What Does a Music Producer Do [A Guide to Music Producer’s Workflow]

music producers workflow

The term “Music Producer” is not new for us. In our audio recording journey, we often face this term in our day to day life. But do you know, what does a music producer do? When I was new in the music production field, I always wondered about their actual work in the music production … Read more

7 Essential Songwriting Tools For Musicians in 2021


This article is all about the essential songwriting tools for musicians. If you are a musician and don’t own them then you can be trapped by your mind. You won’t be able to remind the tune came into your mind when you are on some other works. Essential Songwriting Tools for Musicians Good things can … Read more

Friday Freeware: Electronic Music Production Courses

free electronic music production courses

This article will give you the detail and enrollment link for 2 free electronic music production courses. So keep reading In any field when you want to achieve big, you must learn from other professionals who already achieved it in their life. There are many ways to learn from professionals. Ebooks, Courses, Videos, blogs etc are … Read more

How To Make Money By Selling Beats Online

selling beats online

Do you want to know how to sell your beats online and get extra income as well as more exposure on the internet? Here I am sharing a short guide on how to make money by selling beats online. Believe me or not but selling beats online is now a full-time job for many indie music … Read more

RB’s Black Friday Big Sale: IK Multimedia , Udemy , Amazon

black friday big sale

RB community presents the Black Friday sale in Pro Audio products from Amazon, Udemy, and IK Multimedia. Grab these offers now IK Multimedia 50% Off IK Multimedia – 50% discount on all products – Checkout Offer Amazon 50% Off Amazon – Up to 50% off on all Pro-Audio products – Checkout Offer Udemy Price Drop Udemy – Audio … Read more

Free 100 Year Old Piano Sample Pack For Ableton Live and Logic

Free 100 Year Old Piano Sample Pack

AfroDJMac whose real name is Brian Funk has just created Free 100 Year Old Piano Sample Pack. This sample pack recently works with Logic Pro & Ableton Live. But in future, he is going to release it for all major DAW. Here are some words from his own, I have a Kranich and Bach piano from 1913, that has tons of … Read more