4 Best Guitar Pedals for Studio Recording

best guitar pedals for studio

Guitar pedals are important for any musician that hopes to achieve interesting tonal textures. They are great for live gigs, but are also extremely useful when recording music in a studio. Instead of relying heavily on music editing software like Soundtrap and Audacity, you can use guitar pedals to enhance your sound during recording sessions. There … Read more

Audified Tonespot Bass Pro Bass Guitar Plugin [Review 2021]


This is the short review for Audified Tonespot Bass Guitar Pro Plugin. In audio mixing, we all stuck at some point where we can’t do more on poorly recorded instruments and vocals. As a mix engineer oftentimes, we are provided with prerecorded tracks which were recorded with poor mics, amps and other low-quality equipment. We … Read more

Native Instruments KOMPLETE Classics Collection Sale (Exclusive)

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Native Instruments KOMPLETE Sale (Exclusive)

  UPTO 80% OFF  
Offer Valid Till Nov 30, 2021​