How to EQ Drums in Audio Mixing [5 HIDDEN Strategies ]

In this article, I’m gonna share you with 5 effective strategies for how to EQ drums in audio mixing? We all know that drums are the most important part of the rhythm section in most of the genres. If it not mixed properly, the whole song would ruin. So, mixing drums in the right way … Read more

Recording Vocals in the Studio [Video Tutorial]

Recording Vocals in the Studio video tutorial

Recording vocals in studio become fun if you have a great knowledge on how to record them correctly. But lack of knowledge in vocal recording transforms that fun into your nightmare. So you need some basic knowledge of vocal production before touching the faders on your mixer. In this article, you will find a 3 … Read more

6 Pro Tools Functions You Must Aware of | Post Production Workflows


After Pro-Tools soften its norms – “Pro-Tools hardware is not recommended when using Pro-Tools”, many of you might have adopted it as your DAW. Read Lucy J Mitchell’s (a freelance Sound Editor and Dubbing Mixer for TV, Film and Computer Games) advice on the key functions of Pro-Tools in her own words. I am also … Read more