Pros – SSL BiG SiX offer you the same sound quality you will get in their larger consoles. – The integrated USB audio interface allows you to record multitrack recording, stem mixing and hybrid mixing in one console. – Channel strips are equipped with additional feature and erogonomic style for long time use. – Seperate EQ on stereo channels. – Simple routing. Cons – Lack of digital In/Out so you cannot expand this mixer to record more tracks semultaneuasly. – Higher price then other alternatives.


– SSL Big Six has 4 mono pre amps which obviously provide you wider available gain range then any other analogue desktop mixer. SSL is known as their award winning channel strips that you will also see in this mixer. – Along with SSL SuperAnalogue™ Mic’ Pre’s you will obviously get separate phantom power to operate condenser mics. – It has four SuperAnalogueTM stereo line level inputs with dual mono switching. – You will laso get a built in 16 channel  96 Khz/24-bit USB audio interface with advanced routing. This audio interface makes it a standalone recording equipment.


– All the channels are equipped with legendary G-Comp Bus Compressor with 'Auto' release. – All channels feature 3 Band SSL LF/MF/HF EQ whih is the same sued for SSL big mic consoles. – As you know SSL is best known for thier channel strips so you will get there classic SSL channel dynamics processing for each seperate channel. – Another great feature of SSL BiG SiX is the Listen Mic Compressor.


– It has dual independent headphone outputs so you can connect 2 headphone semultaneasly. – All the faders are 100mm full sized. – They are providing Two stereo cue feeds for external effects. – Two seperate fully balanced stereo external inputs. – You can mix upto 18 inputs at mixdown.

Hybrid Production Environment

SSL BiG SiX provides you with a hybrid production environment. The G-Series Bus Compressor with  ‘Auto’ release feature, separate E-Series EQ, SSL mic pres with channel processing, and routing functionality, backed by SuperAnalogueTM gives you the analogue feel in your audio.

SuperAnalogue Feature

SuperAnalogueTM technology was initially developed for the SL 9000 Series consoles to get next-level analogue performance. This technology is the result of constant invention dedication to optimizing each and every detail of the audio.