Pro Tools Ultimate: Mixing In Surround Sound [Video Tutorial]

An introduction to surround mixing in Pro Tools

By Paul Maunder

Surround sound mixing cannot be neglected by us. Many popular industries like Movies, Gaming etc require of surround sound mixing.

If you are a Pro Tools user and new to Pro Tools surround sound mixing then check out this free video tutorial which describes you how to surround mix in Pro Tools.

Note: This video tutorial is also helpful for other DAW users. You can gain some basic knowledge of surround sound mixing in this video. So don’t miss this.

Topics covered in this video tutorial

  • 5.1 surround system: There are 5 speakers and 1 LFE (Subwoofer)
  • 7.1 surround system: There are 7 speakers and 1 LFE (subwoofer)
  • SDDS surround system: Sony Dynamic Digital Sound
  •  Overview of Pro Tools surround panner: Used for automation
  • Dolby Atmos in Pro Tools
  • Basic 5.1 mixing techniques of live gig
  • Divergence: Brief introduction
  • Basic surround panning and post-divergence
  • LFE channel: Low-frequency Emitter (Introduction)
  • How to filter LFE channel
  • How to bounce surround mixes
  • Creating a stereo downmix within the session
  • Destructive punch and record
  • Offline surround mixes bounce

If you are struggling in surround mix in Pro Tools then this video tutorial can make your life easier. As you have seen above, all the topics related to Surround sound is covered in this video, after watching this the whole concept of surround sound will be cleared.


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