How to Create a Music Band Website on WordPress

As a music band, having a website is like you are getting tonnes of concert proposals.

Establishing your online presence is crucial these days. It helps you to reach out to potential fans.

If a music band has a website then it can serve and sell different types of services and products such as music, upcoming show tickets, merchandise, and contact details to contact for concerts.

No, no, it’s not too complicated to create a music band website on your own. CMS platforms like WordPress made it very easy for anyone to create a user-friendly and eye-catching website.

And, I have written this guide just for you to walk you through the steps on how to create a music band website on WordPress.

So, do you want to learn the whole process of creating a music band website?

Let’s dive into!

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Why Should You Build a Music Band Website?

There are many reasons why a website is crucial for a music band. But, I have sorted out 4 main reasons why should you start a music band website. Every public figure needs them to become a popular public figure.

The first one is,

1. Branding

music band branding

Branding is very important for a public figure like a music band. And today’s internet-savvy world you have to show your online presence to become a brand.

A website helps you to establish a professional online presence as a band. It would become a place where you can showcase your previous work and promote your shows, sell tickets directly to the audience and many more.

2. Popularity

create a music band website on WordPress

Today, internet is available all over there. Smartphones made it possible to get the internet right in your hands.

That’s why, when you establish yourself on the internet you get much more popularity then print and digital media.

There are many examples who got huge popularity through their website, Youtube and other social media channels.

3. Reach

As I have mentioned above, internet is available to anyone through their mobile phones. So, the reach is obviously much more then TV and print media.

When you create your band’s website along with some popular social media channels you can cross-promote your website to them and reach to more audience.

4. Demand

As your band gets more reach, it will increase the demand also. After all, any business needs demand.

With more audience, your band has more demand and ultimately more shows and popularity.

These 4 are solid reasons to start a music band website. You can see all of them complement each other and the chain starts with when you create your online presence.

What Should You Include in Your Music Band Website?

A music band website is a type of portfolio website where you showcase your work and give information about upcoming events.

Apart from other websites such as an eCommerce website, News website etc, music band website does not have a complicated page structure.

You need only a few pages to start your band website. And, creating this type of website on WordPress is not so hard.

Later on in this guide, I will show you how to create this type of website in no time.

Such as,


Music band homepage

Homepage is the most important page for any website. It is the page that appears when you type the parent URL on the web browser. For example when you type on your webs browser, you can see my blog’s homepage.

Every page on your website is directly or indirectly connected to the homepage. That’s why it is the most important page.

Events Details Page

Event details page
Source: The Weeknd

The next important page on a music band website is event details page where you showcase your past and upcoming events.

So, this page needs to be updated frequently.

About Section

Band about page
Source: LaurenConclin

What you are? What you do? And many other questions answered through this page.

It is the portfolio of your band. You have to give all the details about your band here.

Note: About page is very important as 70% visitors come to this page to know who you are. So you have to craft this page as attractive and give all the information about your music band.

Media Kit Page

musc band Media Kit page
Source: Leeland

If you are public figure then you will definitely get branding and event proposals. That’s where this page comes into play.

Here you can show the rate chart for brand and event deals. You have to craft this carefully because 90% percent of media page visitors are B2B. So, first, go and research the rates first and then put them on this page.

You can also give some proof of your past events and brand deals to impress the B2B.

Online Store

music band online store
Source: Brad Paisley

Do you want to sell your band’s merchandise? Then your website is the first place to do this. You can create an online store page on your website and showcase your merchadise here.

Don’t worry creating online store page on WordPress is quite easy. I will show you later the process.

Blog Page

music band blog page
Source: Brad Paisley

Blogs play an important role in improving SEO. So, I always recommend creating a blog page on your website and regularly updating your blog.

One post a week is sufficient for a band website to show Google that you are active. When Google gets the signal of your activity on your website, it start improving your search engine ranking and you will get more page views via Google.

Streaming Feed Page

If your band does live streaming then you can showcase your Youtube, Facebook and Instagram streaming feed on your website.

It just needs some pre-written codes to place on streaming page to directly feed through the social media channels.

Live streaming is recommended to any music band as it gives you huge popularity. People want to see you live. So take this as an advantage and create a streaming feed page on your website.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Create a Music Band Website?

Now you know which pages are important for a music band website, it’s time to see the whole process of creating a portfolio website for your music band.

Let’s dive into.

Choose Domain Name

choose domain name for band website

The first step in building a music band website is to choose a domain name.

Well, it’s hard to find a domain name that complements your work and is easy to pronounce, however, in case of band websites, mostly the name of band is used.

So, look for an exact match domain name for your music band.

You can find and buy a domain name on Godaddy, which is the biggest domain name registrar.

I always suggest going for .COM domain extension because they have more SEO value and recognize your music band as a business.

There are other domain extensions also available that you can choose as per your need and choice.

Choose a Reliable Web Hosting Plan

Now the second and most crucial step is choosing a good hosting provider.

Choosing a good hosting provider is very important otherwise you may suffer various problems such as bad customer service, data loss, website loading issues etc.

I use and recommend Bluehost. Bluehost is one of the biggest web hosting providers and is also cheap compared to other premium web hosting providers.

bluehost hosting for music band

You will get their unlimited bandwidth hosting for just $2.95/Month, as well as a domain name free for one year.

Note: Here I have shared my affiliate link for Bluehost. If you buy their hosting from my affiliate link and provide me the purchase receipt via email, I will install a WordPress on your hosting with a premium WordPress theme (either Generatepress or Astra) that you can further customize according to your need.

Install WordPress on Server

After choosing a web hosting server, you will have to install WordPress on your server and connect that to your domain provider.

Connecting your host with domain provider is simple.

When you purchase hosting, they will provide you with their nameserver details. You have to go to Godaddy’s DNS setting page under your domain as shown in the image and replace their pre-installed nameserver details with your hosting’s nameservers.

updating nameservers

That’s it.

If you purchase Bluehost hosting along with their free domain name, there is no need to install nameservers.

To install WordPress on your website, you will find a WordPress installer on your hosting provider’s cPanel as shown in the images below.

Wordpress installing
installing wordpress for band website

Here, you have to give some details such as login ID and password, email etc. After putting all the necessary information, click on install button.

Now WordPress is installed on your domain.

You can access the login area by typing on browser’s search panel and putting your WordPress login ID and password.

You can also go to the homepage simply by putting on the browser’s search panel.

That’s it.

WordPress is installed on your domain and now it’s time to customize it according to your needs.

Install WordPress Theme

WordPress theme is the most important thing in WordPress customization. So, you need to choose one that should be user-friendly and highly customizable.

For me, I use GeneratePress which is the fastest loading theme and complies Google web vital score.

generatepress theme

This is a premium theme so you have to purchase this separately. But if you purchase Bluehost from my affiliate link shared above, you will get this theme installed for free.

After purchasing this theme you get the installation file of the theme and a supporting plugin (GB Premium). You have to install and activate both of them on your WordPress dashboard.

Upon plugin activation, it will ask you for the activation code which you can find on your Generatepress dashboard.

Now, put the activation code and hurray, your theme is unlocked for full customization.

This theme has many customization options that you can use to build a stunning WordPress music band website.

I am giving you some of the options in the image below.

generatepress modules

You can also install Generatepress Blocks plugins to get some more customization options on your pages and posts.

generatepress blocks

Install Essential WordPress Plugins

After installing WordPress and theme, it’s time to install some essential plugins. Here is the plugin list that I use in my websites.

  • Akismet (For detecting spam comments)
  • Generate Blocks (Generatepress) (Paid)
  • GB Premium (Generatepress) (Paid)
  • Rank Math SEO (For proper on-page SEO)
  • Site kit by Google (To connect your site to Google Search Console and Google Analytics)
  • UpdraftPlus (For website backup)
  • Wp Rocket (TO speed up your website) (Paid)
  • Woo Commerce (To build a shopping cart on your website)

You can use more plugins according to your needs. But, keep in mind that every plugin increases load on the server and slow down your website. So don’t overdo it. Try to manage things with fewer plugins.

There are tons of articles and Youtube videos available to install and use these plugins that you can watch to use them correctly. However, they are quite easy that any non-coder can use if they have some basic knowledge of how WordPress works.

Create the Pages

Now you have all the plugins and theme installed and activated, it’s time to create the essential pages that I have mentioned above.

To create the pages you have to go to pages section in WordPress and click on “Add New”. Now a new page will be opened and available to edit. You can edit as per your need.

Add new page

GeneratePress and WordPress’s core blocks are available on left side in the block section that you can use to create stunning page.

Wordpress blocks section

Don’t forget to assign the Homepage as homepage of the website in “Customize settings” as shown in the image below.

Also in the permalinks section you have to put the “Permalink structure” in “Post name”.


Similarly, you can create all the pages. To create shopping cart you can refer to WooCommerce help page or Youtube videos.

Create Menu and Footer

Now create the menu in “menu option”. First, you have to create main menu which is already there but you have to add and remove pages according to your needs. It appears at the header of the website and the most important menu.

So you have to structure this carefully. I suggest give all the important pages such as About Us, Event Details, Blog, Media Kit and Shopping Cart etc.

Menu option in wordpress

Similarly, you can create a Footer menu where you can share your social media page links, some other important pages such as Terms of Use, Disclaimer etc.

In Generatepress you will get a whole bunch of options to customize your header and footer. Such as you can add custom logo in the header, change header color, size and appearance. Even you can make your header sticky.

Generatepress header options
Header Options
Generatepress footer option
Footer Options

You will get multiple footer block that you can customize to display information about you. Such as in 1st footer block you can display your contact details, in 2nd block you can add a Google map, in 3rd you can add a custom menu etc.

Publish the website

There is no need to publish your website separately. With each step you can publish your pages and settings are they are effective with just one click on the publish button.

So, your website will be live from the first day.

However, you can discourage Google to detect your website until you built it properly by just checking “Search engine visibility” option in the “Reading menu” in dashboard.

Search engine SEO wordpress

Once completed you can uncheck the option and Google start detecting and indexing your website.

That’s how you can create an attractive music band website on your own without taking paid help from a developer.

But, the work does not end here. To get links on your website you need to do some SEO on your website.

So what is SEO?

Let’s dive into.

Importance of SEO For Music Band Website

SEO or search engine optimization is the optimization process that makes your website searchable by Google. It also gives signal to Google about the authenticity and importance of your content.

This process helps Google to index your website on their search results pages.

So, a good SEO practice gets your website visible in front of more organic eyeballs and ultimately you will start getting clicks and conversions on your website.

After all, the ultimate goal of a music band website is to get more clients and followers, right?

Two Categories of SEO

There are two categories of SEO.

On page SEO and Off Page SEO.

Both are important but you can manage only the first one. You cannot manage the second one. (you CAN manage this but it’s not fully legal. I will show you below why?)


What is On-Page SEO: Important Points of On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the optimization of your website structure and page content according to Google’s demand.

There are several things come inside on-page SEO. Such as,

  • Page Content quality and density
  • Silo structure (webpage internal linking structure)
  • Using keywords in proper density
  • Permalink structure (That we have discussed earlier)
  • Image alt tags
  • Page titles and description
  • In-page linking etc.

These are some of the important factors that affect on-page SEO. However, Google considers more than 200 on-page SEO factors when ranking a web page.

BUT, if your pages have high-quality content, keyword rich with LSI keywords, SILO structure is good and you properly use image alt tags, page titles and descriptions that contain the target keywords then there are more chances of ranking your content.

ON-page SEO is not one day process. It improves with time. So, you should write some blogs on your website to get into this. And with time you will be better in on-page SEO.

Blogging is one of the best tool to crush on-page SEO. I have been doing this for 5 years and now I can say I can rank any website in 6 months to 1 year.

Rank Math Plugin will help you in achieving good on-page SEO score. It will guide you in all the steps to craft SEO-friendly pages and blog posts.

What is Off-Page SEO: Important Points of Off-Page SEO

When someone link to your website from his website then you will get some link juice from his website, which depends on the authority score of his website.

  • If your website’s authority score is 30 and his website’s authority score is 50 then you will get some link juice from his website, which gives Google a positive signal about your website.
  • Google recognizes your website as an authority website because a website that has more authority score gives a link to you.

That’s the whole concept of off-page SEO.

But, if the linking website has low authority score and anyways link to spam contents then your site will also suffer.

Getting links from other’s website is not a process that you can directly do. That’s why I said above that you can’t handle off-page SEO.

BUT, there are ways people do off-page SEO. Such as,

  • Guest posting (Legal)
  • Link purchasing (Illegal)
  • Forum posting (Doesn’t work a lot)
  • Social media sharing ( Works well)
  • And many other ways.

However, we can do off-page SEO but I don’t suggest doing it. If your content is great and your band is already a popular brand then you don’t actually need it.

Social media sharing is the way you can do to get a huge amount of links. I only suggest social media sharing and occasionally guest posting.

There are 3 types of links you get in your website.

  • Do-follow backlink (It is the most important link category. Google recognizes this type of links)
  • No-follow backlinks (Google just ignores these types of links)
  • Sponsored links (These are product links such as affiliate links and product suggestions. Google strictly told Webmasters to add sponsored tags for this types oflinks otherwise they penalize the website).


Well, here I have shared the whole procedure of building a music band website in WordPress from scratch.

Building a website in WordPress is not hard. Anyone can do it, with a little technical knowledge which I think all of us have.

The only thing is creativity. Afterall it all depends on your creativity and how beautifully you can build your website.

I have also shared my thoughts on SEO which you can implement to rank your website on Google.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any queries about building your music band website.

You can also refer to other articles and Youtube videos to get more in-depth knowledge about building a website on WordPress.

That’s it.

Signing off.

Gautam Roy is a recording engineer and a blogger from India. He loves music, writing, and travelling. He is also an active investor and a successful entrepreneur.

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