Best Compressor Plugins For Mixing [2020 Editions]

When it comes to mixing, using compressor plugins is the toughest part of your mixing procedure.

To mix a project properly, you should be aware of the best compressor VST’s along with their settings.

Let us understand those setting that we get in any typical compressor plugin.

Compressor Plugin Controls

Generally, there are 3 main controls you would find in any compressor plugin.

  • Attack
  • Release
  • Gain

In some compressors, you also find a knee adjuster graph which is quite helpful to get a perfect attack release.

From optical compressors to FET there are many types of compressors and using the right type for the right purpose is an art.

Well don’t worry, I  have collected some great tutorials from masters which will help you to gain some pro knowledge about using compressors.

The 1st one is collected from Waves official blog.

You already know that Waves is the manufacturer of Waves plugin bundles so this tutorial is the most authentic tutorial on the internet about compressors.

After all, they are master of plugins.

Compressor VST Plugins by Waves

Learn the different types of compressors and when to use each one while mixing.

In this guide, we’ll level out which compressors are which: VCA, FET, Optical, Variable-Mu, and digital compressor plugins; increase your threshold of compression knowledge!

waves compressor plugins


Her is a video tutorial on using Waves compressors. Watch is for more in-depth knowledge.

How to Bring out Hi-Hat Energy – Tony Maserati’s SSL Tip #2

You can read the full article here

Complete Guide for Correctly Using Compression in Your Mixes

The second article is written by 

Benediktsson is a master in the audio field as well as he is an author writing in this field for a while.

Here is an excerpt from his article.

Using compression correctly is the second most important thing to do after EQ when you need to manipulate audio.

However, although compression is a bit more complicated, it’s also more subjective to the person who’s using it.

If your mix is muddy, it’s just muddy in general to everybody most of the time.



Read the full article here.

The 5 Key Elements of Audio Compressor plugins

This article is written by Rob Mayzes and its also a good article about using compressor plugins.

Audio compression can be daunting. In this guide, I want to teach you exactly how to use a compressor.

how to use compressors


Read this article here

So, here are the 3 great articles on the topic “Compressor Plugin That You Should Use For Your Mix”.

I hope this article could help you to understand the toughest part of mixing – setting up a correct compressor.

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