3 Best Yamaha Studio Monitors For Home Studios [2024]

In this article, we will discuss 3 Yamaha Studio Monitors which are considered to be the best mid-range monitors in the audio recording world.

I know you are wondering if several other mid-range monitors are available in the market then why, Yamaha?

There’s some reason behind this.

Actually, I have 3 studio monitors from different brands (I don’t want to expose the brand names due to website publishing rules) in my studio and Yamaha HS5 which I’ve recently bought from Amazon has beaten all the other brands in the mix quality.

So, I wanted to introduce Yamaha monitors to you as a real user.

Especially, HS series monitors.

I am very satisfied with the sound quality of my Yamaha HS5 monitor.

And that’s the reason why I want to introduce them to you.

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Along with the Yamaha HS series monitors, we’ll also discuss two other monitors, Yamaha HS8 and Yamaha MSP5A

Well, let’s jump into the review…

3 Best Yamaha Studio Monitors Review

First of…

Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio monitor

yamaha studio monitors HS5

This is the one, which I recently bought and felt an unexpected change in my mixing quality.

Since 1970, when the 1st white woofer Yamaha monitor was released in 2018 this signature has not been changed.

Yamaha HS series monitors are known for the crisp mid and high. HS5 delivers that quality to the mix engineer. This makes things easier when it comes to mixing and mastering like a pro.

HS5 provides you the clarity so that you can pinpoint faults in your mixes and adjust them as per your need which would never be possible with low-quality studio monitors.

However, there is a drawback of a 5″ monitor; Low Ends. You don’t get the desired low end like any 8″ monitor. Well, a good subwoofer can adjust things and give you the balanced low ends.

Yamaha HS5 Monitor Features

  • This studio monitor is equipped with the same white colored woofer which produces a sleek vintage look which gives your studio a vintage feel.
  • HS5 Yamaha monitor is known for its flat untouched sound frequency which is very important for a better mix. As a professional mixer, I can realize how a bad frequency response affects a mix. Unlike other cheap monitors, it gives us an honest and precise sound without modifying the frequency spectrum.
  • There is 3 models available in HS series HS5, HS7 and HS8 but I personally like the HS5 model as it fits in your home studio as respect to size as well as budget. But you can also choose other models for more amplification. Beware – HS8 will destroy your home studio walls with its big sound- 🙂
  • The advanced transducers with advanced magnetic field design regulate the flow of magnetic response to provide natural and seamless sonic transitions.
  • A perfectly built amp power up the transducers to produce the flat frequency range. As well as the bi-amp design features with separate amps for woofer and tweeters which gives us high-resolution sound with exceptionally flat response across the sound spectrum.
  • The backside frequency response controls provided in this monitor makes it so adaptable to various shape and sized studios.
  • There are various input options available at the back of this studio monitor. We can connect most of the mixers, keyboard and audio interfaces with this monitor.
  • The low response enclosure cabinet cuts the unwanted resonance.
  • Yamaha engineers reduced the vortex which often generates air vibrations inside the port, by adopting an advanced noise reduction technology.
  • There are three variants available in HS series – HS5, HS7, and HS8. You can choose them according to your budget and studio size.
  • HS5 monitor has 45W woofer and 25W tweeter bi-amp system which generates high-performance 70W power amplification


  • Works great for smaller control rooms
  • Crystal clear high sound output
  • Nearly flat and balanced frequency spectrum
  • Great mid-range product for home studios
  • Delivers precise mid-range frequency
  • Comes under home studio budget


  • Weak low end

Yamaha HS8 Reference Monitor

yamaha hs80m studio monitor

Yamaha HS8 is an 8-inch studio monitor which is capable to deliver powerful sound.

Unlike Yamaha HS5, this monitor is ideal for recording as well as mixing both.

If you want more punch in your kick drums and bass lines then this is a perfect fit for your studio. It’s ideal for professional studios and home studios as well.

Just like other Yamaha studio monitors, this one also delivers a crystal clear flat-frequency sound. You with HS8 studio monitor you can monitor the quality of input and also mix like a pro.

Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitor Features

  • Like other Yamaha studio monitors, it has the same white polypropylene cone but the size is different. Which means you’ll get 8-inches woofer. 8-inch woofer gives you the powerful sound which is must for the bass side of the frequency.
  • The 1-inch silver dome tweeter gives you the crystal clear sound as well as covers a wide range of high upper, mid and high frequency.
  • HS8 Yamaha Studio monitor is powered by the 120-watt bi-amplified amp (LF:75W@4ohms HF:45W@8ohms). The bi-amp provides separate power for woofer and tweeter which is the secret of its flat frequency delivery.
  • with its XLR and 1/4″ connectors you can now connect any music equipment like mixers, keyboards, and audio interfaces easily.
  • Like HS5 this Yamaha monitor too has backside volume control and frequency response switches. With these switches, you can adjust your monitor with every shape and size of the studio.


  • Great for big control rooms
  • Deep low and crystal clear high sound output
  • Nearly flat and balanced frequency spectrum
  • Great mid-range product for home studios
  • Delivers precise mid-range frequency


  • Quite costly then HS5

Yamaha MSP5A Bi-amped Studio Monitor

yamaha msp5 referance monitor

Yamaha MSP5A is the best fit for your home studio as it can adjust to any kind of studio. This Yamaha studio monitor is very compact in size so you can place it on your recording table easily.

The feature which differentiates it from other studio monitors is, it can deliver a precise sound with analog and digital recordings equally. You can use it with analog recording systems as well as with DAW-based studios.

This MSP series studio monitor gives you a nearly flat frequency response and gives your mixes extraordinary quality.

MSP5A Yamaha studio monitor Features

  • MSP5A features a 5-inch cone LF woofer with 40-watt amp and 1-inch titanium dome tweeter with 27-watt amp power.
  • With a total of the 67-watt bi-amp bass reflex system, it delivers a superior quality sound and transform your mixes into pro mixes.
  • Its woofer and titanium dome tweeter reduces the distortion exceptionally.
  • MSP5A has a superior magnetic shield which reduces the noise generated by the external digital signals like mobile phones etc.
  • You can connect any instrument and recording equipment with its XLR (balanced) and 1/4″ (unbalanced) inputs.


  • Protective net is given over woofer
  • Fits small size studios
  • Good mid range
  • Good for newbies


  • Quality is not as good as HS series monitors
  • Weak on low end


Here were the 3 best Yamaha studio monitors. Now it’s your time to choose one of them which transforms your mix into a pro mix.

Though all the three studio monitors are the best monitors in the world I strongly recommend, own Yamaha HS5 or HS8 because I have tested this model and am very satisfied with the mix quality, bassline, and also the mid-range.

HS5 is an ideal studio monitor for home studios who want to produce some serious industry-level mixes from their home.

Let me know which one you are going to buy in the comment section below so that other music enthusiasts can also get help in making decisions.

Share this article if you like and if you have any questions comment box is waiting for you.

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