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Are you a talented music expert with good writing skills and want to share stories, ideas, opinions, or advice? We’ve have opportunities for writers in the music production field with deep knowledge of music; whether in general or subject-specific to collaborate within our goal to inform, educate, and engage music creators and music lovers.

Why Write For Us

Need Exposure to Similar Audience?

We have a family of 1,00,000+ subscribers and regular readers. If you write for us, you’ll get exposure to 1,00,000+ readers per month through Google search, email newsletters, and social channels.

Have Your Own Blog?

If you have a blog that needs exposure then great, we’ve guest blogger opportunities that could help mutually grow even more audience and increase content visibility.

Need A Blog To Publish?

Having a nice array of articles published on our rapidly growing platform in your portfolio wouldn’t be shabby for credibility.

What We Publish

We publish articles of anywhere between 250–5,000 words, depending on subject matter and complexity. The average article is about 1,200 words.

Articles range from casual to rigorously structured in tone and content. Here is a quick breakdown of the articles:

  • Discussional Article: Short length (250 – 300 words) These are discussion type articles aimed at triggering conversation and engagement with readers.
  • Inspirational Article: Short length (300 – 600 words), well written, “inspiring” article that our readers would love to share on social media.
  • Journalistic Article: Medium length article (600 – 1,250 words) with a goal to solve our reader’s problems or inform them about something important in the music production industry.
  • Well researched Authoritative: Long length (at least 2,450 words) heavily researched, SEO-friendly article on a topic that our audience is actually searching for.

Contact Us: gautam@recordingbase.com

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