How to Make a MUSIC BAND That Gets You 1 Million Monthly

In this article, you will read about how to make a music band that gets your name fame, and money?

Making a band is easy but running it successfully is not…Right?

If you are a musician and want to make your own band that can bring you name, fame, and the by-product of money then you are landed in the right place.

Here in this article, I will show how you the key factors behind a successful band. Whether you have an existing band or want to start a new one, you must read this article.

Here we will know about the core factors of a successful band and the promotion technique that can help your music band much faster than ever.

First off…

Types of Music bands

We can divide the music bands as per the music genre that they play. Such as…

  • Rock band
  • Pop band
  • Classical band etc.

Some genre is more popular than others so the popularity of the band is directly proportional to the popularity of the genre. As a musician, I already know that we all caught up on the genre when we are in the first phase of learning the music. So we can’t have to do with the choice of genre for bands.

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You have to start your band with which you are already familiar. Changing the genre can bring you difficulties so I don’t suggest you change the genre of the band.

Always choose the genre that you are familiar with.

Chose the genre for your music band?

Okay, now come to the second part.

The core members of a Music band: The key to success

A music band is not a one-man army job.


It needs vocalists, keyboardists, guitarists, drummers, etc. And also a band manager that could be anyone, in my suggestion – You.

The quality of the music in a band depends on the quality of musicians and vocalists so always be choosy when starting out your band. When recruiting a band member, always choose on the basis of quality, not emotion.

When you have quality band members, you can see that without extra effort your band comes into the limelight. And the progress is fast.

So choosing the right band members is very important.

Now the next one…

Regular Practice

To increase the quality of music regular practice is very important. If your band practice regularly you can see that the quality will increase dramatically.

So, conduct regular practice for your band. Hire a practice room and practice at least two times a week. And always practice a whole range of songs from old to new so that your band will catch up with the songs that could come on-demand.

However the quality of music in a band matters a lot,

But, quality alone does not make your band famous. There is another thing that makes it a successful band.


How to Make Band That Gets You Name Fame and Money

Okay, we all know that marketing is the key to success. Whether you are a musician from the sole you need to market yourself and your band to get famous.

It does not matter how much talent you and your band members have if nobody knows you who will hire you for the events.

So, marketing is crucial.

But, how do you market your band?

Well here are some offline and online promotion techniques that will help you market your band.

First off…

Record and Release Albums

Your band has some sort of social proof about your music. In this, music albums can help you a lot.

Even, in the old days when there were no internet and another type of promotions available, the old guys always use music album to introduce themselves to the world.

Music albums can directly impact the mind of the listener. And the best part of this technique is you will get paid for it. As more your album sells as more money you will make.

So, making music albums and selling them is a win-win technique.

The second important part of the promotion is…


You need to make your band a brand. Branding is the key to success for any business and the music business is not an exception.

So, how can you make your band a brand?

It’s not as difficult as you think. Just create a theme and stick to that. Let me explain it to you.

First off…

Choose a brandable band name. Remember ‘Beatles’? But choosing a brandable name is not enough for branding. There are other things that can help with it.

Here are these…

  • Band’s dress – The dree of band members is a great idea for branding. You can make T-shirts, with the band name for every band members and make it compulsory to wear them during the performance.
  • Band Logo – You should always make a logo for your band and use it everywhere so that people could remember you by this logo.
  • Accessories – You can also use some special accessories for all band members that they will wear during the performance.
  • Colour – You need to choose a primary colour and use the same colour in your logo, t-shirts, accessories etc.

Now you know the importance of branding and how can you make your band’s brand.

Here come the promotion techniques…

There are two types of promotion that you need to adapt to get success in making a popular music band.

  1. Offline promotion
  2. Online promotion

Let us go through them one by one…

Offline Promotion

When the internet is not involved in the process it’s called offline promotion. Such as Newspapers, Radio, TV, Pamphlets, Banners, etc.

However, some of them cost you a huge amount of money and as a new band owner, you can’t afford them. So here are some cheap and effective offline promotion techniques that you can use to promote your music band.

Collab With Other Bands

The first and very effective promotion technique is to collab with other bands. Here I suggest you choose small bands that accept you without any hustle.

However, you can try for big bands also, but the chance of rejection is more with big bands. Ask others to do guest performances in their concerts so that people get to know about you.

It’s a very effective technique to tap other fans without much hustle.

This is a traditional technique of advertising. Newspapers are one of the great resources for fans. You need to introduce your brand to the people.

Moreover, you can ask them to hire your band for local concerts. This promotion technique will charge you money but compared to TV commercials and radio ads it’s very cheap.

And, believe me, if you play the same genre that the local people love, they accept you immediately.

Become Part of Events for Free 

Apogee Studio Event

Colleges, hotels, media houses organize events from time to time. Leverage this and be part of those events for free.

Colleges and media houses have already had a huge following so if you perform in their events you get notices in no time. The result will be – in a short time you get popular and the same organizations ask them to perform for money.

Here are some effective and cheap offline promotion techniques.

Starting a Recording Studio

By starting a recording studio and recording your band songs there you can save money to record in other studios as well as release songs consistently.

Starting a recording studio nowadays is not so expensive. Even you can start with just $1000 bucks. Here is the list of the basic equipment you need to start a home studio.

Read the list and plan for a recording studio for your band.

Now come to online promotions…

Online Promotion

Offline promotion is good but online promotion is great. Do you know why?

The Internet has the biggest reach than any other media. When you are online, you are able to gain followers from the other portion of the globe. The Internet is a global promotion tool. But you can use it for local advertising also. I will show you how?

First off…

Create a band Website

You need to create a website for your band. A website is a gateway where your followers meet you, know you, and interact with you.

So it’s important.

Create a website as soon as possible.

Don’t worry. Today creating a website is not techy work. You just need some basic knowledge of websites such as web hosting, domain, etc and WordPress will do the rest for you.

It’s very easy and cheap to install WordPress on your web hosting. You just need to create an account with Bluehost and follow their step-by-step process to create your website. It needs only $2.99/m for Bluehost web hosting.

And if you are facing difficulty creating your website then contact me I will do it for you. my email address is

Create a Youtube Channel 

The second step is creating a Youtube channel. It’s far easier to create a website. You just need a Gmail account and follow the steps provided by Google to create your Youtube channel.

You must be active in your channel otherwise you won’t gain followers. So shoot videos and upload them to your Youtube channel. To gain more exposure you can embed those videos to your website and social channels too.

Create Social Profiles

The third most important step is creating social profiles. Here I will suggest you first do a survey where your followers hang out and then chose the perfect social network.

However, for bands, Facebook and Instagram are best. You can also create a LinkedIn account for professional followers.

Whichever social channels you choose always be active in those channels. Active social profiles gain more followers than inactive accounts. So be active in social media.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

After creating social profiles you can leverage them to run ad campaigns for your band. As music lovers hang out more on FB and Insta, you should run your campaigns on these social networks. The process is simple and there are tons of tutorials on the internet running a successful social media campaign.

Note: Remember, the branding? You should always do branding on your website, social channels, and Youtube channel. Use logo, theme color, and other branding signals on your online assets.

Bonus Tip: Google Business

If you want to gain loyal customers, create a Google business account. I have a Google business account for my recording studio and get tons of business calls on a monthly basis.

Don’t worry… it’s free


So, what’s your plan?

Let me know which strategies are you going to take in making your band popular. If you ask me, I would always prefer online promotions as the internet has far more reach than traditional promotion channels.

And the best part is it’s far cheaper than offline promotions.

You should make a good mixture of offline and online promotions such as collab with other bands and being part of free events plus creating online assets and promoting them on your ongoing concerts is a great mixture of offline and online promotion.

Now it’s your time, Comment below if you have any queries or suggestions, and share this article on your social circle to help them with that.

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Gautam Roy is a recording engineer and a blogger from India. He loves music, writing, and travelling. He is also an active investor and a successful entrepreneur.

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