How to Extract Vocal And Instrumental Tracks From Audio With One Click!!

Oftentimes we need to extract vocals and instrumentals from a single audio track. Especially, DJ professionals, musicians, vocalists, and dancers always need instrumentals and without vocal tracks.

However, it’s not easy to get tracks without vocals. Even with vocal removal tools and software, the resultant audio does not please you in terms of quality.

SO, in this article, I will step by step show you how to extracts vocals from the original audio track as well as creating professional instrumental tracks online without worrying about the poor audio quality.

I will use LALAI.AI audio splitting tool to extract vocals and instrumentals tracks online.

Extract Vocal And Instrumental Tracks From Audio Online


Now, let me show you how to extract vocals and instrumentals from audio tracks online with one click.

Step 1

First off, open LALAI.AI in your web browser.

Step 2

When you open the website, you will see a big yellow “select file” button. Click on that button.

Step 3

Now Select your audio track from the computer and upload the file.

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Step 4

After uploading to LALAI.AI you will see some options where you can tweak the audio processing.

Step 5

After adjusting the audio, you can now download the track to your computer.

That’s it.


There are several audio splitter tools available online and offline. But there is a basic difference between LALAI and other audio splitting tools.

LALAI is an AI(Artificial Intelligence) powered tool that can automatically adjust and tweak the audio for post-processing.

The beauty of this AI-powered audio splitter tool is, you get a clean high-quality audio track.

Unlike, other audio splitter tool, LALAI will provide you with much clear audio without quality loss.

If you need more information regarding how LALAI works and how to adjust your audio track for better results you can refer to this article.

At the end

Separating vocals from audio is not hard but we all struggle with the quality we get after applying the separation setting like phase reverse or using some average splitter tools.

But, tools like LALAI.AI not just only separate your audio but also preserves the original audio quality. I am using this tool for the last few months and got much better results than other software and tools.

Don’t forget to update me on your experience with LALAI.AI in the comment box below. It will help other readers a lot.

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