9 KILLER LED Light Setup IDEAS for Music Studios [2024 Editions]

In this article, I’ll give you 9 cheap and best LED light setup ideas for music studios that will transform your home studio into a Bollywood studio. So, read this article till the end.

Someone said, “Success always comes to a positive person” and a positive environment plays a big role in making a person think positively. Music is one of those professions where creative thinking is the most important thing.

We can’t transform our imagination and think to the next level in a negative environment. Lighting affects a lot in your thinking.

SO, today I’m here with 9 LED light setup ideas for music studios that you can use in your studio to transform the environment like a Hollywood studio.

Don’t worry, all of the lighting ideas are under your budget.

I’ll provide 9 best lightning ideas for music studios in this guide. But first,

Let’s discuss…

Some basic things about Music Studio Lighting

Do you know, different light shades, colors, hues, and intensity affect the human mind in different ways?

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It’s a proven fact that dark colors and shades of light make us negative where bright ones make us positive.

We can use these lighting techniques to enhance artistic creations like music production etc.

SO, for music studios, we should take care of the below things to get the most out of lighting setups.

First off…

Use Passive Lighting

passive lighting setup

In recording studios, artists sing or play acoustic instruments in a cabin while interacting with the recordist and music producer through a glass wall partition.

If the artist is not used to music studios he/she can easily distract by the people sitting on the other side ie; the control room.

SO, it’s a good practice to use passive lighting in the control room so that the light should be dimmer than the cabin’s light.

This setup not just makes the artist confident but gives a cool look to your control room.

Passive lighting does not directly fall on any human eye so the overall hue and shade of lighting will be amazing.

Refer to this image for better understanding.

Only Use Active Lighting where it demands

active lighting in recording studios

In the above section, I have given you the benefits of using passive lighting in recording studios.

BUT, you can’t just rely on passive lighting. Because we can’t work properly in dark. We want direct light to do our work, especially table work.

SO, you should use active and passive lighting in combination.

Using active lighting at your table is not just enhance your work efficiency but also looks cool.

There are several active lighting solutions available in the market to use side by side with passive lighting.

I have provided those solutions below in this article.

Color Temperature

Do you know, blue light helps us remain awake.

Yes, our mind is very sensitive to color temperature. Blue light signals our mind to release some hormone in our body which keeps us awake.

Similarly, dark light helps us in sleeping.

If the night shift is common in your home studio, then I would suggest you use blue color lights in your studio.

Otherwise, you can go to warm color tones.

The choice is yours. But, keep in mind that whatever light shade you use should look cool and attractive to visitors.

Play with Different Color Combinations

There are several color combinations available to play with.

However, in my suggestion, the best combination for recording studios is Yellow, Red, and Green.

You can use yellow lights as active lighting was red and greens as passive.

I know, the colors I like, should not be another’s choice.

You can go with any of your choices, just remember one thing.

Use proper lighting on your table.

Important: Don’t use more heat emitting lights

Don’t use heat-producing lights or you’ll get into trouble.

There are 2 reasons why I’m asking you to don’t use heat emitting lights.

  • Heat emitting lights can cause a fire in your studio
  • The air conditioner has to work more to cool down your studio. That means more electricity bills.
  • Heat emitting light in itself consumes much more electricity than LED lights.

SO, it’s good to use LED lights in place of traditional heat-producing lights.

NOW, let me introduce you to the coolest list of LED light setup ideas for home studios.

The first one is,

1. LED Hue Light Strips

LED light strips for music studios

LED Hue Light strips are one of the basic light setups for all types of studios. These are used for passive lighting setups such as on the table corners, below table, chairs, and behind the wall fittings.

LED light strips are the main ingredient of passive lighting so they should always be used hidden from your eyes.

These light strips come in several color combinations but I love single colors because a single color gives a thematic look to your studio.

Even today some LED light strips are mobile app-controlled so you can switch on and off them by a simple conversation with your mobile.

Do you want to check out some?

Look into this list on Amazon

2. LED Ball Light

LED ball light for homes studios

LED ball lights are ball-shaped dimmable lights that can be used as passive lighting by placing behind your working table and other furniture and also can be used for active lighting by placing the above table and tools.

They come in several colors and hue range.

Also, they are dimmable so you can adjust the light intensity as per your need and give a sexy look to your studio.

As well as they have dynamic lighting in which you get 4 dynamic lighting modes(FADE, SMOOTH, FLASH, STROBE).

The soft light doesn’t harm your eyes so you can easily use the as active light.

Checkout LED Ball Lights on Amazon

3. LED Roof Projector Setup

LED roof projector for studios

LED roof projector is the coolest one on this list.

This is used to create a theme for the roof. From artificial cloud to stars, there are several themes available in the market.

It all depends on you which theme you want to choose.

However, I like a sleek look for my studio so I don’t recommend something fancy.

You can check out all the themes here

4. Lava Lamps

LEd lava lamp for home studios

Lava lamps are tabletop lighting decorative.

You can use them on your tabletop or side tools to give a trendy look to your home studio. Especially, these are the must-have accessories for your tabletop next to your mixer.

Lava lamps also come in several different shades and shapes. You can purchase as per your need and choice.

Do you want to check out some latest Lava lamps?

Click here

5. Nano Light Smart Lighting Panels

smart lighting panels for studio

The decoration of the walls plays a vital role when it comes to a home studio setup. In this, Nano Light Smart Lighting Panels can help you.

These smart lighting panels are used in groups over your walls to give it a trendy look.

There are thousands of colors, shapes, and shades of Lava lighting panels available in the market to choose from.

You just have to hang the panel over your home studio wall and see how it can change the overall look of your studio.

Checkout and select Lava Smart lighting panels here

6. LED Track Lighting

LED trek lighting for music studios

Trek lighting is used to point to a specific area in your room. AS you have seen in the jewelry stores trek lights are used in the showcase to point out the jewelry.

Similarly, you can use them to point out your studio gear such as mixers and monitors.

Trek lights not just look beautiful but help you to see the object.

SO, I strongly recommend using them in your recording studio. Trek lights give a trendy stage look to your recording studio as well as help you to do your work in proper lighting.

Checkout trek lights on Amazon

7. LED Drop Ceiling Light

LED drop ceiling light for studios

The one active lighting solution used in all types of applications is Drop Ceiling light.

These are the main source of active lighting so you should always use in your recording studio for proper lighting.

However, I recommend you to use one with adjustable intensity so that you can adjust the light intensity with your passive lighting setup.

You can find a wide variety of drop ceiling lights on Amazon

8. LED Wall Sconces

LED wall sconces for recording studio walls

As I’ve told you above, wall decoration is the heart of the recording studio setup. LED-wall sconces are the must-have item to decorate your home’s studio walls.

I won’t tell you more about wall sconces as these are already used in our home.

If you want to find out the best ones, click here.

9. LED Table lamp

LED table lamps for studio mixer

Another most-used lighting item is a table lamp that can be used in lightning your mixer faders and keyboards to get proper on the tabletop.

BUT, not all table lamps should be used in home studios.

I suggest, use white or yellow hue table lamps that point out to your mixer faders.

That’s it…

Now check out some cool LED table lamps for recording studios.

Conclusion: LED Light Setup IDEAS for Music Studios

Above I have introduced 9 LED light setup ideas for recording studios as well as some basic things you should remember before purchasing those setups.

Now, it’s your turn to choose some and decorate your home studio with proper and trendy LED lighting.

After decorating your studio with these lighting setups, send some pics of your recording studio. I will publish the best studio pics in this guide as well as on our Facebook page.

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Gautam Roy is a recording engineer and a blogger from India. He loves music, writing, and travelling. He is also an active investor and a successful entrepreneur.

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2 thoughts on “9 KILLER LED Light Setup IDEAS for Music Studios [2024 Editions]”

  1. Great info and ideas. I am in the process of helping a customer out with lighting a recording studio. 6 booths and his sound board. My concern is to ensure that the LED products and LED control product will not interfere with the sound. Like a harmonic in the background. Similar to what the old fluorescents used to. I’ve heard it being discussed that some of the basic LED dimmers can cause that as well.
    Any ideas or input?

    Thank you

    • Interference is common in recording studios. Even when a phone call comes into your mobile, you will listen to the interference. No doubt, you will face interference from LED light setups too. But, this interference is mild and can be mitigate if you setup the controllers away from the audio devices such as monitors and audio interfaces.

      You can check the area of interference by calling in your mobile, pull that from the audio devices and write down the distance when the interference mitigates. Setup the light controllers accordingly.


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