Mono VS Stereo Audio – Which One Should You Use – Why!

Mono VS Stereo Audio sound

Mono Vs Stereo audio is a never-ending debate among music enthusiasts. When you start your career in the audio recording field, it’s one of the most confusing subjects that should you use mono track or stereo track to record? All the DAWs are equipped with the feature to record Mono and stereo tracks. It makes … Read more

What is Stereo Imaging: Get More Depth in Your Mixes

what is stereo imaging

This article will tell you the importance of stereo imaging and some plugins that you can use for it. Read the full article to know the process. Remember, the mono tracks of the 60s that you listened in your radio? Comparing the quality of those classics with today’s high-quality audio tracks tells you the truth … Read more

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Native Instruments KOMPLETE Sale (Exclusive)

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