How to Choose Home Recording Studio Desks

Building a home studio is such a tough job for newbies. Especially when you are not aware of the essential equipment and tools. Along with audio interfaces, DAW, mic, etc, recording studio desks are an essential part of your home studio.

Without a studio desk, the design of a home studio is incomplete.

So, today we’ll discuss how to choose home recording studio desks for your home studio.

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Features a Home Recording Studio Desk Should Have

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Well, now you know the 7 essential equipment for home recording studios, as well as the importance of home studio desks, it’s time to know the feature a studio desk should have.

However, as per your need, there are several features you might find in, I’m going to share the most important ones with you.

  • Size – A recording studio table should be at least 2.5 feet wide and 4 feet in length. The reason is simple. Generally, home studios have audio interfaces, a digital mixing console, and a computer so you need the space enough for them.
  • Shape – The best size for the home studio desk is “curvy”. A curvy size would help you in adjusting your studio monitors according to your needs. Studio monitor calibration is a crucial thing in the audio recording field. A curvy shape will help in this. The added benefit of a curvy shape is you can reach all of your equipment without turning and dragging your chair.
  • Height – Height must be at least 2.5 feet so that you don’t need to bend down. You know, in professional work we have to sit in front of a computer screen for hours. Bending your waist for a long time will cause back pain.
  • Racks – Your studio table must have a front rack for keeping the MIDI keyboard, computer keyboard and mouse.
  • Studio monitor platform – Home studio desks should also have studio monitor platforms at the height of your ears. In the home studios, the space is limited. When the home studio’s space doesn’t allow us to use monitor stands then studio monitor platform attached with home studio desks is very helpful for us.

Well, here were the features your home studio desk should have. Now let me provide you the list of best recording studio desks.

1. AZ- Vista Studio Workstation Desk

AZ home studio table

AZ vista home studio workstation desk is a full-fledged studio desk for your home studio. There are several additional features you’ll get on this desk. Such as…

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  • Curved Shape which is ideal for studio desks.
  • Enough space for your equipment
  • Different types of racks for MIDI keyboard, audio interfaces, effect processors, headphone amps and other equipment.
  • Studio monitor rack for your monitors.
  • Space for accessories like mic etc.

Checkout AZ Vista Studio Workstation Desk

2. Studio Trends 46 inch

Studio Trends 46 inch

Studio trends desk is ideal for small size home studios. You don’t get a very big space for your equipment, but its great for studios that have essential ones such as, computer, MIDI keyboard, studio monitors, small size mixing console, etc.

Here is the features of Studio Trends 46 inch desk.

  • You’ll get two 4-space racks with 46″ wide workspace Desk shelf ideal for monitors and displays.
  • The 46″-wide work surface, desk shelf for computer monitor and speakers as well as two 4-space racks for outboard gear.
  • The best thing is, it has a cable port to hide wires.
  • The 4 locking casters help to change the room position easily without emptying the desk.

Checkout Studio Trends 46 inch table

3. Studio RTA Producer Station

Studio RTA Producer Station

The third studio desk in our list is Studio RTA producer Station. However, its shape is not curvy, I have added it in this list because of some added benefits of this recording studio table.

Let us know the features of this studio table.

  • There is plenty of room for all your electronic gear. Studio RTA Producer’s Station is the best solution to making your workspace more efficient and ergonomic.
  • The main table area is big enough for an 88-key MIDI keyboard.
  • Dual 13-space racks on each side of this desk give your gear squad a cool look.
  • You’ll also get a 5-space rack to hold additional equipment on top.
  • You can use the upper tier for additional keyboards or a computer monitor.
  • There are two smaller sliding tiers present for holding computer keyboards.
  • It features cable organizers in back to keep them tangle-free and out of the way.
  • Locking casters available to make the whole system easily.

Checkout Studio RTA Producer addition desk

4. AZ- Mini Studio Workstation Desk

AZ- Mini Studio Workstation Desk

AZ has another studio desk which is ideal for mini home studios. This compact studio desk is just 48″ wide. Hence not covers a much space. If your home studio has limited space then you can use this studio table.

Let us see the main features of this home studio desk.

  • It’s a perfect choice for compact size studios and fit just anywhere in your studio.
  • Big storage space available for your recording gear.
  • You’ll get 8 rack slots to arrange your recording gear in a small space.
  • Features a modern design that enhances you’re the look of your studio.
  • You can easily keep a pair of studio monitors and a computer monitor on the upper rack while the lower rack can be used for audio interfaces and outboard effect gear.

Checkout AZ Mini Studio Workstation Desk


Choosing a studio desk is really a tough job when you have limited space.

Well, thanks to this guide, now you know the main features of an ideal home studio desk. You also have a list of best and affordable studio tables. Now its time to check out them.

Let me know which one you are going to buy for your home studio. The comment box is waiting for your suggestions. Your suggestions will help others to choose the right recording studio desk for their home studios.

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