Compressor Settings For Vocals [Ultimate Cheat Sheet]

Compressor Settings For Vocals explained

Do you want to know the ideal compressor settings for vocals? Then read this article till the end. In all the audio effects, a compressor is the most confusing thing for us. As a recording engineer, I spent a lot of time understanding various audio effects. Fortunately, with time I improved myself in applying right … Read more

Acustica Audio’s Greg Wells Signature Compressor EL Rey Released

el rey compressor plugin

Acoustica Audio released their awaiting El Rey Signature Compressor. Now its available in the market. Studio DMI and GRAMMY®-winning producer/mixer Greg Wells exclusively collaborate to develop this tube compressor. It is an emulation of the tube compressors used by TV, AM & FM broadcasting companies and recording studios in the 50s and 60s. El Rey brings ultra-smooth, velvety and unprecedentedly musical compression … Read more