Best Budget Studio Monitors For Home Studios [Ultimate List 2021]

Budget Studio Monitors for home studio

Choosing GOOD budget studio monitors is such a tough task for music producers. Especially when it comes to newbies. Well, don’t worry, in this article, I’ve shared 10 cool studio monitors that fit your budget. The problem is if you don’t have a good pair of studio monitors you can’t produce industry-standard music track. As … Read more

What Are Active Speakers and What’s The Use

what is active speaker

This article is all about active speakers and their use in home recording studios. Starting out a new homes studio is not as easy as you think.  The most confusing moments you face in this business is when you are going to choose the right hardware for your studio. Speakers are one of them. And … Read more

Studio Monitors Vs Speakers | Difference Between Monitors and Speakers


In this article, I’ll compare Studio Monitors Vs Speaker. This is a common question every music enthusiast like to know that what is the difference between professional studio monitors and normal speakers? I have written this article to clear all your doubt about this topic. But, first I would like to tell you how and … Read more

3 Best Yamaha Studio Monitors For Home Studios [Updated 2021]

yamaha studio monitors review

In this article, we will discuss about 3 Yamaha Studio Monitors which are considered to be the best mid-range monitors in the audio recording world. I know you are wondering if several other mid-range monitors are available in the market then why, Yamaha? There’s some reason behind this. Actually, I have 3 studio monitors from different brands … Read more