Get Wide Stereo With TB Pro Stereo VST/AU Plugin

TBP Pro Stereo ST1 is a simple to use plugin introduced by TBProAudio which helps you to control the width and panorama of your audio tracks.

You can easily change mono tracks to stereo tracks and make your stereo tracks wider with this plugin.

You get a rich panning knob with spectral panning as well as a bass-focus panning feature. Here are some of the features of this ST1.

  • Correlation meter
  • Spectral panning
  • Mono to stereo converter (Adjustable)
  • Variable stereo width
  • Phase meter
  • Automatic pan knob with variable pan law.
  • Bass focused panning
  • Preset manager
  • Number of useful presets
  • Easy to use and big UI
  • 64-bit internal processing
  • Low CPU usage

Price – 12 €

You can read more about ST1 here

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