M-Audio BX3 & BX4 120-Watt Monitors [Review 2023]

The newly released M-Audio BX3 & BX4 multimedia monitors are the best fit for those who are unhappy with the sound quality of their built-in computer speakers. If you are one of those, then this M-Audio BX3 & BX4 multimedia monitors review is just for you.

These studio monitors are not just good for daily work but you can also use them in composing your songs on your bedroom table.

Let us see the features M-Audio is providing in the new BX3 and BX4 studio monitors.

M-Audio BX3 & BX4 120-Watt monitors Features

M-Audio BX3 and BX4 review

Although BX series monitors are not new among the audio recording enthusiasts, the new BX3 and BX4 have some new features that separate them from the older ones.

The first feature is,


M-Audio BX3 and BX4 both features 120 watts speakers. That means you can enjoy the powerful audio experience with just 3.5″ and 4.5″ speaker sizes.

However, the 120 watts power that the company claims is the peak power where the RMS is just 25 watts.

Read more about peak and RMS power

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That means you’ll get 120 W (total peak), 2 x 25 W (RMS) amplification power in these monitors.

Drivers and Tweeters

BX3 and BX4 drivers are built with low-frequency Black Kevlar material which is very durable and provides crystal clear audio quality.

You will get 1” natural silk dome tweeters in these monitors that are great for clear high-frequency sounds.

These same materials are used in several high range studio monitors.

Note: In the old model, carbon fiber low-frequency driver was used.

There is another new tweeter feature introduced in this variation.

The new computer-optimized tweeter waveguide which is introduced in the new BX3 and BX4 monitors helps in generating precise imaging in higher frequencies.


bx3 rear view

M-Audio BX3 & BX4 can be connected to any source virtually.

In BX3 and BX4 you will get two 1/4”, 1/8” phono input connections which can be used as balanced inputs. That means you’ll get 4dB extra headroom with these inputs.

You also get RCA inputs that can be used to connect your computer sound card, audio interface, and another music source.

There is another 1/8” AUX phono connection is given on the front side that can be used to connect your smartphone and other portable devices.

As this monitor is not dual channel in-built amplification so you will also get 1/8” speaker interconnect cable on the backside.

Built Quality

M-Audio BX3 & BX5 are made of MDF cabinet which the company claims are acoustically-inert. That means the internal reflection should be very low.

The MDF wood itself is good for acoustic purposes so used in several other studio monitors and speakers.

As well as, the black coating over the cabinet makes it more inert to sound reflections. The black coating also makes it inert to radio frequencies that means the monitor is not affected by mobile and computer electromagnetic signals.

The above feature makes it a perfect on-table studio monitor that you can put on your mixing table without worrying about electromagnetic disturbances in the audio.

The enhanced rear bass-reflex provides extra bass with deep and rich sound.


As these studio monitors are not bi-amplified so you will get a volume switch in front of the master monitor.

You will also get Left/Right Active Speaker Position Switch for configuring which side has a volume control.

The company also gives a great feature in controls ie; High-EQ and Low-EQ control that is used for adjusting the perfect sound inside your home studio.

Video Review

My Verdict about M-Audio BX3 & BX4 120-Watt Monitors

Although M-audio BX3 & BX4 are good for all types of works, I don’t recommend them to those who are truly professional in the audio recording field.

These monitors are best for songwriters and producers who want to record in their bedroom.

That means these are the best fit for bedroom producers. However, if you are just starting your studio then you can begin with BX3 and BX4, but after some time you must change your monitors with some professional ones.

In my opinion, these monitors are the best fit for bedroom producers, songwriters, hobbyists, and multimedia speakers.

Well, let me know your opinion regarding these monitors in the comment box below.

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    I’m considering buying a pair of monitors to improve multimedia and also start as hobby with recording and mixing. How do these monitor compare with Presonus Eris E3.5? Wich ones would you recommend?


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