TX16Wx Software Sampler Plugin [Free to Download]


TX16Wx is a free-to-download software sampler plugin compatible with all the major DAWs. This plugin is built for creative musicians.

It is inspired and modeled after the best vintage hardware samplers with all new exciting features of modern software samplers.

This audio sampler is free available for Windows and Mac in VST and AU formats.

However, you get the basic version of TX16Wx Software Sampler for free, but there is a paid version also available at a price of €99 with advanced controls and features.

The pro version is a non-commercial version and its price is €39. If you don’t use this plugin commercially then you can go with a non-commercial version with all the features in the commercial version.

The rule for the non-commercial version is if your gross revenue is not more than €10,000 per year you can use the TX16Wx Software Sampler non-commercial version instead.

Top features of the latest version of TX16Wx Software Sampler

Extensive sound shaping

  • There are two resonant 6/12/24dB multimode filters given in the sampler
  • AHDR/AHDSR envelope available
  • Clear sound quality playback engine and high quality playback and mixdown modes
  • All sound parameters are fully automated for the quick mixing
  • The worlds first sampler with multi-mode polyphonic glide technology

Unlimited modulation

  • Two LFOs, three step sequencers and two envelopes for each voice
  • Modulation matrix can be connected to any modulator or MIDI/automation source
  • Two-level modulation feature with base and additional control parameters
  • You can synchronize tempo and voice of LFO and step sequencers
  • You can select velocity- and mapping curves with user-editable shape

File browser and active preview

  • The quick browsing feature of sample libraries with preview playback is given
  • You can set up bookmarks and search paths to quickly search the reference source material
  • compatible to WAV, AIFF, Ogg, FLAC and Yamaha waves
  • Loads Sound fonts, SFZ, Akai and EXS formats

Powerful mapping editor

  • You will get automatic keyboard layout of all samples
  • It’s equipped with unlimited sample groups and regions
  • Mute/solo groups or regions feature is given to reduce clutter
  • You can join, split and combine groups quickly
  • Drag & drop feature between programs and groups
  • Region cross-fade and alignment

Record your own samples

  • Samples sounds can be routed from DAW input or internal bus
  • MIDI CC triggering, threshold, and transport
  • Automatic pitch- and loop detection feature with keyboard mapping
  • MIDI generator and re-sampling

Send- and insert effects

  • You can insert on every sound shaping block
  • Automation and modulation feature for FX parameters
  • Flexible signal routing feature with full automation support

Wave editor and beat slicer

  • Non-destructive real-time crossfade feature
  • Loop overlay technology and automatic detection mode
  • Built-in DSP
  • Interactive loop slicer

Complex trigger switching

  • The revolutionary sample matrix allows you to trigger samples in 2 dimensions according to any modulator or external source
  • MIDI key-based group triggering
  • Region cross-fading feature

Built-in arpeggiator

  • Multiple switchable patterns are given
  • Up and down random and polyphonic modes
  • Easy to use Preset manager
  • MIDI import feature

Powerful modern features

  • DFD playback engine for better playback support
  • Time-stretch and pitch-shift modes (Paid feature comes only with Pro version)
  • Infinitive undo support
  • Re-sizable interface for a better view
  • 64-bit hardware support
  • Supports Windows & Mac
  • Audio Unit, VST 2 & 3 and AAX format
TX16Wx Software Sampler Plugin

TX16Wx Software Sampler is known as the best freeware virtual sampler among audio folks. There are other samplers too like Grace but it only works in Windows. The library is also not much better.

You can download TX16Wx Software Sampler from the developer website absolutely free of cost.

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After that, if you want to enable the pro version you just have to unlock it from the plugin interface.

This instrument is compatible with all VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin host applications on PC and Mac.

You can download TX16Wx Software Sampler free via CWITEC (download size is 29MB)

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