Recording Vocals in the Studio [Video Tutorial]

Recording Vocals in the Studio video tutorial

Recording vocals in studio become fun if you have a great knowledge on how to record them correctly. But lack of knowledge in vocal recording transforms that fun into your nightmare. So you need some basic knowledge of vocal production before touching the faders on your mixer. In this article, you will find a 3 … Read more

Vocal Processing Tips: 8 Proven Methods

Vocal Processing Tips

Vocal Processing is not a tough job for us but it can be a fun when you know some basic methods. Although the human voice is the most sophisticated instrument you can use some tips to make it more professional. Here are 8 vocal processing tips you can follow to create great vocals Reverb Tail … Read more

7 HIDDEN Vocal Recording Techniques and Secrets

vocal recording techniques and secrets

Do you want to know what vocal recording techniques and secrets pros use in their recordings to get excellent vocal quality? Then read this guide till the end. The toughest part of the audio-recording is, recording vocals in the right way. Especially when you have a home studio as well as a newbie recordist, it’s … Read more