Vocal Processing Tips: 8 Proven Methods

Vocal Processing Tips

Vocal Processing is not a tough job for us but it can be a fun when you know some basic methods.

Although the human voice is the most sophisticated instrument you can use some tips to make it more professional.

Here are 8 vocal processing tips you can follow to create great vocals

  1. Reverb Tail should be long and automated
  2. Expanded classic throw decay
  3. Reverb and pitch correction auto delay
  4. Finetune all the plugins
  5. Using a vocoder
  6. Using a bit-crusher automation plugin
  7. Parallel processing
  8. Treating vocals as an arrangement

Here are some videos from Pro Audio Files where these methods are described accurately.

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Smooth Reverb and Decay Throw

Little Utter Boy Plugin For Plugin Fine Tuning

Izotope Vocal Synth Vocoder For Applying Vocoder in Vocals

Bit Crusher Experiments

You can read the full article on The Pro Audio Files Website

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