BOSS GX 100 Review 2024: Best Guitar Effect Processor?

Boss is one of the topmost manufacturers of music hardware and software. This company has always been introduced with top-notch effect processors for guitars. The latest addition to the list is BOSS GX 100 guitar effect processor.

Here, I’ll review this effect processor for you.

So, if you are planning to buy this guitar effect processor then you should first read this review.

Well, without wasting any more time, let’s jump into the review.

NameBOSS GX 100
Price$600 approx
Launch DateMarch 3, 2022
Effects150 BOSS effects
Sampling Frequency48 kHz
DA Conversion24 bits
Buy LinkCheckout on Amazon

BOSS GX 100 Features

boss gx 100 genuine review

BOSS GX 100 has several new features that will encourage you to buy this gadget. The effects are derived from the flagship effect processor GT-1000.

You will get 23 AIRD amplifiers and over 150 effects to play with your guitar.

These are some great features of this effect processor.

Let’s have a look at all the features of BOSS GX100 guitar effect processor.

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  • Boss built this effect processor to take the “mobile use” into consideration. So they built this a powerful and easy-to-use amp/effects processor.
  • BOSS GX 100 features a 24-bit ADA converter with 32-bit floating-point processing and a 48 kHz sampling rate.
  • There are 150 effects and 23 amplifier types in some of them are replicas of tube amplifiers.
  • There are 15 assignable blocks in which you can route the amp or effect.
  • You will also get a color touch display.
  • This effect processor features freely assignable onboard footswitches and expression pedals which can be used to assign unlimited numbers of effects control.
  • You can connect up to two footswitches or a single expression pedal.
  • Send/return loop for external pedals and control jack is given for remote channel switching to your amplifier.
  • It has MIDI I/O jacks along with a USB port to connect with your DAW.
  • An in-house BOSS Tone Studio software is given for sound editing.

These are the features and highlights of this guitar effect processor.

BOSS GX 100 Pro and Cons

boss gx 100 genuine review.jpg

Now let’s see the pros and cons of BOSS GX 100 guitar effect processor.


  • Wide range of effects and amps
  • Easy to use
  • Connects with your computer as a multitrack recorder


  • Only 48kHz sample rate support
  • High price

Inputs and Outputs

boss gx-100 inputs and outputs

As all effect processors do have this has also an INPUT jack, and OUTPUT (L/MONO, R). Along with these common connections, you will also get SEND and RETURN jack, and headphone output.

There are some other connectors given such as CTL3, 4/EXP2, AMP CTL1 & 2 to connect external pedals and expansions.

One of the best things I liked about it is the MIDI (IN, OUT) connectors that are used to record MIDI tracks in your DAW or the in-house BOSS Tone Studio software.

Also, this effect processor has a USB connector used to connect your DAW or BOSS Tone Studio software to record multi-track projects right from your processor.

Sound Quality

BOSS GX 100 is a 48kHz 24-bit gadget so you will get a good quality sound. Also, this processor has 32-bit floating-point internal processing.

However, it would be better if this processor had a 96kHz ADA sample rate. As Boss GX100 supports only a 48kHz sample rate, you can record only 48kHz projects on your DAW if it’s used through USB.

I recommend using analog connections if your project is at a higher sample rate.

The 32-bit floating-point internal processing allows it to process the Authentic emulation of tube amplifiers.

So, if you ask me about the sound quality, I would say if it’s used through analog connections then you will get superb quality sound otherwise when using USB connections, you are bound to record your projects at 48kHz.

Touch screen

boss gx 100 touchscreen

One of the best features I like in this effect processor is the “Touch Screen” provided by the manufacturer which makes it easy to handle.

The touch screen is used to select tones, create presets, assign the amps, and more.

This touch screen best accompanies the control knobs, buttons, and pedal and allows you to handle this gadget efficiently.

This vivid color touch display offers patch and effects selection, parameter tweaks, signal chain adjustments, etc.

This touch screen allows you to play your guitar without frustration and you can keep focused on the music.

Build Quality

BOSS GX 100 is built with rugged metal that allows you to use it in rough conditions such as stage performances.

The blueish rugged metal body, the signature of BOSS gadgets gives it a professional look. The silver-colored knobs along with the black buttons accompany its rugged metal body to create a professional look.

The outer part of connectors is made of hard plastic material with ensures years-long durability.

A high-quality rubber surface is given above the pedal for you to play without any hassle.

Amps and Effects

Now let’s come to the main part of this review, AMPS, AND EFFECTS.

As I have said above BOSS GX 100 features 150+ effects and 23 amps with which you can design your guitar sound like never before.

The amps are hard emulated from vintage amplifiers and give you a professional analog feel to your sound.

You will also get 200 user banks along with 100 presets where you can save your own presets.

You can make nearly any sound you can imagine with the BOSS GX-100 effect processor.

These effects combine overdrives and distortions, Slow Gear, Octave, mod effects, delays, and reverbs along with separate bass guitar effects.

The best thing is you can integrate your external stomps, DI boxes, or your amp’s effects loop into the GX-100. That’s the feature I like in GX 100.

Ease of Use

Like other BOSS products, GX 100 is an easy-to-use and intuitive guitar effect processor that anybody can operate without any expert knowledge.

The presets, user banks, effects, and amps are easy to assign so you can concentrate on your playing not on managing the effect processor.

However, if you are using external stompboxes and effects then you have to learn to set up the connections which could be a bit hard for a beginner.

Also, connecting this effect processor to your computer is not so hard. It’s very easy to connect and record multitrack.

My Verdict

There are hundreds of guitar effect processors in the market. BUT, BOSS is one who serves the authentic effects and hence is very popular.

The new addition “BOSS GX 100” in their product catalog is another good effect processor. However, you have to pay premium pricing for these products but it is worth the pricing.

With the 150+ effects and 23 amps along with the inbuilt audio interface and external effect connections, you will get a full-fledged guitar effect processor as GX 100.

So, I give it 8 out of 10.

If you already have this effect processor then don’t forget to share your experience in the comment box. This will help others to make better decisions.

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