Compressor VS Limiter [What’s The Difference]

compressor vs limiter

It’s quite confusing for newbies when it comes to differentiating between compressor VS limiter. This article will help you with that. Wondering, what’s the difference between a compressor and a limiter? Well, it’s a common question among the audio recording enthusiasts. As both of them fall into the same category ‘dynamics processor’. even they look … Read more

Top 6 Compressor Plugins For Bass Guitar [2021]

In this article, you will read about Compressor Plugins for Bass Guitar. Whether you mix in hardware or in a DAW, you need some plugins including compressor plugins. In the hardware mix, we use them via insert channels and in DAW mixing we apply straight to the channel’s plugin section.  Compressors are quite sophisticated plugins. However, once … Read more

Mixing Tip: How To Use Glue Compressor FX Chain

glue compressor fx chain

Probably you heard a term “Glue” in mixing. Mixing engineers use compressors via bus. This is generally called  Glue. But there is another way of glue Compressor in your mix. You can “glue” tracks together by using two standard compressors in series, with low ratio and high thresholds. As a result, you get a clean dynamics control … Read more