Recording Microphone: An Ultimate Guide For Home Studios

recording studio microphones

So, you are confused. By searching on music equipment marketplaces for Recording Microphones and getting with tons of results, you are now confused about the right types of microphones for your studio. “One wrong decision and you will lose your hard money  and time as well” Well, no more worries. You are landed in the … Read more

7 Home Recording Studio Essentials [Ultimate Guide}

7 home recording studio essentials

Whether you are a musician, a songwriter, a recordist or a professional music producer, all you need a recording studio to record your amazing creations. Back in the old days, starting a recording studio was such a huge investment and practically not possible for individuals who wanted to build their career as a recordist or … Read more

9 Hacks To Choose Studio Headphones [Pros Never Tell You]

how to choose studio headphones

Choosing a good headphone for your studio is one of the toughest task. SO, I have come with this guide in which you’ll learn how to choose studio headphones. Whether you are running a home studio or a professional one, some studio gears are common in both approaches. Headphones are one of them. But when … Read more

How To Choose Studio Monitors For Home Studio [Ultimate Guide]

HOW TO CHOOSE Studio Monitors For Home Studio

Do you know, how to choose studio monitors for home studio? If you are a new player in the recording field, probably you don’t know the exact process of choosing recording hardware like studio monitors, audio interfaces, mixers and other studio equipment. There are some factors, you should consider on before choosing a studio monitor for … Read more

How To Set Up Studio Monitors [Ultimate Guide]

Set Up Studio Monitors

Starting a recording studio is really tough. You have to be a bit technical on how to set up studio monitors, mixers, audio interface and recording software, etc for your home studio. And when you don’t get any solution to these technical dilemmas you become frustrated. I also faced the same dilemma when I was setting … Read more