Samson Media One BT4 Active Studio Monitor Review 2023

If you are a newbie in audio recording field and want to set up a bedroom studio, then Samson Media one is one of the best studio monitor under your budget. Today I’ll review Samson Media ONe BT4 active studio monitor for you.

Samson Media One BT4 Studio Monitor Review

samson media one

Samson is not a new company and if you don’t know, I would like to tell you that it’s founded in 1980. Initially, it was manufacturing microphones.

With time, it spreads out to the manufacturing other audio recording equipment like studio monitors, audio interfaces etc.

The core marketing strategy of Samson is to capture the budget studio products market.

Like other audio equipment companies, Samson also knew the fact that with the digitization of the audio equipment, the demand for budget audio equipment would rise.

Then they focused on the budget audio equipment, especially budget microphones and budget studio monitors. Today every home studio has at least 1 of Samson audio equipment.

I too have a pair of Samson MediaOne BT4 Active in my second home studio.

Samson MediaOne BT4 Active is one of the best studio monitors under 100 dollars.

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But, if you are looking for a studio monitor with extraordinary sound, you are on the wrong page.

Just go to my home page and look for a Yamaha, KRK monitor or something else. I don’t want to fool you saying that “it has tremendous sound quality” or other similar phrases like this.

Though if you are looking to buy a studio monitor in your budget with an acceptable sound quality then you should read this review until the end.

Samson Media One BT4 studio monitor is available on Amazon for purchase. If you want to check it’s current price then click here.

Samson MediaOne BT4 Active Studio Monitor

As I said above, Samson MediaOne is a home studio quality studio monitor.

Don’t expect an exceptionally pro sound with this monitor but if you could able to link up your ears with this studio monitor, it will give you the best result.

Million Dollar Pro Tip for new recordists and mixers: Wake up early in the morning and listen to your favorite songs in Samson MediaOne BT4 Active monitors. Close your eyes and absorb the low mid and high-frequency one by one in your mind.

1st listen carefully the low frequencies like bass lines and kick etc. Now repeat the song and listen to the mid-range items like mid of vocals, music parts – prelude, interlude, etc. Repeat the process with high-frequency items.

When you try it for one week your mind would be habituated with the sound-producing by Samson MediaOne BT4

Active monitors. After one week record your composition and mix. Now go to your car close the windows, set up the low mid and high EQ of car audio medium and listen to those favorite songs before your song.

Now listen to your own composition. compare the frequencies between the song and your composition. If you feel the difference your ears are not set up and you should do this process for a few more days.

With practice, you will set up your ears with those monitors and produce great results.

Features of Samson MediaOne BT4 Active Studio Monitor

samson media one


The woofer is made of copolymer material. Copolymer material helps it to produce a good quality low and mid frequencies with just only 3″ size.

If we see the tweeters, it is built of silk dome just like other same range monitors and 1″ of size. Tweeters are capable of producing fair high range frequencies.


In a studio monitor, amplification circuit play a wide role producing a good sound. In this studio speaker, you will get 15W per channel RMS and 30W per channel peak power.

The amp is two way active which means it supplies separate powers for the woofer and tweeter.

Unlike costly monitors you this monitor where you get separate power for each side, it features the master and slave style pair so you have to connect the slave monitor with the master.

This feature makes it mostly a desktop-based near-field studio speaker.

Frequency Response

Samsontech claims that Samson MediaOne BT4 Active covers the 95kHz-27kHz.

You can see that the bass side or low frequency is not as much acceptable.

So if you buy this product you should follow my million dollar tip which I described above for the best results.

Though, the high frequency is quite well which is obvious with silk dome 1″ tweeter. So, you don’t have to bother with the high and mid frequencies in mixing.

Just focus on the low frequencies and you will get the best results.

Here I wanna tell you what you expect with a studio monitor under 100 dollars it gives you more than that.


The body is made of MDF wood which is used to make major monitor boxes.

The box is coated with a sleek all-black satin vinyl finish and the ventilation enclosure is situated at the rear side of each box.

The enclosures are precision tuned to reduce noise. As well as the woofer and the tweeter are protected with metal grills.

The cool thing which seems to find in top-rated studio speakers is “AV shield“.

This is good if you use the monitor with sensitive hardware which could misbehave in the magnetic field area. This AV protection covers the magnetic field of woofer and twitter.

I/O and Connections

samson mediaone bt3

On the backside of the master monitor box, you will find RCA inputs, passive monitor terminals, and AC power connector along with Bluetooth pairing button.

The front panel gives you volume control, headphone out, and a stereo aux in. The LED indicator makes its design just awesome.


Above you have read the features of Samson MediaOne BT4 Active Studio monitor as well as the technique I have used to mix my songs with this budget studio monitor.

I think you are now able to imagine that mixing with this monitor is not as hard as you are thinking.

I am using this monitor in my second home studio and this budget monitor really gives me a high-quality sound.

If you could measure the intensity of low, mid and high frequencies you can easily output some really serious mixes with this budget monitor.

Now come to the point. If you are on a tight budget then go for it. Otherwise, I don’t recommend this product to you.

You can also check out the review of M-Audio AV32 10-Watt Studio Monitor where you get only 10 watts per channel but the frequency response is better than Samson MediaOne BT4.

Go for these two Studio monitors under 100 dollars. The choice is yours.

If you have any question on recording and recording equipment feel free to comment below. I will answer you all questions.

Also, share this post with your fellow recordists. Hope this will help them too.

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  1. Found a pair of these in a local pawn shop for around $70.00. After a little research I believe I’ll take the leap and make the purchase. Thanks for the great review!


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