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The Difference Between Launchpad vs Launchpad Pro

Novation Launchpad is the bestseller in the world of midi controller beat making instruments. Several music producers whether amateur or pro one are using Launchpad.

After the success of Launchpad, Novation introduced a new version, “Launchpad Pro”.

This video is the official video from Novation where they describe that what are the differences between Launchpad and Launchpad pro. Watch the video below for more.

Novation // Asking For a Friend - Launchpad vs Launchpad Pro - The Differences Between them

Check out Launchpad Pro 

Differences Between the Launchpad and the Launchpad Pro

Let’s Get into it.

alright so now that we’re here on the desk we can see the two launch pads are on and going they have the similar Vegas mode which is basically like a sleek now.  

They project these fireworks on in front of them. So again another big difference between these two are the inputs and the outputs on the back of both of these devices.  

So, on the launch pad you just have a USB out that’s it that’s the only in-and-out port you have to connect this to a laptop

It’ll boot right up exactly as you see it here and then once you open up a program it’ll lock into that program and be ready to go on the launchpad Pro.

However, you have a wall power a USB slot and a MIDI input and a MIDI output over here.

And what those can be used for are connecting to external synthesizers it’s a five-pin MIDI and again what MIDI is just information of note data or pressure sensitivity here being sent to another device, for example, a synthesizer.  

So it comes with these little converters here.

It’s a little TRS 8th inch kind of looks like an auxiliary cable to a five pin MIDI jack and this will allow you to connect it to older synthesizers or even newer synthesizers in this day and age.  

With this, if I go ahead and plug it into the back it’s kind of like a little hack.

You can kind of trick it into thinking. It’s connected to something so now you can have access to the way it works.

But with this unplugged, you can see the range of colors that you can get from both of these devices.

That’s because they both use the same RGB LED technology to reach those 64,000 colors.

That I mentioned earlier but for now let’s leave this plugged in and let’s get into the finer details of both of these so what we’re looking at right now on the launchpad Pro is noted mode if I hold down setup you can change from Ableton Live mode to note mode to drum mode you even have like fader mode.

Which is cool so depending on how hard I hit the pads the slower that information will fade up through all the values.  

So this is a great example of MIDI say I have one of these set up to be a filter on a synthesizer but press this slowly.

It’ll slowly fill it up or if I hit it hard you’ll see that it goes away really fast you even have another mode like programmer mode.

Because the launchpad Pro is hackable there’s an open firmware for it that you can kind of create your own things to do with this but that is an entirely different discussion and that goes way over my head.  

We go back to note mode when in note mode what we’re looking at are different notes of a keyboard in different LEDs that when I press this a turning screen and that one turns green to just show you that.

This is the same note like that and the way the notes are displayed on the launchpad Pro is that these pink notes are your octaves.

They all start with C. But you can also change the root note using these. So now our root note is the way the notes are displayed is pink is the octave C C sharp D d sharp E f-sharp and so on and it just keeps going up.  

You can see when I reach this end that this one has now lit up showing me that these two are the same.

So if I wanted to continue going up in scale I can just keep hitting these here and follow it along.

But where this gets really cool is scale mode so if I hold down shift hit no this is where I choose

my scale if I hit this green button here it’ll turn on scale mode select this these are 32 different scales that you can choose from and you can see that these blue lights are changing right.

So if I hit this one this is a C minor this one’s a major blues or they go on and on.

I always forget which ones are which but there’s a great sheet on the Novation site that shows you all the scales.

I usually leave it to C minor and how I know that this is a C minor is that this is the keyboard. You can pretend that these are the white keys in these up…

Hope you enjoy this and got some insights about Novation Launchkey Pro.

Comment below if you have any queries regarding Launchkey Pro as well as suggestions for other readers.

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