Audified Mix Checker Plugin Review [Turn Your Monitors into Consumer Speakers]

audified mix checker plugin

Audified Mix Checker is a great tool to check your tracks in a regular listening environment. Here’s how and why it’s important for a mix engineer. Have you ever experienced the problem that when “your mixed audio track” is played in a regular speaker it sounds not as good as in your monitors? Don’t worry, … Read more

Top 6 Compressor Plugins For Bass Guitar [2021]

In this article, you will read about Compressor Plugins for Bass Guitar. Whether you mix in hardware or in a DAW, you need some plugins including compressor plugins. In the hardware mix, we use them via insert channels and in DAW mixing we apply straight to the channel’s plugin section.  Compressors are quite sophisticated plugins. However, once … Read more

4 Free Virtual Guitar Instruments You Should Try in Your Mix

free guitar plugins friday freeware

Are you a pop music producer and finding some cool but free guitar plugins for your DAW Then here are 4 guitar plugins you should try out? All the plugins listed here are available for free download. Just download them and enjoy. Don’t underestimate them because of the free. They are quite powerful plugins and … Read more

FabFilter Pro Q3 Ultimate Review [2021]

fabfilter pro q3 equalizer

Graphics equalizers are great. The benefit is, you can see what you are changing in audio. And when it has other great features like real-time analyzer, solo listening etc then its something like a beast. Fabfilter Pro Q3 is that beast. With its tons of features, you can play with your sound like a pro. And, … Read more

Mixing Tip: How To Use Glue Compressor FX Chain

glue compressor fx chain

Probably you heard a term “Glue” in mixing. Mixing engineers use compressors via bus. This is generally called  Glue. But there is another way of glue Compressor in your mix. You can “glue” tracks together by using two standard compressors in series, with low ratio and high thresholds. As a result, you get a clean dynamics control … Read more

UAD Lexicon 480L Reverb Plugin [Review 2021]


UAD Lexicon 480L is the topmost hardware emulated reverb plugin in the world. Today I will review this state of the art emulated reverb and make the decision whether it’s good to add in your plugin list or not. You will find this add-on plugin in the UAD hardware as well as UA Audio Interfaces. If … Read more