industry, it was a totally different time back then. Making a song, editing it, mixing it, and releasing the final version of the track was all a lengthy process and it would take weeks and even months. Today, thanks to the advancement in the field of … Read more

Top 52 VST Plugins Under $100 For Home Studios [2021]

50 best vst plugins under 100

VST plugins are an essential part of recording studios. Especially in home studios and indie composers where we record in digital format through computers, without VST plugins you can’t imagine producing music anymore. SO, In this article, I have come up with the top 52 VST plugins under $100 that will help you choose the … Read more

Compressor vs Leveler [What’s the Difference]

compressor vs leveler difference

In the music production world, compressors get all the attention. They are potentially the most talked-about plugin you’ll hear when learning how to produce. The word compressor gets thrown around in some form or another in just about every music production tutorial out there. How to get louder mixes, how to get vocals to cut … Read more

15 Killer Guitar Mixing Techniques For Beginners

killer guitar mixing techniques

Guitars are used in almost all music genres that are popular today. Regardless of whether you’re a guitarist, engineer, or both, you have to know different mixing techniques that’ll help you ensure that the guitar sound is perfect in a song. If you learn how to mix songs well, you’ll not only enjoy your hobby … Read more

What is Phase Reversal in Audio Recording and How to Resolve it?

phase reversal in audio

In this article, you will learn what is phase reversal in audio recording and how to resolve it. Do you often face issues while mixing sounds in your studio and you are unable to figure out? The chances are higher than you might be facing a phase reverse problem. It is an error in which you … Read more

What Sample Rate And Bit Depth Should You Use in Recording Studio?

bit depth & sample rate explained

Audio recording is a combination of technology and art. As an audio recordist, you should master both technology and art and use that knowledge for the best outcome. The “art” section I have discussed in several previous articles. BUT, today this post is purely dedicated to the technology part of audio recording. When it comes … Read more

11 Best Music Making Apps | Free & Paid [2021]

top music making apps for android

The evolution of mobile devices makes all industries to catch mobile users and so they are developing and marketing their apps. The music industry is not an exception. There are tons of music making apps for android and iOS are available in the market. BUT, not all are genuinely built for serious music production. Most … Read more