How to Choose Audio Recording Computer in 2021

recording studio computer

This is an ultimate guide to choose the audio recording computer. When you will complete reading this guide, you’d be able to choose the right configuration for your audio recording computer that helps you record a quick and precise session. Let’s dig into this ultimate guide for choosing an audio recording computer. How to Choose … Read more

5 Ways to Studio Monitor Isolation [Beginner’s Guide]

studio monitor isolation guide

I’ve written a lot about studio monitors on Recording Base. From the Ultimate list of budget studio monitors to clean up tips for monitors most of the topics are covered so far. Still, a few more things are yet to cover. In this guide, I’ll share with you one “most untouched topic” related to studio … Read more

Recording Studio Equipment Ultimate List [Updated 2021]

35 recording studio EQUIPMENT list

Whether you are going to start a new recording studio or you already have one, it’s important to know all about the essential recording studio equipment to grow from your tiny bedroom studio to a professional one. When you see the pics of those professional recording studios on social media feeds, you dream about upgrading … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Acoustic Treatment For Home Studios

home studio acoustic treatment

Acoustic treatment is an integral part of any recording studio. But this is the thing newbies underestimate in recording studios, that is Acoustic Treatment. They marginalize it over other recording gears. They think that if they have a good audio interface and condenser mic so they can record anything like professional studios. But that’s not true … Read more

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